Trump Scores First Amendment Win in Fake News Case

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A New York judge handed former President Trump a First Amendment win when he dismissed a case again him and media personality CarpeDonktum. New York Supreme Court Judge David Benjamin Cohen dismissed a case regarding a meme that was shared by Trump and created by CarpeDonktum, whose real name is Logan Cook which was clearly satirical.

The meme showed one white toddler chasing another black toddler and was edited to have a chyron that read “breaking news” underneath the two children.

The Daily Wire reports:

Cook found a video of a white toddler running after a black toddler and stuck a chyron reading “breaking news” over it. The captions read, “Terrified Todler [sic] Runs From Racist Baby” and “Racist Baby Probably A Trump Voter.”

The video then fades to black, and reads, “What actually happened.” The toddlers run at each other and embrace. A new caption: “AMERICA IS NOT THE PROBLEM…FAKE NEWS IS. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FAKE NEWS DUMPSTER FIRES.”

Twitter added its “manipulated video” label to the meme after it began circulating. Then the toddlers parents filed a lawsuit against Trump and Cook claiming the children’s images had been exploited and violated New York’sprivacy law and also was an “intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.”

“Initially, as defendants assert, the video was newsworthy,” Cohen wrote in his decision. “To promote freedom of expression, the meaning of ‘newsworthiness’ has been broadly construed and includes ‘not only descriptions of actual events … but also articles concerning political happenings, social trends, or any subject of public interest.’”

“It is common knowledge that one of the principal tactics of Trump’s presidential campaigns, as well as his presidency, was to incessantly attack the mainstream media as purveyors of ‘fake news,’ including his claim that the media exaggerates the extent of racial division in this country,” the judge continued. “Thus, the video’s references to ‘fake news’ and its depiction of race relations, however distorted, are clearly newsworthy.”

The judge dismissed the clearly frivolous lawsuit against Trump and Cook.

Recently, former President Trump filed a Class Action lawsuit against three Big Tech firms and their CEOs.

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        1. Joe is not so keen on bringing Cubans to the US???? Wonder why???? Maybe because they don’t like or want COMMUNISM? Therefore wouldn’t support his party?

          1. I am one of those former cubans.. Im a proud AMERICAN CITIZEN who loves this country like my fellow cubans now US citizens do!
            Wouldnt it be iRONIC if the cuban revolution in the streets of the island incited leftists and other disinformed people to rise up here in the US to demonstrate against the marxism being pushed in America and ended this insanity theyre ramming down our throats? Why biden wants to help every other nationality except cubans? Read nine island girl’s post above.. Theres your answer.!!!

        2. ..and in one fell swoop, by getting rid of democrats we’d also rid ourselves of socialists, Marxists and communists.

  1. The entire country is “SUE CRAZY”! People are looking for “free” money hoping to squeeze it out of what they deem “deep pockets” by bringing lawsuits over what should be termed “liabiablous” charges which they should be counter sued for! Of course, DJT is too busy to fool with such stupid things! He realizes it is all about money and making him look like a bad racist! THEY FAILED AGAIN! The dimwits will never learn and I wonder who was “really” behind this?????

  2. Not to mention that it was VERY effective and funny. Racism is a LEARNED affectation taught by racist people generally of a Democrat persuasion.

  3. The problem is, as I understand it, that 95% of the trial lawyers historically have been in the pockets of the DemonCrats. That tells me something about frivolous lawsuits.

  4. Last name Cohen… probably a Jewish Democrat. But in the likes of Professor Dershowitz. Following the constitution. Rare… thank you Jesus.✝️🇺🇸

  5. My comment is awaiting an approval. Just like I am a Catholic Republican… I mentioned what type of Democrat.
    Wait till you see the comment.


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