WAX: Swedish US Asylee Claims Turkey Running ‘Largest Drug Trafficking Op in History’


Under US asylum protection, Victor X continues his fight against global corruption. Following a $4.2 billion lawsuit against Sweden’s financial elite, he now alleges Turkey is financing much of his Scandanavian homeland’s investments via the largest drug trafficking operation in history.

Victor X, formerly Victor Carlström, garnered over a million views this past week on Instagram when he posted a video message promising “shockwaves around the world.” Specifically, X is calling for President Joe Biden to place sanctions on both Sweden and Turkey.

Once a top banker and financial agent in Sweden, X is now under US asylum protection, the only northern European to hold that privilege, he says. Along with his accumulated wealth, the asylee status is about all he has left since losing his country, his home, and even a relationship with his ex-wife and two children.

With essentially nothing to lose, X is not shying away from calling out global organized crime.

On June 17, X uploaded a video accusing Turkish officials of laundering illegal drug money across Sweden in connection to a Turkish drug trafficking operation in Latin America. This, X explained, is all based upon findings stemming from his $4.2 billion lawsuit filed in US federal courts against Swedbank CEO Jens Henriksson and other leaders in Sweden’s financial industry.

“Billions have been invested into real estate and infrastructure across Sweden,” X said.

“Sweden is drowning in Turkish drug money,” he added, naming Henriksson as a key manager of investments.

To compound the bombshell report, X also stated that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was involved.

For X, the Turkish connection to his initial case against Swedish authorities is clear.

After fleeing Sweden, he carried burner cell phones in order to hide on his way to securing asylum protection. At one point, all of his burner phones started ringing at the same time showing numbers from Turkey. This happened days after negotiations broke down with Katrin Westling Palm, the head of the Swedish Tax Agency. X alleges she has dealings with Turkish companies.

X also suspects it was a Turkish man who attempted to kill him in New York City, and that’s not the only time X nearly met a fateful end at the hands of attackers.

After fleeing with his family from Sweden to the Netherlands and then the United Arab Emirates, X eventually made it to New York City along with his wife at the time and their kids. It was there at a hotel that he fended off an intruder into their hotel room.

“I had my 6-year-old screaming in death panic next to me,” he said.

That was enough for his spouse at that point.

“They took off to Europe,” X recalled in his video.

Since that time, four years ago, he’s attempted suicide twice. But he’s also risen above, bringing his story to the masses. Now his biggest challenges lie ahead.

His lawsuit against the heads of Swedbank, Folksam, and others made it to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, just below the Supreme Court. However, it abruptly came to an end following another Swedish whistleblower’s call to X that his communications with his lawyers were under Swedish surveillance.

X was shocked but not surprised considering he survived 14 Swedish criminal investigations into his companies and tax records. He believes these baseless probes were used to justify the wiretapping of him.

Consequently, he dropped that case in order to take up an even bigger one in the European Court of Human Rights, this time targeting Turkey as well as his home country.

He had planned a hunger strike at the White House to bring pressure on the Biden administration to place sanctions on Sweden, but since the militarization and closure of the Capitol area, that’s not going to be possible.

Regardless, his audience continues to grow. Is it any wonder? X is a man estranged from the country he grew up in and going up against the most powerful forces in politics and finance. Many Americans, and indeed people across the world, can relate to this dynamic in a time of national populism worldwide. As long as X keeps fighting, people will keep watching.

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Gavin Wax is the 75th President of the New York Young Republican Club, Chairman of the New York Republican Liberty Caucus, an Ambassador for Turning Point USA, and an Associate Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research. You can follow him on Twitter at @GavinWax.

  1. I have to RESPECT this man for going after the Drug Lords in Turkey and his own country Sweden if they are indeed using DRUG MONIES/CONNECTIONS TO GROW THEIR COUNTRY! If this is the case, THANK GOD some one has the gonads to go after that drug sickness/cancer that wants to spread and cover our World! He is very BRAVE and COURAGEOUS to ever take on anyone in the Drug Empires because not only is he dealing with corruption in its most powerful form, but he is dealing with EVIL INCARNATE!

    Most men would not take on that nasty group of demons (I can’t call them people because “people” don’t do horrendous things like they do to people who get in their way)! Death is more “Welcome” than what the Turkish Drug Lords do to those who get in their way. Pray it is never YOU!

    The other thing is hopefully that guy’s wife and kids literally disappeared in Europe somewhere and had their IDs changed! By stirring this huge Drug pot, the drug lords will be looking for someone to use as leverage to stop X from coming after them and destroying their empire! Those someones would definitely be his wife and kids! I pray they are hidden deep where no demon scumbag can ever find them!

    As for X, better get a trustworthy friend to ALWAYS WATCH YOUR BACK! There is a target on it now and the Turkish Drug Lords are just waiting for the right time to use it!

    MAY God protect X and his family for finally doing what is right — exposing how deep and strong the Turkish Drug business really is! TOO BAD THERE AREN’T MORE WHITE KNIGHTS TO FIGHT THE RAMPANT CORRUPTION THAT IS IN OUR WORLD!

    Would you ever do this? All it takes is one man or one woman to be Brave enough to fix things and fight for the Goodness in our lives! Remember Joan of Arc or Robin Hood, etc?

  2. Armenians have been warning the globe about Turks. Sooner or later you will all know what we already know. Turks are animals, plain and simple. They use vicious tactics when the fight and when they are at “peace”. They can’t be trusted and they offer nothing to humanity.
    Feel free to see what turks have ever invented to help man kind.

  3. What a nightmare that X has had to endure!! And the forces (of Evil) arrayed against him are formidable! I don’t know if I would have had the strength to fight the Leviathan state (of ANY country!!).


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