Here are the House of Representatives Biggest RINOs

Tomasz Baranowski via ( Flickr

RINOs, they were a constant thorn in the side of Trump and currently threaten to join Dems in passing left wing legislation. 

Regardless of what the measure was, RINOs always saw pro-Trump legislation as something to pass on. When it comes to the legislation Dems are producing now you never know what these guys and girls are going to side with them on. 

These are the biggest RINOs in the House of Representatives:

  1. We could care less about these RINOS!
    It is getting so old; just hearing about them.
    Let’s just hope their respective states will
    vote them out of their seats in Congress in
    Just think about a Trump/DeSantis ticket
    in 2024 and that’s all we need to give us
    hope for the future!

  2. Why nit just re register as a democrat. Who the hell do you think your kidding you fool. A louse by any other name is still a louse

    1. they may fear being voted out of office if they re-registered as democrat…right now they act, say things like a true republican does to get elected/re-elected and once that’s done the RINO features of them is on full display….


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