Twitter Erupts After Biden’s ATF Nominee Exposed for Alleged Racism

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On Wednesday, Joe Biden’s pick to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — David Chipman —  was exposed in a report for alleged racist comments toward Black test-takers, saying they “must be cheating because there’s no way they could get these scores.”

After the racist comment was exposed, Chipman was annihilated on Twitter: 

Beth Baumann of the Daily Wire wrote, “A racist as the head of the ATF fits the Biden administration’s MO.” 


An Account called “The Gun Feed” wrote, “Turns out, David Chipman is a racist…”


Another account wrote, “They gonna put y’all back in chains,” a quote from Biden while he was campaigning with former President Barack H. Obama.


“He’s just being exclusive,” wrote Kurt Schlichter, the senior columnist for Townhall. He was referring to Democrat Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island who is a member of a “whites-only” club, of which the media has whitewashed as just an “exclusive” club, as reported by the Washington Post. 

Another account wrote, “Scratch a gun control advocate,  find a racist, who knew?” 

“#FireChipman demand the Democrats to follow their own standards,” wrote an account called “#LetFreedomRing.”

An account called “Kyle” wrote, “Leave it to @POTUS to nominate a closet racist for a cabinet position, in this case ATF director. Though these details in the FOIA requests would only serve to enforce @SenWhitehouse‘s support for this nominee.” 

“Nathan in SoCal” wrote, “Not shocked, most gun control zealots are racists.” 

  1. Why is anyone surprised. Racism is one of Biden’s most treasured attributes. It doesn’t matter if you are a white racist or black racist or any other color racist. It only matters if you hate because of race. Hell, you could even be a white hating white guy (like the ones behind CRT. IT DOES NOT MATTER

  2. The pic of this turncoat cracks me up. He reminds me of the studdering public defender lawyer for the plaintiff in ” My Cousin Vinney” Anyone imagine this guy stammering and spitting all over the person he’s talking to. LMBO

  3. No one sees these “racist” comments as a problem, especially the media since the comments were made by a Democrat, and in particular, Biden’s Socialist Democrat! Those rules do not apply.

  4. To get down to the nitty gritty, everyone in the Democratic Party is in the party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow Law, and for lynching and disenfranchisement of people of color! The head racist is Presididn’t (Go the Border) Joe Biden and of course he picked people in his administration because of their racist tendency and the willingness to go along to get along with the head racist!


    2. Throughout history, liberalism, socialism, communism, and marxism have led to total devastation and disaster for innocent people.

  5. Chipman is a mere symptom of redundant functions. Many have suggested that it be broken up and absorbed by existing organizations.

  6. I don’t know if Chipman is a racist or not AND I DON’T CARE. What I do know is he is a jerk and a low intelligence individual… he will be perfect for the Biden Administration.

    1. You should care. Because his intentions are to come after you, especially if you own guns.

  7. What I want to know is, have any Republicans voted for any of these nominees?
    Everyone that senile joe has put forth should have gotten zero votes from Republicans.
    If any Republicans have voted “yes” on any of these COMMUNISTS, they should lose their seat in Congress. Period!

  8. Why am I not surprised. The party of the South just happened to be the slave owners were the worst racists in the world. Nothing has changed. I can see why many moderate Democrats are seeing things in this country differently. I pray they open their eyes and smell the roses.

  9. You can tell something wasn’t right about him just by looking at him looks like he should be bidens illegitimate son


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