These States Report the Lowest Election Integrity in the Country

Photo of the US Capitol / Photo by the US Capitol via Flickr

Elections Belong to the People – Abraham Lincoln 

The Heritage Foundation has ranked the best and worst states for election integrity. Some states have measures in place to secure their elections while other states open the floodgates for all sorts of shady and underhanded tactics. Some states don’t necessarily encourage bad behavior, some states just don’t do their due diligence and handle the electoral process sloppily. 

These 10 states have failed at the most basic objectives and were ranked by the Heritage
Foundation as having the lowest levels of election integrity in the county.

Here are the 10 states with the lowest levels of election integrity:

    1. If so it’s just more lies. It’s what the devil does. They are all satans minions . Satan wants as many ppl to die before the savior comes plain and simple so you know time is closing in

      1. I agree 1000% ….. the enemy knows he’s one day closer to eternity in hell & is pulling out all the stops as the Lord’s return is ever closer ‼️ Who would’ve ever imagined life as we know it a decade or more ago ….. if not LESS 😫‼️ MARANATHA 🙏 🙏 🙏 .

        1. Your absolutely correct -every event is coming to realization according to the good book – God works are mysterious in our ways – studying the old testament lets you realize that this the path has traveled before — I pray for the people who are lost in this maze of deception –watching people wearing masks knowing they don’t work — taking a shot that they know could kill them as witnessed by the numbers of those that have – may God find mercy on all soles of the lost- we live in Perlis times, We need to help all who want it -and praise God and pray for Jesus’s salvation

    1. Your correct these people sold their soles for money and power, and have no feeling for God, Country, their fellow citizens – sad state of affairs

  1. Voter ID, for the dumbocraps, nothing communist about that. If the dummycraps, can’t cheat, some how, they would have a hard time winning,except they are the experts at their craft of fraud,we take that away,they will never win again.Karma is coming for these commies,and it’s going to be a red tsunami everywhere.Hidenbiden and his corrupt administration are the enemy of the american people, and the American people are fed up with this do nothing administration, and will remove the entire,bunch from top down.

  2. How pathetic that these states representing nearly half of all electoral votes have such abysmal results in election integrity. And then they wonder why vote-counting is questioned!?!

  3. I’m guessing that there is no fix in place for any of these states. So, are we to assume that this cheating will be acceptable for ’22 and ’24? Or does the GOP have something up their sleeves to counteract this shameful (but very typical) behavior by the party of the jackasses? They damn well better have a plan or they get smoked again and the country will no longer be what it was intended to be.

  4. On another topic, I have to agree with many of the other people on this chain…the “NEXT PAGE” crap has got to stop. It is a royal pain designed for you to make more advertising money. Give me the information you want me to read in a continuous format or I will stop reading and simply unsubscribe. My life is complicated enough without this nonsense.

  5. As I read the comments below, you would think that all the states are Democrat stronghold states, but that is not the case. Nebraska is a state with a Republican governor and a unicameral (uni = one) legislature which means it has only what they refer to as a Senate and no House. It is the only state in the country that has such with 49 “Senators” with the majority, 32, identifying as Republican. As you would guess, the Democrat strongholds are in the largest cities of Omaha and Lincoln. I got educated on such by looking up Nebraska legislature so if interested, do likewise. If you want to find out how many states are controlled by R’s and D’s, type in this How Many States Are Controlled By Republicans” and look for Americans for Tax Reform which will take you to a 2015 map of the U.S. identifying such. I don’t know how closely that map resembles a current one, but I wouldn’t think it would be a big discrepancy. To me, Nebraska seems like a oxymoron in regard to the majority of the “Senators” in their legislature, but they obviously haven’t placed a priority on integrity of their elections due to the fact, they either haven’t looked or don’t see it as a problem at this point.

  6. I notice a couple of things that are common on all the states and that is ballot harvesting, failed to verify the citizenship of those voting, same-day registration.

  7. If any of you are over the age 70, be happy you grew up at a time in America when things were the very best…regardless of what current politicians say. Those times might never be repeated. Once the Dem’s pass the so called “Voter Election” bill, it will be the silver stake driven into the heart of America. I say, “Once…” because Dem’s never quit. They push their agenda long and hard.

  8. If all of this is known and provable why is nothing being done by Republicans or some of the honest democrats — its fraud it’s illegal – get something done NOW


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