Democrat Gov. Pushes Biden to Change Covid-19 Rhetoric

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Colorado Governor Jared Polis urged President Biden to change his rhetoric regarding Covid-19 vaccines and noted he thinks a change to the definition of fully vaccinated will change in the near future.

The Daily Wire reports:

“I think it’s really important that our leaders, whether they’re governors or mayors, local influencers, lead with facts rather than fear,” Polis told NBC News host Chuck Todd. “People just don’t react well to this ongoing environment of fear for two years. Let’s lead with the facts. Look, the science-driven information people need to keep themselves safe with the individual freedom and local control that we deserve. That’s where we are at this point. We know how to stop this thing. The – getting three doses of the vaccine is highly effective, and all but negates any risk that you face.”

When asked by Todd if there is going to be a change in “the definition of fully-vaccinated in your state,” Polis responded, “That’s certainly where it’s headed.”

“It looks like from everything that we know that to significantly reduce the risk of the Omicron variant, three doses of the vaccine are needed,” Polis claimed. “It’s three doses of that vaccine to be effective. So, I wish they’d stop talking about it as a booster. It really is a three-dose vaccine, and every piece of data that we’re seeing shows that that’s the case.”

When asked about what he would say to Biden if the president asked him for his advice, Polis responded, “I would say, ‘Stop talking about the vaccine as a booster; talk about it as three doses that are needed for effective prevention.’

The Democrat governor previously shocked people when he said that the Covid-19 emergency is “over.”

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        1. Well, I see the nazi is back with us and not too soon – on Christmas yet – how’s your dad – Rudy????????????????

  1. The time is now, with this upcoming new year to invade D.C with large-armed units and remove the gov’t by force. We cannot allow the CCP to get a foot-hold now C.O.N.U.S.

      1. He had COVID-19 in October 2020. He had the two vaccine shots when it was first available. That’s a triple exposure. He shouldn’t need more for a while if at all.

        1. Since he had Covid and had natural immunity, he should never have gotten the shots. His immune system is now compromised and will have health issues from them. The shot does not boost the immune system, it destroys it. Each shot makes it worse. That was the plan behind it all along.

      2. It would not be required since Trump would have released all the available theraputics that have been proven to treat COVID. Biden and the NIH are preventing the use of these medications, many are very inexpensive. The adminstrsation and too many members of Congress receive very large donations from BIG PHARMA!! Trump open the use of any and all medications using the “RIGHT TO TRY” ORDER. Time to eliminate all corporate contributions to all of Congress ASAP!!

  2. The head of the WHO has said”
    You can’t boost your way out of this pandemic, and “we’re boosting to kill children” his words, not mine. I’m sure it’s still up on Utube.
    Short clip, but true!
    This is all for control of the people, and depopulation. Believe it or not, but it’s true!

  3. Because you can have three injections of this man-made “Messenger RNA” and still become infected with COVID or OMICRON, it is incorrect to label it as a vaccine. I’m hearing the proper term is treatment. The world is being fed treatments that lessen the effects but not cure or even prevent.

    In my readings, I’m convinced it turns the monster into a pussycat. Speaking of cats (and dogs), it looks like if they catch it from you (or anywhere else), they’re guaranteed to die. My middle-aged daughter has cats and my wife has finally agreed to her third shot only to save the cats.

  4. The UK Health minister has already said the Omicron Variant is non lethal! now the Demo RATS are breaking out the previously failed bird flu! #CoronaSCAM2020 has lasted longer than the Black plague and killed far fewer people the actual death toll from Coronavirus is ).02% which is nowhere near the numbers the media has been hyping about it, just to try to get people scared and dumb enough to take the death by lethal injection jab!

  5. The people are tired of all this nonsense and want to live their lives. The lefties are using this as a justification for tyrannical government. Even people in Crazy Joe’s party want this to either cease or stop scaring the citizenry. C’mon next year.

