Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Will Teach Critical Race Theory In All 50 States


The National Education Association (NEA) says it will teach critical race theory in more than 14,000 school districts spread across all 50 states. 

The NEA passed two resolutions related to critical race theory – the ideology that the nation’s institutions are inherently racist – at their annual representative meeting over the weekend to implement the teachings in classrooms.  

The union vowed to share and publicize “information already available on critical race theory (CRT) — what it is and what it is not,” and dedicate a team of staffers to learning more and fighting back against the “anti CRT rhetoric.”

The NEA pledged to “oppose attempts to ban critical race theory,” and the New York Times’ highly criticized “1619 Project,” which they cited as “an already-created, in-depth, study” of society.   

They also plan to publicly convey their support of the “accurate and honest teaching” of age-appropriate accountings of “unpleasant aspects” of the nation’s history which includes, “slavery, and the oppression and discrimination of Indigenous, Black, Brown, and other peoples of color.”

The union will join up with Black Lives Matter on October 14, which is George Floyd’s birthday, as a “national day of action to teach lessons about structural racism and oppression.”

NEA president Becky Pringle must commit to making public statements to the media in support of “racial honesty in education including but not limited to critical race theory.”

In a second resolution, the union committed to putting together opposition research on “organizations attacking educators doing anti-racist work,” and put together resources for educators to utilize when they come under attack for teaching CRT. 

Legislation to ban critical race theory from being taught in schools has been proposed in 22 states and signed into law in five – “Idaho, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee.”

“We need to make sure that our kids recognize that this country is moving toward a more perfect union, that we should teach the exceptionalism of our nation and how people can live together and work together to make a greater nation, and to not teach things that inherently divide or pit either Americans against Americans or people groups against people groups,” Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee said about the law that took effect in the beginning of July.      

  1. Start teacher reform an remove all teachers from schools who is pushing CRT this is the only way to fix this. And find the root people pushing this censor them for inciting racism

  2. Two words come to mind. It is “crippling” race theory. And it smacks of racial paranoia. I taught public school for 36 years. We were making great progress on being just fellow humans who celebrated each other’s successes.

  3. When the teachers break the state laws, arrest the teacher’s, fire, then arrest the union president, as well as sue the union. Don’t let them think they can disobey state law, just because thgey don’t like it.

  4. Before I retired I was a member of MNEA, for the million dollar insurance if I ever got sued. Never did. If I were still a member I would cancel it and that is what I recommend each teacher across the USA does. They would send me “recommendations” of who to vote for. My vote, my choice and I NEVER followed their recommendations. I’d been told the Mafia started NEA, I don’t know one way or the other. ANY teacher who knowingly tries indoctrinating our students with that pile of manure should have their certifications revoked and not be allowed to teach anywhere. THAT GOES FOR THE FAR LEFT PROFESSORS IN OUR COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. Stand up parents, kick school board members and Superintendents out for pushing it.. Looks to me like we need a lot of house cleaning. This is not a socialist country, neither are we marxist or communist. Land of the Free because of Brave. I kneel for the Lord, Jesus and Holy Spirit and stand for our flag.

  5. Children are sent to school to learn to read, write, use proper grammar, math, history, biology, chemistry, different languages, and life skills. Allowing a Union to indoctrinate a free country of children a Marxist political ideology is obscene and immoral. Flooding our children’s heads with the idea that we are judged by the color of our skin is a slap in the face of the Civil Rights Movement. Denying the progress that was made until this administration took over is unAmerican, at best. Parents across this country need to stand against this socialist agenda. This whole concept is to divide our great country and causes perpetual infighting among its people.

  6. The parents are in control not a bunch of lefty ass kissing moron teachers. Those aren’t the teachers kids.They have no right to teach children that whites are bad and the whole country is systematically racist. Which it isn’t. They want to teach them that George Floyd was a great man. How about teach them the truth that he was a drug addict who attacked a pregnant woman. Stop lying and teach them to respect the law and work hard.No one gets anything for free, not even WHITE PEOPLE.

  7. NEA brags about more than 5,000 teachers willing to become criminals by breaking laws, just so they can mentally abuse children with communist propaganda and brainwashing in the CANCEL CULTURE of CRT, CSE, faux 1619 history, a hundred different genders and special pronouns for the mentally ill transgenders that lead lives of dystopian delusional fantasies.
    CRT is totally disproven by the millions of black and minority persons that spent years and $$ going through all of our hoops to qualify for their life dream of becoming American citizens in the greatest country in the world. These millions LOVE being Americans. Even better are the many, many millions more that have the same dream in miserable conditions in Africa and all over the world. They dream and work tirelessly to fulfill our requirements so that a marvelous miraculous day of miracles will come in a few years and they will be accepted as new CITIZENS. Students and parents, don’t let any liar teacher tell you otherwise. Billions of people dream of becoming American citizens.

  8. And we will continue to pull our kids out of school! Let’s see them teach the walls and let the schools rot! We also should stop paying taxes! We will not allow those scumbags to teach our children garbage! So homeschool is on the rise! So screw you morons!

  9. The NEAs idea of a “more perfect union” is a totalitarian communist state. The NEA has been controlled by the communists for decades and now they are teaming up with BLM a new communist front organization to indoctrinate our children in communism. The parents of school students should remove their children from the government schools and place them in patriotic private schools that teach them real American history and academics not critical race BS. The other option is to home school or have a private tutor.

  10. Too bad they don’t dare teach issues such as recognizing authority, obeying parents, respecting teachers, accepting responsibility, basics of morality, US and world history, rule of law, and all that other “stuff” BLM despises.

  11. Remove your children from public schools immediately. They’ve become toxic by teaching division and hatred based on the color of skin.


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