Liberal Mayor Reverses Position On Defunding Police After City-Wide Crime Spree

Pax Ahimsa Gethen, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

San Francisco’s liberal mayor, London Breed, called to replace “bulls**t progressive policies” with “aggressive policing,” after proposing to strip $120 million from the city’s police department. 

“It’s time that the reign of criminals who are destroying our city, it is time for it to come to an end,” Breed said at a press conference last week. 

“And it comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement, more aggressive with the changes in our policies, and less tolerant of all the bulls**t that has destroyed our city, we are going to turn this around.”

San Francisco endured a spike in headline-making crime that has seen criminal mobs looting luxury stores in massive “organized thefts,” and chain pharmacies forced to close stores over unchecked shoplifting, due to lax laws and cashless bail policies.  

Larceny theft is up 18.3% this year, with 3,375 reports across the city last month. Assault jumped up 9% compared to 2020, and homicide rates soared by 15%.

“All of our residents, our workers and everyone who visits our city should feel safe no matter what part of town they are in. I know San Francisco is a compassionate city. We are a city that prides ourselves on second chances and rehabilitation,” Breed continued. “But we’re not a city where anything goes. Our compassion should not be mistaken for weakness or indifference.”

But Breed’s own policies are responsible for making the city vulnerable. She proposed stripping $120 million out of the San Francisco Police Department and allocated it towards social justice programs in July of 2020. 

The majority of the funds were allocated towards mental health and services for the black homeless population, with supplements for education, youth services, and job programs. 

“For those who truly believe that Black lives matter, it’s important that we listen to Black voices. It’s important that we allow Black people to lead this movement,” she said at the time. 

Now the mayor plans to increase policing, review no bail policies, and introduce legislation that gives law enforcement real-time access to surveillance video.  

“What I’m proposing today, and what I will be proposing in the future will make a lot of people uncomfortable, and I don’t care,” Breed concluded. “We are past the point where what we see is even remotely acceptable.”

  1. Yeah, this “crackdown” will last until the first thieving Black dude gets maced or clubbed (or, God forbid, shot) in the middle of a “smash and grab” robbery, whereupon San Fran’s gutsy, law and order mayor will fold like a cheap stool, apologizing to the “minority community” and “all people of color” and putting the entire police force on suspension while they complete some touchy-feely classes in racial sensitivity and… yeah, basically the SOS. As the commenter preceding says, “talk is cheap” and this is just talk so far. I doubt this get tough policy will survive more than a single news cycle. .

    1. total agreement. She’ll play the tough routine until the Leftys tell her to get back into California-style business as usual.

      1. I believe TTT and several other sites were too lazy or unconnected to develop their own screening algorithms so they simply purchased existing programs from lefty sites more accustomed to censorship. The problem is Trump, Pro-Life, Full Mag and several others screen out their support base.

    1. Because they have a couple of brainless liberal morons editing comments. You better not complain or they will block you completely.

  2. Too little too late! They always head back toward the “Center line” trying to make people feel like things are going to change for the better. Then the politicians get re-elected , and go back to the same old plan. Divide the country and play to the base.

  3. This is all fake election time is coming They will say or do anything to get reelected Unless the DA’s that refuse to prosecute are removed Nothing will change you are all being played

  4. Why is it that everyone knew crime would go up under those policies except the one voted in? She needs to be voted out. No more excuses.

  5. Hmmmm. Must be an election for mayor coming up. I wonder what numbskull Nancy and the “squad” will have to say about this. No doubt the BLM “leaders” will be outraged.

  6. I wonder why BLM doesn’t control the streets of D.C. You’d think after all that paint and big talk, they’d welcome such a challenge. Perhaps as a bonus, they’d also take on Chicago, St. Louis, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle. How ’bout it? Talk or walk?

  7. This is a typical Democrat Negro official, trying to look good to the American public because of totally failed socialist, Democrat Party anarchy. The typical, average Negro intelligence is not good enough to see such social matters clearly, so they allow themselves to be led by the socialist/pro-Communist Democrat Party clique in the direction of the destruction of the American Republican experiment, of some 240 years, now. For the Democrat Party leadership, this is all a collection of lies to enable them to gain total political control of the country, and turn America into a dictatorship – with them in control, of course.

    This latest “apology” by various Democrat officials, including old, brain-dead Joe Biden, is because their political polls have shown that they will be massacred in the 2022 elecions – nothing more.

    1. Anyone who thinks White Supremacy is bad, has not experienced Black Supremacy.
      According to FBI statistics, more than 5 thousand white American citizens, including senior citizens, men, women, children, and small babies, were murdered by black terrorists, in the United States, in the ten year period of 2010 to 2020.

      Worse yet, Radical Black Islam is out there, too. They want to kill non-muslims. Moderate Muslims want the radical Muslims to kill non-muslims. Radical Islam can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop killing non-muslims, ever, until all non-muslims are dead or enslaved, or the Muslims are killed first.

  8. London Breed is a liberal lunatic. The fact is that she is a liar and does exactly what she is told to do. As for “leadership”, she couldn’t lead a horse to water.

  9. The Democratic playbook is to create the problem with their stupid ideas, then claim to fix the problem by raising your taxes to clean up the mess that they made. How can anyone be so foolish to keep voting for Democrats?

  10. Since they want to “DEFUND THE POLICE”, why don’t we local and state American taxpayers, “DEFUND THE LOCAL AND STATE OFFICIALS THAT SUPPORT THIS DEFUNDING”??????????????? Fair is fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! American people “common sense at work again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. “It’s important that we allow Black people to lead this moment.”
    WHY? Why Black people? Do Indians, Hispanics, Chinese, Native American, Caucasians, etc. have nothing invested here? Why are these people set aside to follow so that Blacks can lead?
    Never put a person in charge of eliminating g racism who cannot see ot in themselves.