      1. Not every unvaccinated person will “die off.” As of April 2021 (the most recent data I could find), over 110 million Americans were estimated to have recovered from COVID-19 infections based on assumptions about the number of cases not confirmed by testing. Of those who have been tested as of Christmas Eve, nearly 42 million are known to have recovered out of 53 million. Most of the remainder never went back for a followup test, so the number of those who recovered after a positive test is probably more like 51 – 52 million.

        This is not to say the deaths are insignificant; I lost a good friend to COVID-19 recently. (He was in his 80s, and was looking forward to meeting his Lord and Savior face to face.)

        But we have to keep a reasonable perspective. One of the greatest risk factors for severe COVID-19 illness is rarely reported in the United States: Vitamin D deficiency is far more common among those hospitalized for COVID-19, and almost everyone in the ICU for COVID-19 treatment is severely deficient in Vitamin D. Some researchers have found that administering a high dose of Vitamin D to such patients improves the outcome considerably. Vitamin D deficiency is common among patients with the most notorious co-morbidities. Instead of promoting fear and government dependence, we should be urging those with high-risk conditions to get their Vitamin D blood levels checked and treated as needed. This probably won’t prevent all deaths due to COVID-19, but it may cut the ultimate number considerably. (Realistically, especially for the very old, frail and sick persons, that means addressing Vitamin D deficiency will increase the chance they will die from something other than COVID-19 at a somewhat later date.)

  6. just read the report from redstate on the data from S Africa. the jab makes you more likely to get Omicron variant. you would be safer un-jabbed.

        1. That would take Hess too much time to actually read the reports or listen to the doctors who have come forward with the real results…and even if you put it all in front of him he would still deny it. He is under a delusion.

  7. If the”vaccines” protect you,why are 79%of the people who got the latest ”variant’ fully vaccinated folks?

  8. The President of the United States of America should be more of a Positive thinker and
    Positive advisor as opposed to being a Forecaster of Gloom and Death for this Winter!
    We the People have had Two Years of “FEAR MONGERING” and LIES from this administration to further the Extreme Left’s Agenda and the Scientific Data Proves that!

  9. This governor is full of sh..t! Three jabs and you are guaranteed to suffer devastating lifetime(how ever long that may be) effects on ones immune system! These injections are not to protect Americans, but, to eliminate as many people as possible! DO NOT TAKE THE POISON!

  10. When they are not lying, like Biden, they are medically stupid, like Polis. If NOTHING at all had been done with a so-called “vaccine”, the country would have had herd immunity long ago. If treating and isolating ONLY the sick and infirm had been done, the country would have had MANY fewer deaths and injuries than we now have. This is a simple case of, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you”.

    1. 1% morbidity rate. Divide reported infected by number dead of it during the same dates. Basic math and fake everything does not report this. But take the numbers from those reported weekly or monthly from a source where the morbidity is not packed with other causes. NY, Michigan, etc. where they are not honest about those numbers. Been doing this since the beginning and it has been steady. And now medical sources are also reporting that rate. Cities, counties, states are often running the stats and in the right communities they are accurate reports over the same dates. Gotta do apples to apples, not apples to oranges. Covid is a huge political tool for the political criminals and it all way over stated. People do die of covid and other flu viruses every year. This has been a giant political joke on the nation!

  11. Amazing how they keep saying they go with the science, and yet the science has now proven that the shots don’t work, that the “vaxxed” are are the most nes who are getting it again, and that the shots are dangerous, and not only do they kill people there will be short and long term problems.
    So they stick their head in the sand and March on trying to get everyone “vaxxed”, knowing the shots were made to kill and what better way for de-population. This administration is pure evil, they serve satan, not the Lord.

  12. Brandon is trying to make the harmless Omicron variant sound like the end of the human species. Like Rahm Emanual told Obama, never let a crisis go to waste, Brandon is using Omicron for all it’s worth, with is, in reality, nothing. Everyone in this country needs to wise up to that fact and end this horse shit.


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