Four GOP-Appointed Justices Uphold the Affordable Care Act

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Despite Democrat fear-mongering that Justice Amy Coney-Barrett would overturn the Affordable Care Act, gut Roe v Wade and effectively ruin the world a recent decision proved they are full of it.

Justice Barrett joined three other conservative appointed justices in upholding the Affordable Care Act, at least for now.

It may not be the outcome conservatives hoped for, but it is one that conservatives can find solace in.

The Democrats have again been proven wrong and the push to pack the “broken” Supreme Court has been gutted.

George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley called the Fulton ruling “the final collapse of the false narrative” that the court is “hopelessly divided” in a USA TODAY op-ed. “The Court continues to frustrate critics who insist that it is dysfunctional, divided and needs to be radically changed from packing the Court with a liberal majority” due to its “inconvenient line of unanimous decisions.”

The decision still hasn’t eliminated the possibility of the right case coming along to destroy the ACA but for now, the court has spoken and liberals are shaken.

Barrett joined three other conservatives to uphold the ACA.

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  1. The SC calls obamacare a tax but the congress did not pass it as a tax bill with proper legal Constitution procedures. Our wimpyassed Republicans should know this and file the proper suit to have it overturned.

  2. If the chief justice had not changed the wording as written the act would never went into effect. So the new justices just said that because they are the judges it does not matter.

  3. Why would Roberts not vote the way he did; he is the one who gave us Obamacare. Why he did this(Obamacare) is beyond reasoning.

  4. The Affordable Health Care Act is nothing but a joke! I don’t know who is falling for that crap, because it was supposed to help the poor families and the monthly payments are so friggin high that even a Middle Clsss family would be struggling to pay them to get what?? The medical services attached to that supposed health care are low class and not the best in town!

    So “who” is the Affordable HealthCare supposed to help if the poor people still can’t afford its monthly payments, etc???? Someone IS MAKING $$$ off that overpriced, lack of good doctors health care while Americans taking that Healthcare are getting screwed.

    Too bad our Supreme Court Justices didn’t research the effectiveness of the Affordable Health Care scam before they agreed to keep it in play! There are much better Health care Companies to choose from — AT CHEAPER PRICES FOR CO-PAY AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS — than the pitiful Affordable Health Care crap!

    AGAIN, our American Poor get screwed.

    1. No the “poor” people get the government to pay for most of the cost of commie care, so that means you and I are subsidizing those 31 million people. Nobody else is on that over priced insurance that provides almost nothing

    2. supreme court justices , got to keep their health care plan,( and not the same heath plan) and we the WE THE PEOPLE PAY for IT. What health plan does obama have that we do not have , but we PAY for. ????/

  5. To change a country into socialism (communism) you have to destroy Christianity , control the people and control the courts then the government. Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx We are almost there. Happened while USA was sleeping with head in arse.

    1. I do not even think people are sleeping. I think people have blatantly rejected yhe gospel of Jesus Christ and traditional values. It is a reap what you sow scenario. I think Americans are too arrogant to think that God would let them be destroyed. My my my, they better polish off that old book.

  6. I am totally clueless about the ACTUAL constitutionality of the stupid law, but if it IS in fact legal in the court’s eyes then the law is the law and they did the right thing. – “You cannot scream stop legislating from the bench” and then cry like a baby when it goes your personal views.

    If you want to blame someone for the BS law then look to congress who had the opportunity to wipe it off the books, but the swamp rat establishment RINOS refused to do it when the President had both houses back in 2017. It is their fault we are now stuck with this abomination.

    1. Right. It is so easy from a law school theoretical mentality to see issues as defensible or indefensible. The tragedy of this kind of thinking: that it ignores actual human suffering. Post-Obamacare, our monthly insurance bills increased about 110%. And our benefits decreased. And for what? To pay for deadbeats who do not work to purchase insurance.

    1. The majority of the current SCOTUS are members of the Catholic Church. Surely the recent decision of the Catholic Bishops in respect of catholic politicians will equally apply to these judges when they come to hear abortion cases in the near future.

  7. The only reason the Supreme court justices approved the Obama Health Care Act, was they are so scared of the backlash from Left Democrats if they would have voted against it that they would rather approve it, then do what is right for the people and the country.


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