Patriotic Chant Erupts When Trump Enter UFC Arena, ESPN Stayed Silent on His Presence

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons

While millions of Americans tuned in to watch Saturday night’s UFC fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier former President Donald Trump attended the event in person. While ESPN opted to appeal to the left and decided not to air footage of Trump entering the UFC arena the sight was something to behold. Once Trump entered the arena the crowd immediately began chanting “U-S-A!”

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The Daily Wire reports:

Before the fight, UFC President Dana White told TMZ that Trump would be placed by the octagon for the main event, even though the risk of hearing boos from the crowd was high.

“He don’t care,” White said of Trump. “He’s not that guy. He’s not hiding in a box somewhere.”

The UFC — and White — go about their business much differently than other sports leagues. While the NBA, NFL and MLB have all made moves in order to appeal to the Left, the UFC has gone in the opposite direction. They don’t care what side of the political aisle you’re on. In fact, White has no intention of telling his athletes how they should think.

“It’s what we do, whether all this craziness is going on or not, that’s how we run our show,” White told The Daily Wire when asked how the UFC has managed to stay out of politics. “The other thing is, we don’t put a muzzle on anyone. We don’t tell people what they can and cannot talk about. Imagine working for a company and they’re telling you to believe this.”

  1. I find the democrats to be the most despicable people on earth. First they really think they know better than the rest of the country which for starters is not just arrogance but hysterical. Second it amazes me how easily the lies slide off their tongues but they must know the hate they have against them . What would entice anyone to vote for someone that is openly willing to cheat and lie to get the job. That makes you as disgusting as they are. They really need to drain the swamp but flush it out after its drained then disinfect as well.

  2. Owners of ESPN and operaters should be removed from the media and never allowed back and the media itself all that had part in the SENCORING anything about the PRESIDENT. Should be put in prison their money stripped from them to help repay national debt for deceiving the country of the truth. And entire DAMOCRAP PARTY SHOULD be done the same way and RHINOS. Judges, FEDERAL GOVERNMENT THE WHOLE DAMN BUNCH SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE AND THE ONLY JOB THAT WILL BE ALLOWED TO THEM IS WORKING AT MACDONALDS OR CLEANING BATHROOMS AT 711.

    1. When the time comes, VOTE FOR TRUMP! That is the only way to squelch the Left. The rest is just so much talk.

  3. President Trump was the best President in my lifetime and I’m old.

    He is the first president that actually worked hard for the average American citizen. And he improved the “average American’s life” He brought inflation down dramatically. He made us “energy independent” and dramatically reduced energy costs i.e. gas & oil.
    He took no crap from the Chinese or Russians. HE MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

    Now we have Bozo the Clown in the White House and everyday things are getting worse.

  4. Way to go. Everybody has a right to believe what they want to believe and say whatever they want to say. This is the American Way and if you don’t like it, you can pack your shit and go else-where.

    1. Not according to Biden or the Left. Never tune into NBC, ABC,CBS, MSNBC and especially CNN. All deserve to fold. They chose the direction they move in and they made the wrong choice along with Hollywood. Don’t give in or you will give up the chance to MAGA.

  5. We got screwed by the DemonRatz, Republicans and the corrupt voting system so now what ? …..Civil War !!!!!!!!!

  6. Why do you think that lame-stream, fake-stream, fake-news, legacy-media or even, MSM, ratings are “tanking” they, by behaving like prostitutes, have debased themselves…and, now, are mostly irrelevant, only to be 👀 & held, in contempt & “well-deserved” derision.

  7. Go President Donald Trump!
    He is a fighter for WE THE PEOPLE & FOR AMERICA!
    He is LOYAL & THE BEST
    Liberal TMZ & ESPN & BIG MEDIA is far LEFT.

  8. YEAH. The DemonCrats and their Slime-stream Media are bad enough. Yet I also wonder: how many of the traitorous Deep State RINO Republicrats want him gone, as well.


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