Chinese Defector Spills the Beans on Everything From Biden to Covid

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Recent reports have surfaced that the United States has taken a Chinese defector into custody and he has considerable knowledge of Chinese bioweapons and Covid-19. According to reports by RedState, the defector’s name and identity have been confirmed as Dong Jingwei, a vice minister of State Security and he defected in mid-February after flying to the United States with his daughter from Hong Kong.

According to RedState, Dong was a longtime official in China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS), also known as the Guoanbu. His publicly available background indicates that he was responsible for the Ministry’s counterintelligence efforts in China

Keep reading to see what the Chinese defector has revealed so far:

    1. After being tortured, he’d be DEAD in China. At least the Biden administration won’t dare murder him, I think.

      Still, a thumbs up.

      1. You are kidding yourself. The list of mysterious deaths by deep state is getting longer and longer, almost as long as the Clinton’s list of mysterious deaths.

        1. I think you’re barking up the wrong tree. Please read my reply to spoupy, ALL OF IT. Than you can apologize for you insinuation, if you have the integrity and courage to do so.

          If you think the body count of the Deep State is less than that of the Clintons, think again. Sadly, it’s FAR longer as it’s been around MUCH longer than most think, although the Clintons’ Cabal aren’t slouches when it comes to eliminating threats.

  1. Biden would rather HELP CCP, than help America! He will do NOTHING TO STOP THE CCP INFLUENCE IN AMERICA! He will NOT STOP THE SPYING!!!

    1. Same with the Borders, Biden and Harris just ignore whats going on, and lie about the invasion, its up to the governors to do something to secure their states from all kinds of threats coming in.

  2. Better put him into Witness Protection and give him a new identity; Commie countries don’t like snitches.

  3. Just goes to show you PRESIDENT DONALD Trump was right & The Dim-Wit we have in the WHITE House is getting more STUPID everyday !!!

    1. It’s not a matter of stupidity sadly. He’s suffering from onset dementia. I believe Harris will invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him at some time.

      1. I agree that’s why the NWO wanted him in as president. We will then have a communist president and Pelosi as VP.

  4. This poor man has a big target on his back if he gave this info to our government. This Administration is not interested in getting to the bottom of the CCP’s spying or the origins of the Whu Flu. Whatever info he gave, will fall down the Deep State’s rabbit hole, never to be seen again.

    1. It’s a question of when ALL truths will be revealed. It’s in the future, but it will happen according to His Word.

    2. God is pouring out his spirt on those who believe in him. They will see the truth. His winnowing fork is in his hand and He will thoroughly clear out his threshing floor, and gather his wheat into the kingdom, (believers) He will burn up the chaff, (the unrepented) with unquenchable fire. Matthew 3:12.

  5. He gave a list of U.S.-based spies that either work in the country or attend university here. And also a list of all citizens and businesses that the Chinese paid. Dollars to donuts – NOTHING will be done about this.

  6. This article might be fascinating but the way it’s organized with so little on each page made me quit in disgust.

  7. The Bidens are in so deep with China, they don’t want to destroy their cash cow, but they would let the United States be destroyed instead. WE all knew that our foreign enemies were being encouraged and given opportunities to weaken America and take us down, and especially from within. Most of the liberal media has been pushing Chinese propaganda on the America people to discourage them, and destroy unity, peace, and prosperity.

  8. The question now arises: what will Biden do with this information? I await the stroke of doom with bated breath… Maybe NOTHING at all. Mr. Trump would surely have lowered the boom.

  9. Biden/Harris, Obama, Clintons Media & Hollywood Elites-all need to move to China-
    They’d be happier there.

  10. One wonders if Biden was on the List? Both Joe and Hunter are treasonous Bastards in debt to the CCP!!

  11. The deep state and msm will bury any incriminating evidence on Biden and his corrupt family and friends. Another news story will put it on the back burner. Can’t believe I live in the USA and people tolerate this governments behavior after being taught how socialism and communism take over a country.


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