Allen West Challenges Greg Abbott For Texas Governor

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Texas GOP Party chair Allen West announced that he’s taking on incumbent Republican Gov. Greg Abbott for Texas’ top political seat on the Fourth of July.

“I’ve not been in elected political office for about a decade, but I can no longer sit on the sidelines and see what has happened in these United States of America,” West said in a video on Sunday.

He plans to protect the Lone Star state’s legacy by refusing to be subjugated to the Green New Deal and staying energy independent, protecting the border to ensure “Texas is for Texans,” and putting an end to human trafficking.   

“Because the sovereignty of Texas has been threatened when you have 1,200 miles that you share with a foreign nation that is really destabilized and controlled by a criminal terrorist organization in the cartels,” he remarked. “We’ve got to do better and take responsibility as Texas and not wait and make ourselves dependent upon the federal government, and especially this administration.”

West launched his campaign nearly a month after he tendered his resignation as the state party chairman, which will go in effect on July 11, when the State Republican Executive Committee will choose his successor.  

“I think that it is time for Republicans to stand by the principles of values that they say they believe,” he said in an interview. “As the Republican governor of Texas, I will abide by the platform and the priorities of the Republican Party of Texas.”

He joins fellow Republicans former senator Don Huffines and comedian Chad Prather in the fight to unseat Abbott, who has already been endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

West isn’t worried about the competition. “I’m not running against anybody. I’m running for Texas,” he commented.

  1. Ok, I admit I thought it would be about the actor Matthew something or other. I have much respect for Mr West. A true patriot. But, I think Texans should stick with Governor Abbott. I don’t live there, but from what I hear he’s done a great job. It takes real WILL to office in Austin. A bastion of liberalism!

  2. Lt. Colonel Allen West has my vote. Abbott is compromised by the CCP and Robert Soros. Not to mention that he took a bribe from UT Southwestern so that Texas would not outlaw gender mutilation surgeries for children under the age of 18.

    1. Accusatory words are easy. Proof is another matter. I have never heard these words spoken about Governor Abbott.

    2. Go to Governor Abbott’s website and look through his donors, you will find George Soros’s name listed! I was extremely disappointed!

  3. In my eyes, as a former Texan, I think Abbott has done a great job running the great state of Texas and I strongly encourage all Texans to vote for Abbott over West…Now, is not the time to try to split the Party and Texas…Although, I like West, I don’t think he is the right man for Governor of Texas, let him run as a US Congressman from Texas, against one of the liberal democrat Congressmen already in office, from the Great State of Texas, this is what he needs to do, in order to help Texas and this great Country! I certainly don’t know what West was thinking! Bad Choice by West.

    1. I agree completely. West is a great man in his own right and would be a worthy competitor against Sheila Jackson Lee. Running against Abbott will antagonize both GOP voting blocs.

  4. I don’t understand what is going on here or what Allen West is thinking! He offered no criticism of Gov. Abott so, why run against a sitting Governor who has done such a sterling job? Could his target really be President Trump? Does he think the DJT endorsement of Governor Abott is the kiss of death? I find it impossible to believe anything other than Texas loves Trump and Abott!
    If anyone has the answer, please reply.

      1. Hopefully you guys will NOT vote in another libturd????? CA NEVER seems to learn, yet they complain. Just like NY.
        Even the Jebner guy/woman would be better than what you guys currently have.
        As an X Californian, breaks my heart to see the state in so much turmoil.

  5. Great news. Abbott has sold us out on election protection, property taxes, gender reassignment surgery for minors, abortion and many other problems

  6. Governor Abbott has done a smash up job of protecting Texans from biddyboy Biden and the Border Situation! He has proven himself more than capable of providing Texans everything they need for a stable and prosperous life! And ABBOTT HAS THE ENDORSEMENT OF PRESIDENT TRUMP!

    What does West have to even compete? Nothing! He should find another position where “THERE IS REALLY A NEED FOR SOMEONE NEW ON THE JOB!” The Texas Governorship has the right man for the job already!

    1. Either you don’t live in Texas or you have your head up your rectum if you think Abbott has really done much good for Texas. I live in Kinney County about 11 miles from the border and we are bombarded daily by all of this garbage coming across the border. It was only after our Sherriff, County Judge and DA got together with with several other counties and declared a state of emergency that Abbott did anything to help and that has only been in the last few weeks. Of course when a couple of individuals stated they were going to challenge him in our Primary did he finally start to really get vocal about doing something and so far it is mostly vocal with very little visible results. Thanks to brain dead Biden’s catch and release policies we have China Virus, TB, scabies and loads of other disease’s
      being dumped into the US population with no way of tracking them. Brace your self it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

  7. In this case, stick with what you know. Governor Abbott has been working hard for Texas. He is familiar. The others are not.


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