Trump Feuds with DeSantis Over Upcoming Florida Rally

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has reportedly asked former President Trump to either cancel or postpone his upcoming rally scheduled for Saturday in Sarasota, FL as the Sunshine State continues to grabble with the recent tragic building collapse in Surfside. While the location of the search and rescue site and the rally are about 3 1/2 hours away from each other DeSantis is still urging Trump not to have the event this weekend out of respect.

So far, 16 people have been confirmed dead while more than 150 others are still unaccounted for.

According to The Washington Examiner:

“The governor is getting tested here as to how far he’s going to be pushed before he breaks ranks with President Trump. And he has to be very careful because this is Trump country,” this source said. “The base loves the president. But they equally love Ron. It’s a showdown going on right now.”

However, sources close to the Trump team say that he is holding firm on the campaign-style rally.

“Like all Americans, President Trump sends his deepest condolences to those who’ve lost loved ones or been displaced by the terrible tragedy in Surfside. The event in Sarasota, however, is on the other side of the state, 3 1/2 hours away, approximately the same distance from Boston to New York, and will not impact any of the recovery efforts,” Harrington said. “In fact, President Trump has instructed his team to collect relief aid for Surfside families both online and on-site at the Sarasota rally.”

DeSantis aides have called Trump’s choice to hold the rally in a state going through such a devastating event “tone-deaf” and said it would likely be in the Governor’s best interest not to travel to Sarasota but to stay in Surfside along with the grieving Floridians.

“I would say, ‘Look, it’s up to you.’ You’ve been right every single time [but] you haven’t won reelection in 2022 yet,” this person said. “You’ve got to stay on reelection 2022 and reelection 2022 says stick with Surfside and continue to manage the Sunshine State you have.”

The rift between the two Republican powerhouses comes as both eye the possibility of a presidential run in 2024. While the two have referred to each other as friends Trump is cognizant of DeSantis’ ever-growing popularity with the base, highlighted by DeSantis’ recent win in a straw poll.

Trump has even said DeSantis would likely be considered as a possible running mate should she choose to run in 2024.

“He’s a friend of mine. I endorsed Ron, and after I endorsed him, he took off like a rocket ship,” Trump said. “A lot of people like that — you know, I’m just saying what I read and what you read — they love that ticket … certainly, Ron would be considered. He’s a great guy.”

  1. There is NO reason to cancel the rally! DeSantis can still stay at the scene of the disaster and let DJT do the rally. The rally participants could even be asked (and would do it) to contribute to the families of the missing and dead.

  2. I think Trump should hold off on the rally and respect the Gov’s request. It isn’t appropriate to campaign or celebrate while people or still buried under rubble.

    1. Then the tyranny and the total destruction of America is in full sway due to the left abolishing civil rights on every issue.

  3. I believe this is just “optics”; DeSantis must stay with his Citizens during this disaster, and President Trump must continue with his “cleanup” of the USA.
    I voted for President Trump twice, and I would vote for DeSantis; they are the two most powerful and popular people in the country.

  4. Dems and the progressive barn burner drive by’s rip them both apart if DeSantis broke away from the devastation. Can’t you just see it? Let Trump do his thing without DeSantis on this run.

  5. Why not do both? DeSantis can stay with Surfside and President Trump can hold the rally and during the rally he will take time to honor those that have been working to rescue people, and also raise money for those who have been displaced. It could be a win-win for all involved!

  6. I call BS. This sounds like the same “staff” background media chum that plagued PDJT’s administration for 4+ years and also plagued Gov. Ron’s for going on 3 years. What better way to gin up dissension that to pit Trump and DeSantis. If Ron really wanted Donald to postpone the rally he would’ve just called him personally. Again, this is probably BS.

  7. No! Do not cancel this Rally! This was planed long before this happened!! This is not his fault that this happened! I guess DeSantis won;t get any attentionI Is that his problem? DeSantis had better watch what he is Saying when It comes to our Great President!

  8. Do you realize that the enemies of Trump, DeSantis, and Conservatives are trying to cause a rift? They will do anything to keep these two strong leaders apart. President Trump honors the dead and won’t be in the Surfside area. Did Governor DeSantis really ask Trump to postpone his rally? I want to hear it personally from the Governor. Don’t believe everything you hear, especially from the lying media that has covered up everything about Covid, and our dangerous borders.

  9. Big brohaha over nothing. Who are these “snowflake” like aides in the DeSantis camp who cannot face reality that the world does not stop because a disaster occurred in their state? So they are advising their governor to ask President Trump to cancel his campaign rally. People are dying every day. Let’s us say a prayer over the collapsed building and move on.

  10. As a Religious Compassionate man, President Trump should respect the wishes of Governor DeSantis and reschedule his rally some other place or another time! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT A CHRISTIAN GOD FEARING COMPASSIONATE MAN WOULD DO! It is all about being RESPECTFUL OF ALL THOSE INNOCENT PEOPLE DYING.

    I’m sorry, but it makes no difference if the rally is 3 hours away, 8 hours away or one hour away! PEOPLE DIED AND NO POLITICAL RALLY SHOULD TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER SHOWING RESPECT FOR THE FAMILIES OF THOSE THAT DIED IN THAT COLLAPSE! Anyone thinking any differently needs to talk to God about what happened to his/her “compassionate heart”!

    It takes a “bigger more compassionate” man to see the real reason that there should be prayer, respectful silence for all those families — and definitely NOT a political rally! Please know God is watching (along with many Christian people) what is happening to His grieving families…and Prayer is the one thing they need most at this time — not a political rally!

    Think about this President Trump! Where is your Compassionate Heart? Please don’t disappoint your Christian Supporters!

    1. You’re not a Christian, you’re a disciple of Evil. We’ve become a culture relatively unaware of the enemy’s presence, unaware of the conspiracies to destroy our lives, unaware that hes distracting us from reaching our destinies.

  11. What a tough one! I feel strongly both ways. These prime movers are caught between a rock and a hard place. Whatever decision is made, some folks will be alienated.

  12. No reason to stop the rally, you can not stop the rescue people in this disaster & can not stop to RESCUE THE COUNTRY OUT OF the TYRANT, do both or else we will lost our country


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