CPAC Straw Poll Reveals Odds On Favorite for 2024

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The latest edition of the Conservative Political Action Conference’s straw poll reveals who conservatives most support to run for president in 2024 to win back the White House and the results were not close. Over the weekend in Dallas, Donald Trump reminded like-minded conservatives why he’s still king of the party when he won the straw poll by over 70%.

On Sunday, the former president spoke at CPAC and thanked attendees for the overwhelming support as he wrapped up the conference. Trump’s major boost shows a distinct increase in support for another campaign compared to the last CPAC straw poll conducted in late February during CPAC Orlando.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis only won about 21% of the vote. However, when CPAC attendees were asked who they would support if Trump did not run DeSantis was the overwhelming winner winning about 43% of the vote. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem trailed behind DeSantis with 11% of the vote.

The straw poll answered by more than 1,500 CPAC attendees also said that 88% of respondents approved of the job Trump did in the White House.

Since 2016, Trump has become the face of the Republican Party with many supporters flocking to CPAC. Over the weekend, booths and stands sold tons of Trump merch to proud conservatives sporting red, white, and blue.

Days before Trump delivered his remarks to the conference, crowds of attendees could be heard chanting, “Trump!” in large ballrooms. One chant occurred while Trump’s son, Donald Jr. spoke at CPAC after he asked the crowd, “What was Donald Trump right about? Everything.”

It wasn’t seconds before the crowd broke out in rapturous applause and started cheering for Trump.

The CPAC straw poll is only the latest indication that Trump still holds a tight grip over the party and likely will for years to come. However, despite supporters hoping he mounts another campaign the former president has kept details close to the vest only dropping the occasional hint that the future for the GOP is bright and he intends to stay involved.

  1. here’s is the problem we have still way to may rhino’s in this party working on the inside to derail any and all candidate that don’t tow the uniparty line or the globalist line

    1. That’s why people like Lisa M from Alaska, Lizzie Chaney, Adam K from Illinois and a few others must go in 2022.

        1. OMG, I’ve seen him on TV and his hatred for President Trump was blatantly obvious.
          I hope the people of Illinois are successful in ousting him.

    2. I agree with you but must correct one thing. rhino is a huge animal with one – or maybe two – horns on its nose. What you refer to is RINO politicians – RepublicanInNameOnly = RINO.

    3. You are so right. The rinos don’t want the boat rocked and changes made in Washington that represent hard working Americans, their families, or their businesses. They are siding with the left on policy.

  2. There was never any doubt as to the odds on favorite would be – Trump. Our problem is the house and Senate. If we can not get Republicans back in control, even if Trump is president in 2024, his hands will be very tied. PLEASE VOTE RED RED RED IN 2022 AND 2024 to help President Trump.

    1. That’s the most important thing in 2022.
      If we’re successful, hopefully we’ll be able to stop some of joe’s craziness and destruction of our country.

    2. rgument was it is important to have a GOP in office even if he or she was less than conservative. The cry back then, especially in 2008, was certain candidates were “too conservative to get elected”. googlr it!

      1. 1st half of my comment disappeared. So, here it is again. Back in 2008, 2012, and some in 2016, FOX anchors, many of them you still praise, advocated voting for known or suspected RINOs. The argument was – – –

      2. Some of the RINOS are from states, that basically are not conservative. Just look at Susan Collins from Maine. She should be a DEMONKRAP, but, here she is always wanting to derail some things. The Lisa from Alaska, same thing. Frankly, I don’t get it?

  3. Yea! TRUMP 2024
    NOTE: Untold numbers of Democrats agree after 6 months of devastation to “the American dream” perpetrated by comrades Dementia Joe, Kamala and the rest of Dem leadership!

    1. Wait until Democrats who want a civil society, constitution, and freedom representing government, experience what socialism is really like.


  5. so long as there is “election integrity” TRUMP wins in a tsunami.!! the ONLY way ANY democrat “wins” anything is by lying and cheating !

  6. The RINOs must go!! I’ve told the RNC no more $$$$ until they stop supporting RINOs,,,,period. My money is sent to candidates that support Trump and his “America First” agenda. The $$$ will flow again when they publicly announce that fact. I feel like I giving to the DNC not RNC at times.

  7. Trump-DeSantis would be an INCREDIBLE ticket in 2024.
    But MILLIONS of us are betting on TRUMP 2021.
    Election fraud does not make a Legitimate President in Joe Biden.

  8. Well, I can think of ONE thing where the Donald was TOTALLY WRONG! He allowed too many RINOs to remain in key positions and even promoted some to even more critical positions. In a few cases, he endorsed RINO candidates OVER true conservative candidates.
    I supposed he just wanted to BELIEVE all GOP politicians are honest and worthy of honor. He certainly has learned differently and is now active in vetting GOOD Republicans vs Rotten-to-the-core repubs.

    1. One particular thing I always wondered about President Trump was, why didn’t he get all the OBUMMER key people out of there? IRS, etc.
      He finally got rid of Comey, got hell for it.
      Wray is as crooked as they come. But, if I remember correctly, President Trump never really got a full cabinet confirmed. Here we are we joe, and the crooks are flying through. Hope our side didn’t vote for many. But, some on that committee believe the current administration should have who they pick. i.e. Lindsay Graham.
      Our side just needs to stick together.
      Big task for them….

    2. I second that emotion. Look at Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr, the Attorney Generals. The FBI, CIA, NSA. Those AGs and other agencies really undermined the Presidency of President Trump, along with Russia, China, Iran, and allowing Dominion systems and foreign countries to count US votes! The problem is that all our agencies are polluted with corruption because they have been allowed to get away with it and it festered into a wound that is almost incurable. There may not be a second chance to clean house.

  9. Most people want Ron DeSantis as Vice President to give him more experience while in office to be President. Not a surprise that people are angry that President Trump was denied and cheated out of his second term as President, and the real losers Biden and Harris were placed in office…..NOT ELECTED BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  10. B-I-D-E-N; Biggest-Idiot-Democrats-ever-Nominated!! Let’s just get Trump re-elected in 24, repair the damage Biden has been doing, and save our great Country!! TRUMP 2024!!!

    1. But most of the Republicans are swamp rats!!! They did not wholeheartedly support President Trump because he is not a politician and doesn’t play their political games.

  11. What happened to Ted Cruz? Why is he not mentioned? He has been a stalwart conservative and is one of the most important members of the Senate.
    I don’t want him passed over.

    I love DeSantis. When I met him in 2011, before he was a congressman, I was so impressed with him I told him he would be president one day.

    Just do not forget Ted Cruz, a consistent conservative hero and brilliant.


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