Iowa Public Schools Taught MAGA is ‘Covert White Supremacy’ Before Banning CRT

Before Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed legislation banning Critical Race Theory in schools Iowa teachers were forced to attend mandatory training by the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency which categorized former President Trump’s infamous campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” as “covert white supremacy.”

According to Townhall:

Other examples of “covert white supremacy” include Columbus Day, U.S. immigration law, and a denial of white privilege.

Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson posted the slides on Twitter, showing what he called a “rock solid, real world application of Critical Race Theory being used as a *political* weapon to target Republicans.”

“This is NOT education,” he added. “It is naked political vengeance using the state education system and our children’s educators. This training is CRT in practice.”

Governor Reynolds slammed the training as indoctrination and said this is “exactly why I took action to ban teaching divisive concepts and critical race theory in Iowa schools. Kids need to be taught how to think and not what to think.”

  1. The lefties are insistent that one cannot disagree with them and they will bludgeon anyone who does. I tell people here in Virginia that the choice before us is Liberty and Freedom OR tyranny.

    1. Its not just lefties, its traitorous rinos too. Look at Georgia which is the mess of the century with Secretary Raffensberger, Governor Kemp, and Stacey Abrams doing everything to undermine our voting system.

  2. The Marxists are working fast and hard even in Red States, as you can see from this article. Unbelievable but true. Something has to be done quickly. Children are very vulnerable and will believe what is taught to them.

    1. Their working hard and fast before Trump gets back into office and has the chance to put things back in order with REAL Bills that they can’t change.Congress and Senate in 22 and President Trump back where he belongs in 24. Go TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Yes, the marxists are working hard, but many of the Republicans are not working hard to fight socialism and marxism. I wouldn’t donate until they get off their asses and do their job and show us they are trying to save America. People are sick of the complacency to let this country pass away.

  3. I hope the Iowa governor takes further steps to remove this teaching from the schools. Passing a bill is the beginning but action to support it must also be taken.

    1. Action has to be taken, law enforcement has to be able to apprehend those in government that have broken the laws, we are going to have to make people accountable or we aren’t going to have a country left.

    2. Perhaps parents who oppose all this liberal “woke” marxist bull-thit, should sit in on the classes for a while. I would volunteer to do that in a heartbeat!

  4. The Democratic Party of KKK Robert Byrd now has Virginia Gov Ralph Northam A-N-D Rhode Island’s Sheldon Whitesonly to crack the whip

    1. I live in Virginia, Patrick, and my brother and I refer to the hypocritical governor as the Dictating Govnah Nawthum! Absolutely cannot stand that guy. He’s the one who had a picture in his yearbook of someone in KKK garb and another in blackface, as it sounds like you may know. He admits to being one of them, but won’t say which. Of course there was an outcry for about five minutes, but because he’s a vacuous liberal, no problem! His Lt Governor was accused of sexual assault, but that also died in a nano-second. Imagine what would have happened had that been President Trump or some other Republican politician! I am hoping and praying with all my might that we will be able to take back control of our beautiful State of Virginia this upcoming election! May God help us. 🙁

  5. This drives home an immutable political fact. The public school system is a state unto itself with a separate economy driven by the state and national unions. Because they have no boundaries, it’s natural that they’re able to focus all their energy on chosen federal, state or municipal enemies.

  6. Whoever runs that organization should be held accountable for this attack on the children of Iowa. I cannot even fathom the evil that must be in their hearts. How despicable and cowardly. Thank you Governor Reynolds for stopping this pathetic display of “education”. The teachers of this country should stand up and say NO!. Tell your Unions to go fly a kite. You do not need them. They, like the Democratic Party, have used you for their disgusting attacks on the USA and I pray that you do not turn a deaf ear and blind eye to what they are doing to you.

  7. What the hell is the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency??? It has nothing to do with Mississippi but from all accounts, it is a Marxist regime


  9. If I was one of the people who caused this to happen I would be very worried about my safety. God forbid anything bad would happen to you or a member of your family but there are some mentally unstable people out there and you don’t know what might set them off. I was a school teacher and had an occasion to break up a verbal altercation between to male students. One was clearly the aggressor cussing and shoving the other student. I came between the two and addressed the aggressor by say “Now son is this anyway to be acting? Whereupon he started cussing me and saying I wasn’t his son and threating

  10. Our country is being undermined in every way, and our children with it. We should have been doing something about this a long time ago before all this was ingrained in our system. We may lose our country because of it.

  11. You all better take a stand on these vaccines and the government demanding that our children be vaccinated, especially with the reports of death, and myocarditis as side effects as well as blood clots. Do you know the risks of blood clots, and edema are greater in people who have taken the vaccine and are flying? Flying increases risks of clots and heart attacks in normal people as it is. Now they demand that pilots take the vaccine. Theres already pilots who have died from the vaccine, what if they have a heart attack in the air. That puts hundreds of passengers at risk too. I am sick of the feeble responses we are getting from politicians, its time to wake up!

    1. Ah yes, but the Mega-Government media are hiding the vaccine-related deaths, adverse reactions and risks, aren’t they? Follow the $$$$. You can bet that Dr, Falsie is enriching himself on vaccine profits. One more thing: this COVID scam devolved into social engineering to loosen and break social bonds, even family ties, to make us fear each other and to make us dependent upon Big Government. It was never about disease, it was always about CONFORMITY.

      1. The Mask mandate gets the system in place for the Bureaucrats that people must comply with the government’s tyranny and loss of civil rights……next will be the chip for tracking people, and forced vaccinations, Germany is already making vaccinating mandatory.

      2. They are hiding the truth about the false positive tests for Covid too and how the hospitals benefitted from claiming people had covid and putting cause of death on the death certificate……died of Covid.

  12. A lot of people beat around the bush but never say it and it needs to be said. The public education “TEACHER’S UNION” is at the root of 90% of the problems in public education. The teacher’s union is nothing but a wing of the Democrat Political Party. Just like the news media.

    Like all unions, the teacher’s union protects the incompetent and poor-performing teachers. I have seen studies that say more than 50% of current public school teachers should be fired. And sadly, this doesn’t surprise me at all.

    All the teacher’s union does is protect the incompetent and lazy underperforming teachers.

  13. How sad, that this garbage is happening in the USA!!! It didn’t just start with the vengeance against Trump. The groundwork has been being laid for many years.


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