GOP Governor Beats Out Trump in 2024 Presidential Straw Poll

The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just got some good news. The wildly popular Republican governor topped former President Trump in a recent 2024 straw poll of Republican voters at the Western Conservative Summit.

Fox News reports:

The straw poll at the summit, which was hosted by Colorado Christian University’s Centennial Institute, asked people attending the gathering both in-person and on-line to vote for all of the potential 2024 presidential contenders that they approve of – out of 31 choices of both Republicans and Democrats.

DeSantis, a first-term governor and Trump ally who’s become very popular among conservatives nationwide since the start of the coronavirus pandemic for his resistance to COVID lockdowns and other restrictions, scored a 74% approval, followed by the former president at 71%. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas at 43%, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at 39%, and Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, at 36%, rounded out the top five in the straw poll.

According to organizers, roughly 500 people attended the 12th annual summit in person at a hotel in Denver, Colorado, with tens of thousands watching online. None of the potential contenders spoke at the conference.

The Florida governor came in second to Trump in late February at a straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference – the biggest and oldest annual gathering of conservative activists and leaders which is better known by its acronym CPAC. And DeSantis, whom pundits consider a potential 2024 Republican presidential contender, made headlines as he easily topped a second straw poll at CPAC that didn’t include Trump.

The change in results could be a fluke or highlight a subtle yet important shift in the Republican Party away from Trump and towards a new, younger candidate. However, with the 2024 presidential election still being so far in the future, neither prospective candidate has done anything other than drop breadcrumbs on whether he will run.

  1. Well, Trump has more baggage than DeSantis but the percentage was way too close to come to any kind of conclusion. I think in the long run Trump will still be on top but I do like DeSantis and would not mind having him as president. Think he would do a fantastic job and it would be less hectic.

  2. I think any Republican President would be vilified by the Legacy Media. The MSM is a part of the Democratic Party. The will use any lie they can to destroy any Republican candidate. This is how corrupt and dishonest the Media has become. This is why my vote would be for Trump/DeSantis2024.
    Both know how to handle the Media and they don’t care if they are offended.

    1. I heard that the President an VP cannot be from the same State. General Flynn is tough as nails and would be a great VP and he already knows the territory.

      1. Yep, but it probably won’t make any difference in the vetting process, just like the natural born citizen clause was ignored by letting a non natural born citizen be president, and an anchor baby become Vice president.

        1. Obama was not a natural born citizen and his father was NOT an American citizen. Harris’ parents were not American citizens when she was born. Jus Soli (right of the soil) Jus Sanguinis (right of the blood) Principle of nationality law … Book: The Law of Nations Emer de Vattel It was written in the 1700s I think.

      2. And apparently knows the “deep state”. Obama warned Trump about Flynn. Apparently Flynn knew about Obama’s bad boys and knew which ones to get rid of and Obama didn’t want Trump to get the info. Bet Flynn still knows a lot about the current Pentagon.

  3. First of all I would vote for any of them over any Democrat. Second, I think President Trump, based on his policies, was one of the greatest presidents of all time. Based on that, I chose him in this poll, but… I suspect that many people including myself are somewhat concerned about his age in 2024 and so they chose DeSantis as a younger alternative hoping that DeSantis would be the closest ideological cousin to President Trump. I doubt it indicated a real preference, just the reality of advancing age. At 77 I’m all too aware of that.

    1. And, I hope thar all of the smart “mature” people see that. I am pretty close behind and know that I don’t quite have the same stamina that I did, just two years ago.

      1. That is true but with the Lord’s will to continue to use him, it would be fine. It just has to be the Lord’s will and keeping President Trump covered in lots of prayer. When the Lord gives the strength, we can do anything.

        1. I agree that prayer is the key to all this, but I think that our prayer should be that the Lord would put His man in there, whoever that would be. I prayed for months that Trump would be re-elected and it didn’t happen, which I know was God’s will. I now pray that God will use the pure evil of the Democrats to help more people see that all the Democrats have to offer is immorality, godlessness, and lawlessness. I pray that those in the Democrat party who are moderates will turn on the progressives and desert the Democratic party.

    2. I agree but he’s not the usual 70’s. Most don’t have the drive he has or the wisdom of the opposition. He’s no sleepy j. His health of course would be considered when the time comes. With the Lords will being followed, age would not be an obstacle.

  4. We could start with Trump as president, with DeSantis as VP. After four years, DeSantis could do another eight. That would give us a chance to get the US back on track!

  5. The Florida Governor is needed much right where he is. That state could be lost with a different Governor and we can’t risk.that. He would be an awesome President but not yet. President Trump is well aware of critical issues and could step right back in and pick up. He needs to be able to finish what he started. He is already respected around the world and most know better than to call his bluff.

  6. I like DeSantis a lot but Donald Trump is the MAN. He did so many great things for our country and for the common citizen. He was the best president in my lifetime and I’m old.

  7. I love President Trump, but if he runs it with be a bloody mess from the media. At this time I would love to see Governor Desantis run. It’s a bit early, we’ll see what develops ahead.

  8. I like both, if they could work together , it would be great and much better for the country, than what we are suffering through right now. Bill Sturdivant

  9. I don’t believe any poles they are all fixed to sway your opinions. Don’t believe anyone always vote from your heart

    1. Yes, Polls are manipulated to sway voters! Thats why when they say we took a poll, I ignore it. We will watch what happens in the next year.

  10. The online part of the poll included Democrats, of course they will choose anyone but Trump. More faked manipulated polls that try get to people shift away from Trump, so they will select a more mainstream candidate. A candidate that will run an unexciting, boring, normal republican race that will loose just like McCain and Romney. I do not beleive any poll performed by anyone other than me.

  11. DeSantis is good, but NOT as good as Trump. Trump’s got a bit more “business” sense & Americans like somebody in there who knows what he’s doing. That’s why the Dems hate him so much. Trump came up with solutions that the dummy Dems never EVER thought of. When these solutions actually worked, “they” went ballistic! The Dems remind me of the torch lit crowd outside Frankenstein’s castle. The only difference is they have Antifa doing it for them!


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