Fox Denies Major Trump-Fox Controversy

Fox News
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New reports are detailing that Rupert Murdoch approved the early call from the network that Joe Biden won Arizona. It is further asserted that when that decision was made Bill Hemmer called Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller to alert him.

Fox News is denying this happened.

According to Mediaite:

Writing for Yahoo! News, Tom Porter details an excerpt in which Rupert Murdoch reportedly approved the call for Arizona and Hemmer’s alleged alert to Miller:

“Lachlan got his father on the phone to ask if he wanted to make the early call. His father, with signature grunt, assented, adding, ‘F— him,’” Wolff wrote.

Shortly after, the book said, the Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer called Trump’s lead social-media strategist, Jason Miller, to let him know the network was going to call Arizona for Biden.

“Miller involuntarily rose from his seat. ‘What the f—?’ he said out loud, looking around and seeing the still-merry and untroubled faces in the Map Room” of Trump campaign staffers and insiders who believed they were on the fast-track to reelection, Wolff wrote.

Hemmer reportedly replied: “That’s what they’re doing. That’s what they’re going with.”

The tip from Hemmer is also detailed in Michael Wolff’s new book Landslide. Wolff has a history of stretching the truth, and this could land credence to Fox’s denial.

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    1. Be careful with allegiance to Newsmax, They do not report on the Arizona Audit. I trust Real America’s Voice, Steve Bannon specifically. RAV can be found on Pluto TV and be streamed.

  1. Who gives a flying F?! Other networks are in direct collusion with the DNC to suppress truth and censor information. This is a nothing-burger!

  2. The Murdochs have already said Fox is going full on liberal when daddy dies. They’re already half way there. I doubt nothing about this article.

    1. Fox has been an source of Evil programing for years, Evil is Evil,just like all the ABC networks. We do not have an honest main line News Media in America!

  3. Who cares – the election is over with. Why mince “who said what and when” the night of the coup ? Get really aggressive … tell your ‘sources’ to give you more info and verifiable data (even physical evidence) and let’s prove the coup that occurred ! Then go after all the criminals in and out of government who were involved.

    1. I agree with JG, but would say it even stronger. EVERYONE that had a hand in the fraudulent election has committed treason and should be rounded up by the military and sent to Gitmo for a military tribunal, sentencing, and punishment. BTW, the punishment for treason is death, by hanging or a firing squad!

  4. From everything I read, seems like FOX is definitely going left. When the father dies, the son will probably go full lib. They have a vageena President and the boy from WI, Paul Ryan is on the board. Nuff said!
    The clips I watch are from Tucker, Laura and some Sean. And the 5. If it wasn’t for these 4 programs, they would probably lose major viewership.

  5. I DO NOT believe Fox. They have proven to be left leaning and unreliable. We do not watch Fox now and will never return to them. I like Tucker, Hannity, Ingram, Levine and others, and am waiting for the day when they also leave Fox. Would be great if a true Conservative bought Fox and got rid of the dim sympathizers, RINOs and the ones who are totally dwelling in the left swamp..

  6. Everything about The Coup is SO sad!! We have to build a strong base from the bottom up – and we need much more reliable and HONEST news sources going forward! But is any of that really possible in today’s dreadful world?!?

  7. Fox is as bad as CNN, the communist news network, I dumped them long ago.Oan,Newsmax are much better.

  8. Fox News lost millions of faithful viewers, their so smart at foxnews their stupid. Sneaky kind of stupid that is. We felt sold out and went to Newsmax, sure fooled us.

  9. I was so surprised, the day after January 6th,
    to hear some of the, I thought, staunch supporters of President Trump, on Fox News, turn against him overnight.
    They didn’t even wait until the truth was
    revealed about who was, really, responsible
    for the riot at the Capitol. Some of these
    were President Trump’s favorites on Fox News.
    It was sad and disappointing. I hope President
    Trump will continue to accept invitations
    from his, true, supporters on Fox News and I believe we all know who they are.

  10. I stopped watching Fox after election night. It’s very sad, there are a few people there that I really like.

  11. BO should be worried, because the same way his boss joKe bidet stole the election against BSanders and TRUMP, they stole it in the primaries for the 2008 presidential election, Hillary very likely was the winner of that election, ACORN and many helped joKe “the big Man” to be the VP and BO to be the sitting POTUS puppet.

  12. I truly believe fox news gave away our Election, our Presidency, on live tv, while I watched. World leaders were calling President Trump to congratulate him as he had won & it was just going to be called for him when fox news gave it all away. I do not trust them, I do not watch them. I get my news online. They are TRAITORS. They can’t deny it; they did it on live tv.

  13. Fox is no better than any other so called news agency. We conservatives put that station on the “cable map” and made it number 1 for weeks and weeks, years and years and they turned around and betrayed us. Haven’t watched them since. Hope News Max continues to grow and exceed viewership to bypass the Fox traitors.

  14. Take a look at Alan Jones of Sky News Australia! The man honors no sacred cows and has a clear focus on many things going on in the world. Let’s put it this way: I trust him far more than the mainstream media, the Pravda of the DemonCratic Soviet Party.

  15. Agree, when I do watch Fox, only watch Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram and sometimes the 5 but I don’t trust FOX anymore. I listen to Sean Hannitity on 1150 FM radio from 12-3pm and get the real news. I hope Fox falls on its face and their viewers all stop watching so they can see who made them RICH

  16. The exact same thing happened in a national election when the media called the election before the polls were closed in California. It cost the GOP California Senate and Representative seats in Congress. Voters driving to the polls after work headed home instead. What a shame. This is what our Country is in forever…media propaganda.

  17. the American people know the election was stolen, Biden couldn’t motivate a drowning man to grab a lifesaver. we all know it was fraud, illegal votes, copied votes, new rules, moved the goal posts, hanky panky period, its not a conspiracy, its common sense the media and the Marxist dems attached him and created lies for years, but like a phoenix, Trump will rise again and prove the swamp is still filled with lairs traitors crooks and thieves. The American will rise up

  18. I don’t trust or watch Fox News as tens of millions of other President Trump’s army have-we’ve switched to OAN ( my #1 choice) and a couple of other stations – I do believe however that Ruperts kids were 90% responsible for causing the collapse of the news station due to their Liberal, Snowflake beliefs 🤮 !!! Fox was trying to tap $$$$ from BOTH sides and IT BACKFIRED on them 😆 !!!

  19. Why question Wolff’s credibility? It happened…it had to come from somewhere…hard to imagine Rupey didn’t know…he could have stopped it if he wanted to. He didn’t, sooooo ???

  20. I am glad Trump is suing FACE BOOK, TWITTER and other Media social sites. Banning him from social media-ESP. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IS COMMUNISM-FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOR ALL



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