Judge Tosses BLM Lawsuit Against Trump Over Lafayette Square Clearing

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A federal judge has dismissed nearly all lawsuits against former President Trump over last year’s clearing of protesters from Lafayette Square. Social rights groups, activists, and Black Lives Matter filed lawsuits against the Trump administration accusing them of violating the protester’s civil rights. The lawsuits claimed protesters were forcefully removed from the park because of a Trump photo-op but a recent report revealed that the two events were completely unrelated.

Fox News reports:

U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich said Monday the claims in the suit, which alleged that Trump and then-Attorney General William Barr had conspired to violate the rights of protesters last June, were speculative and it was premature for the court to conclude whether the actions of law enforcement officers were justified.

Friedrich dismissed the claims against Barr and other federal officials, including the acting U.S. Park Police chief, Gregory Monahan, finding there wasn’t sufficient evidence to prove there was any agreement or plan to violate the rights of the protesters. The judge also said the law gives them immunity in civil litigation.

In a 51-page decision, the judge did allow the claims against the Metropolitan Police Department and the Arlington Police Department — their officers were involved in clearing the park — to proceed.

The lawsuit stemmed from one of the most high-profile moments of the Trump presidency, when federal and local law enforcement officials aggressively forced a group of largely peaceful protesters back from Lafayette Square outside of the White House, firing smoke bombs and pepper balls into the crowd to disperse the group. Officers were seen shoving protesters and journalists as they pushed the crowd back.

Lawyers for Black Lives Matter and the ACLU slammed the judge’s decision claiming it would set a “dangerous precedent.”

  1. BLM, absolutely, however BLM is not interested in black lives, they’re Marxist led gangs bent on Anarchy by being thugs looting, burning and destroying property or antagonizing anyone in their way.
    The leaders of these ravaged cities are guilty of incompetence and lack the judgement to contain these rioters by not establishing and maintaining law enforcement and allowing them to protect the citizens., Cowards all!

    1. Biden deliberately lied to the nation when he claimed them to be only an idea, not an organization. Ideas don’t shoot police and light fires.

  2. ALL of BLM & ANTIFA should be jailed and the key thrown away for good!
    Pay attention people. According to the new attorney general we “white people” are the terrorists. This ALL needs to be stopped asap.

  3. Lawyers for Black Lives Matter and the ACLU slammed the judge’s decision claiming it would set a “dangerous precedent.” The “dangerous precedent” would be deliver justice!

    1. no, they are the same as Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton just getting rich off these poor black people all the time destroying their lives and bussness and not giving a dam about these people

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  4. Set a dangerous Precedent? That means if they don’t get their way , they will burn down the City. We get our way or else.

  5. Here is an idea for everyone first get a job buy a house marry the woman of your dreams and start a family, this will keep you off the streets and out of trouble.

  6. We all know that U.S. citizen George Soros is behind all these radical groups along with billionaire globalists pulling all the strings.With all the crime, knifings, beatings & shootings, the next phase is attack legal guns. This is the Marxist way of unarming the peons so these whackos can just march in & take over “US”! The Mexican cartels & God only knows what other gun runners are bringing drugs & this stuff into our country & “we” have no way about “knowing” any of this.Seems to me that these Biden “idiot” appointees should be able to give some honest answers. Too bad, “they” won’t answer ANYTHING!


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