GOP Rep. Pushes to Censure Biden for ‘Dereliction of Duty’

Colorado freshman Representative Lauren Boebert introduced a resolution to censure President Biden for what she categorizes as “dereliction of duty” for his lack of response to the ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Daily Wire reports:

“They must be held accountable. And that’s why today I am proud to lead my colleagues in filing a bill to censure President Joe Biden for his dereliction of duty and failing to secure the southern homeland. He has refused to enforce the laws that Congress has passed to secure our border. He has refused to visit the border,” Boebert said.

“His border czar Kamala has failed to visit the border. His secretary of homeland security is lying to the American people, saying that our border is closed. Meanwhile, this administration is dumping fuel on this fire by flying illegal immigrants from Central America at taxpayer expense and allowing thousands of illegal immigrants to enter and remain in our communities,” she said.

“Girls are being assaulted, children are being abandoned at the border, families are self separating because of Joe Biden’s policies. Children six years of age and under may cross with an adult, but seven years and older are sent back. So parents are choosing to self-separate from their children, putting their children in the hands of the cartel. And then this administration reunites them in another area of the country, on the other side of the border,” Boebert said.

“Our law enforcement has been overrun and speaking with one Border Patrol agent. He said we had a plan. But, like the famous saying goes, everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face — and the Biden regime has punched our border patrol agents in the face.”

More than 20 other Republicans have signed Rep. Boebert’s resolution. The move comes as Vice President Harris has finally scheduled a visit to the border after being appointed as Biden’s point-person more than 90 days ago.

  1. I believe this to be a legitimate charge. since this administration created a humanitarian crisis and refuses to remedy the situation, endangering Americans, and thereby neglecting their duty and oath to the nation.

      1. The only problem here is that the next in line for presidency is NANCY PELOSI! BUT there is good news here, kind of a silver lining; Nancy would also ignore the laws of our land, then she could be impeached as well!

  2. Is a POTUS subject to treason if they don’t enforce our laws? Is allowing illegal activity in America to thrive considered treason?

    1. Amazingly, you would think your statements were true and enforceable. But with Bozo and Senile Joe, the administrations of both chose deliberately to selectively enforce the laws of this country. They cherry pick and warp the laws and Senile Joe does nothing but preside over the mess the dim wits are making of this country! At least Bozo was capable without being led though extremely racist and slimy. His whole administration was deliberately divisive and Senile Joe’s is too.

    2. Does a POTUS not take an oath when being sworn in to uphold the laws of the land? Which we all know our current president (notice lower case) is not doing. He ignores our immigration laws!!!

  3. We know it probably won’t get any traction. But will certainly get media attention. So the lefts’ useful idiots might finally realize this administration is corrupt and communist. 🇺🇸

    1. This is the biggest scam ever pulled on the American people!!! What a disgrace, they all need to be locked up. They weaponize the CIA, DOJ, FBI, AGs against American citizens if they chose to vote for someone else!!! What is this the Stazi

  4. China is knocking at west coast so is Russia nobody is answering Meanwhile Iran is knocking at the east coast being helped by china Joe is in basement playing with his mini me watching kiddie porn

  5. this FRAUDULENT presidential MIS-ADMINISTRATION , is a FAILURE to ALL AMERICAN CITIZEN, irregardless of what party you belong to, demo-communist, REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVES, or like me a INDEPENDENT CONSERVATIVE, They ( biden and harris ) have FAILED the US CITIZENS as in You, Me, I, We, .

  6. Rep. Boebert, Thank you!!! It is absolutely awful the way Biden’s handlers are abusing the USA and are stealing human resources from other countries. I can’t really be mad at Biden, because he is ill and has no idea what is really going on. Of course, I can disapprove of his past illegal activities (when he was not ill) and knew he was selling out the American people for his own gain. He is an awful person!

  7. If I could, I would sign that as well. We are creating chaos at the border for no good reason, other than the Dems want more voters and believe this is the way to guarantee them. It is disgraceful, awful, and frightful what is happening to little children in this charade of “good will.” Of course we welcome immigrants into our nation — those who come in legally and legitimately. We are, after all, a nation of immigrants, however, our ancestors came in legally and proudly became citizens of the freest (once was) nation on the planet. Now, they show their disdain for us by coming across our borders freely and illegally and thumbing their noses at those of us who want them to follow the law. We once were a nation of laws but now I cringe when I hear a politician state that we are a nation of laws when I know only too well we have denigrated these laws and the law keepers.

  8. Until the U.S.A. gets tough, illegal entry will continue to be a problem. Illegal is illegal. Every illegal should be deported immediately. We did not force them to come here illegally. They decided to commit the crime of sneaking into our country. NO JUDGES, NO COURTS, DEPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY.

  9. The Border Crisis is a Demoncrap planned INVASION..!! It’s be design….on purpose….planned….orchestrated to bring in more Demoncrap illegal voters..!! FACT..!!

    1. The One world government needs a crisis to propel the United States into change. One crisis after another has been planned to grind down America and implement the radical agenda while rinos stood by and went along with the Democrats.

  10. What can be said about a government that was taken by voter fraud (coup), is walking in the path of Communism, continuously ignores our laws, and is doing anything and everything within its power to destroy and demoralize our country. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  11. Harris visiting the border means nothing. She is going there under pressure, but nothing will result from her visit. To her it is nothing more than a photo opportunity.

  12. The total hypocrisy that President Trump was impeached for doing nothing wrong, and yet Biden has done everything to disable, weaken, destroy this country.


  14. The Demoncrats know bloody well that their only chance, their sole road to victory, is (1) to institutionalize election fraud, and (2) to introduce hordes of illegal aliens who they think will vote Democratic to get free stuff paid for by Americans who are principled enough to WORK.

  15. Hell, O’Biden should be thrown into Prison, along wiith the rest of the current Regime in Washington, DC (District Of Monumental Corruption and Tyranny) !!

  16. Open borders is a large part of the Chinese communist directed and loving democRAT party’s plan to subvert the constitutional government of the USA by flooding the ballot boxes of our country with the votes of unvetted, civically ignorant illegal aliens by promising them a free lunch to migrate to America. Help stop democRAT treason against limited government. Vote Trump Republicans in the 2022 congressional elections and TRUMP 2024!!! In the meantime SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POLICE!!!

  17. Of course hes derelict in his duties as is the cackle fest he calls VP… She even had the nerve to go to Texas after all this time, but to El Paso…far away from the real crisis, and had the audacity to blame it on Trump… fact check, numbers are WAY up in illegals trying to come in since they took office…

  18. Censure is not the answer, a suit in Supreme Court demanding that the President uphold his oath and Constitutional mandate to uphold the laws of the USA. Specifically any person flown here or allowed in in violation of federal law by presidential order be summarily ejected regardless of age.
    The problem we face is that the Congress passes laws and the President over-rides them. All that President Trump did was order the UPHOLDING OF EXISTING LAW and the flow of illegal aliens entering the USAS almost ceased.

  19. The Biden plan was to ignore the crisis as long as possible. The ONLY reason Harris is going to visit the border is because former President Trump is planning to visit the border very soon.




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