  12. Loyalty is your faithfulness to your nation, faithful adherence to your sovereign government and full allegiance to it’s people. Why is it the bidens can’t fit anywhere into the above definations? China owns the biden family, recent events uncovered from Africa confirm this even further, Hunters pot of gold awaits the bidens for their rainy days. “Biden refuses cognitive testing” – “despite showing many obvious signs of diminished cognitive function” joe biden claims American is back, what reality, is this lack of  mental ability for judgement is he living in? He lacks any required ability for basic leadership skills, responsibility, Look at all his personal decisions since being in office.  Afghanistan with his callous regard for loss , fuel transportation cost, resulting in the highest inflation our Country has ever seen. His appointment of non qualified persons who are unable to resolve any of the un American problems he created against the American people, like his open border policy, allowing illegal drugs, invaders to swarm into our Country without consequence. Ask yourself is this not the from loss in his mental state? Look at the bidens love of China, and the decisions made since he has been in the White House that favor this Communist Country, the money the bidens been well compensated for those decisions. And there’s many in that community who believe starting at age 65, there should be some sort of screening that’s done. Dr. Ronald Peterson, who runs the Alzheimer’s clinic at Mayo has been somebody who talked about that.” “But as far as we know, President Biden, “we didn’t see any kind of tests like that performed since being in office” O’Connor concluded claiming that biden may remain fit for duty, and fully executes all of his responsibilities without any exemptions or accommodations, except ” without any testing for what appears to be the obvious threat to “Biden’s ability to perform his job, his mental fitness?” “President Trump had something known as the Montreal cognitive assessment. It’s sort of a screening test for dementia. And, you know, that there was no mention of that sort of thing here. It is a constant point of discussion. I can tell you within the geriatrics community, I wrote this book last year about brain health, and one of the things that kept coming up was, should sort of leadership types of screening tests, cognitive screening tests, be more commonly done? The democrats complained and complained until Trump took the exam,where are the same complaints from the democrats against bidens abuse of power.

  13. Yes, AGAIN, another Black Female Mayor that has no clue how to run a major city!! You can add Breed to the Chicago Mayor, and several other Mayors who are Black, female and Democrat!

    All Americans have to do is observe Biden and his attempts to lead this nation…and FAILING!! We have seen so many cities under democrat leadership be burned and destroyed by BLM and Antifa members — and those city leaders did absolutely nothing to apprehend nor imprison them, allowing the criminal element to run WILD in their cities — BEFORE DEFUNDING THEIR POLICE!! OMG!’ Stupid is as stupid does!

    Here is the saddest part of this comedy show in their cities: so many police have left their cities to work elsewhere, so there ARE NO MORE POLICE INTERESTED IN WORKING FOR A MAJOR THAT CARELESSLY THREW THEM TO THE WOLVES!! Good luck Mayors finding anyone in Law Enforcement willing to help you!!
    Here’s a suggestion: Hire some Antifa and BLM members to patrol your city and deal with the hardened criminals there! Bet anyone from those two out of control groups would desert their posts the very first day when they discovered that HARDENED CRIMINALS WERE SMARTER AND TOUGHER THAN ANY OF THEM AND WOULD SQUASH/END THEIR PUNY LITTLE BUTTS IN A NANO SECOND!!

    If you live in one of those cities run by a Black Female Mayor, you might consider moving to a more lawful and intelligently run city area. San Fran is going to be hurting for a long long time, even with Nancy Pelosi living there! Wonder how long Pelosi will stick around when hardened criminals discover where she lives…

    1. Uh…Nancy is planning on bailing…reportedly bought a house in Florida, a state governed by mostly INTELLIGENT people. Looks like she and her buddies (and nephew) have damaged California almost to the point of no return, so she’s got her exit plan in motion.

  14. Too bad that piece of liberal fluff isn’t crippled like the victims of her stupid female body part policies.

  15. San Franciscans, American. or Democrat, lend me your ears. If Democrat policies are “bull***t, why did this pinhead advance them and then take 2 years to figure it out–when EVERYONE ELSE who could see through a ladder recognized it right away?


    1. Based on the 2020 election, I now believe many of these incompetent mayors (Breed, Lightfoot, Wheeler, DeBlasio, Frey, etc.) were [s]elected, NOT elected. Their cities’ election systems were compromised long ago and the constituents really don’t have any say into who is leading them anymore. Fraudulent votes far outweigh legal ones now.

  16. these morons think they have answers to everything until their pants got caught on fire. matter factly, you got this gravel-mouth nudesom to deal with his $899 misdemeanor rule get-out-jail-free will not deter these rip and steal thugs to stop. cops ain’t gonna take action bc these thugs know no bound. wait until the real stealing takes place in this shemale mansion and all the liptards’ price possession. can’t wait for the high heaven screaming top of their lung as the mid-night intruders smashing and knifing their way into their bedrooms, sacking and marauding as they wish. Happy New Year to all the liptards!

  17. Had to be REALLY stupid if you couldn’t predict this outcome from the start. Why do people elect politicians that are dumber than dirt?

  18. San Francisco is probably so close to collapsing she is trying a smoke and mirrors dog and pony show to keep people from leaving. Sadly when a ship is fully involving in burning it’s time to man the life boats. Just one thing, all Democrat Moonbats and Squirrels stay where your are. We have enough in Texas around Austin and a couple of other major cities without adding to the problem.

  19. Blue cities with black faces in the Mayor’s office and as a majority in their administrations, display a majority of black faces in the news reporting violent crimes.

    Is that a coincidence?

  20. Liberal policy, looking the other way and coddling the darkies works for us in glorious Marxachumpsetts.


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