White House Can’t Confirm if U.S. Will Meet Biden’s July 4th Vaccine Goal

White House administration officials are avoiding confirming if the United States will meet President Biden’s goal to have 70% of adults vaccinated by the Fourth of July. In May, Biden set the goal “for 70% of the U.S. adult population to have one vaccine shot and 160 million U.S. adults to be fully vaccinated by July 4 so that life can start to look closer to normal,” per a White House fact sheet. 

The Daily Wire reports:

“We’ve made tremendous progress. Today more than 175 million Americans have gotten at least one shot …  hundreds of thousands of people are continuing to get their first shot each day, and we are going to get to 70 percent, and we’re going to continue across the summer months to push beyond 70 percent,” Zients said, per The Hill.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki addressed the situation Sunday, as well, saying, “Look, at the end of the day, it is — at this point, what the government can do is we can provide the resources, we can incentivize, we can provide the funding, the vaccine supply, and work with states and localities to do everything we can — and in the private sector — to incentivize people to get shots in their arms.  It is ultimately up to individuals to do that.”

“What you’ve seen is that a number of states have met and surpassed that goal, right? Many have not yet. But we’ve started — kicked off this one-month campaign to do everything we can to reach it. And we’ll see where we get. We’ve got some time,” she added.

After setting the goal Biden said that if adults fail to get the jab then having Fourth of July celebrations shouldn’t happen, and naturally, red-blooded American patriots were up in arms over Biden’s remark saying with our without the shot they will be celebrating Independence Day.

  1. Biden administration wants to combat domestic terror? Does this means the Dems will stop funding BLM black lives matter?, ANTIFA, you know those militant movements, that attacks any right wing thinking process, police officers, police cars, police stations, and of course anyone they are paid to?Biden’s mind takes Hiatus through out the G7 Conference. His mind is in some type of senile cocoon protected by fools. Sky News host Chris Smith says there was some concerns about US President Joe Biden’s “mental capacity” after a video posted on Friday captured him “wandering around” appearing “lost” in a café in England. The video showed the president appearing “stunned” after someone asked him how his meetings in Cornwall were going. “I know Chris Kenny says the man should be in a home and sometimes I can’t disagree, and he shouldn’t be leading the country,” Mr. Smith showed further gaffes, including one where he said the president “threw his staff under the bus” regarding instructions taking questions from the reporters. “I come back to the point I’ve made before, this guy will be very lucky to last his full term,” Mr. Smith said. Biden also mixed up Syria and Libya three times during the news conference, including when he said, “I’m hopeful that we can find an accommodation where we can save the lives of people in, for example, in Libya,” Fox News reported and in a Q&A session with reporters, Biden admitted that “I’m going to get in trouble with staff” if he strayed from instructions that directed him to give the first question to Jonathan Lemire of The Associated Press, a frequent guest on liberal cable news network MSNBC When on the world stage with his peers at the G7 summit this weekend, President Joe Biden had several mental lapses and gaffes. At one point, fellow world leaders openly laughed at Biden over his forgetfulness at the G7 conference in Cornwall, England


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