Hannity Goes after U.S. Olympic Committee’s Proposal to Redesign American Flag Logo

Dick Thomas Johnson via Wikimedia Commons

Sean Hannity sounded off on United States Olympic Committee’s plan to redesign the American flag logo. The Olympic Committee is in the early stages of the redesign, which could include replacing the 50 stars with 5 new stars as well as altering the stripes.

According to The Daily Wire:

“The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic have actually been considering a redesign of the American flag for all of their official documents and promotional materials,” Hannity said on Monday. “If they approve this design, that would strip the U.S. flag — or the flag of at least most of the stars and stripes.”

“Here is my message – stop wasting your team’s time and money with a redesign of the American flag – it’s an awful idea,” Hannity said.

“Our stars & stripes should be the only flag representing our country at the Olympics and the Paralympics – there are so many amazing athletes and champions we are all so proud of.”

Later the USOPC, clarified it is not seeking to make any changes to the American flag flying over the podium.

“We want to be clear that we love our country and respect the American flag. We do not have any intention, not to mention the authority, to change our country’s flag that flies above the podium when a member of Team USA achieves Olympic or Paralympic greatness,” the statement concluded.

Recently, Macy Gray called the American flag racist and outdated and said the country should change the flag. That along with some Olympic athletes speaking against the country and flag has sparked outrage across the country.

  1. Go to a country that has a flag you approve of then. Try stomping on or disrespecting another countries flag such as China,Russia, North Korea see what happens

      1. Another globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep, young punk that can’t even determine which 1 of 2 different genders it is . . . . .

    1. Thank you Nicole, let these idiots travel east or west……eventually they will hit the water and Nature will take it from there!!!

  2. Anything for attention. Those calling our flag racist are nothing but racist themselves and do not deserve to stand on any podium anywhere.

    1. Let me suggest the USOC “redesign their committee” and put some “honest Americans” on it and then, restructure the rules and regulations pertaining to US athletes who happen to win the opportunity to represent USA at the olympic events – -mandating “They WILL respect the US flag and anthem, or they will NOT be allowed to participate”.

      1. allegedly USOC already stated that this is in their rules that there is to be NO political agendas….seems the racists think they can say, do whatever they want without consequences….it is time to show them there are consequences and they should be stripped of medals they win/won in 2021 and banned permanently from future Olympics…

        1. As long as globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ is bribing the sports leaders and the sports leaders are accepting globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ bribes, they will preach globalist agendas .

      2. Unfortunately, if an activist wins a medal and takes a knee or whatever, it will be too late to stop their participation.

        Let me suggest instead that any athlete who brings embarrassment upon the USA, then they will never be able to compete again for the country, or any school, or receive any payment from any corporation for the use of their image (ie Wheaties cereal, clothing like Nike, etc.)… ad nauseum.

    2. The only racists in AMERICA are globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet demonrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep .

    3. Yes they do. The podium under the gallows with a rope around their necks and let it drop from under them.

    1. Had to look up Macy Gray. Apparently she’s soul singer with a raspy voice who is offended by the American flag. Just because someone is offended doesn’t make them right. Solution – Find a country that represents what you believe is a better way of life for you and move there. People have moved to countries they feel are better suited for them, which is better than trying to make America into what you imagine would be best for you. Millions of people like the USA as it is and hundreds of thousands come here because it is the type of country where they want to live.

      1. Tell her to go find a country with a Flag she likes better and live there!! So sick of these whine sacks!! Try Cuba or China for a few months!!

  3. Stupid idea. Our flag has withstood over 250 years of history. Some good, some bad. At least we admit it. Quite a few countries don’t. Leave the FLAG alone. Thus has spoken a U.S. Army Veteran.

    1. Thusly this USMC Vietnam Veteran agrees. I fought in an unpopular war started by politicians & were denied the victory over communism by politicians. Now these same politicians want to trash our Constitution and bring communism to power here. The Civil War will seem like a Cub Scout picnic in comparison to the conflagration US Patriots resistance will ignite. 30 million US veterans of all ages say “OH HELL NO NOT ON OUR WATCH!!! “

  4. Remember…Keep wearing your masks and shut up. And people I know wonder why I take a stand against the “harmless” mask mandate.

  5. The threat by the U.S. Olympic Committee to redesign the American flag used for international sport competitions deeply offends me.

  6. All those US Olympians who will perform under the defiled flag of their country should be included in the infamous list forever. And they should always be referred to as members of this list, i.e. a shame for them forever.

    1. Why do hard working tax paying Americans need to pay to train these globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep athletes that hate America, they should pay out of their own pocket, or since they preach globalist agendas the globalists should pay their expenses .

  7. OLD GLORY is our ONE and ONLY FLAG in our COUNTRY!
    forget your marxist tricks of trying to change it.!!!

    1. Let’s see how many of these idiots are willing top die for their flag? I would bet zero. They are all talk and no guts.

  8. Cancel all donations to the Olympics and American Companies should withhold all add money if they do this.


    1. Trump is our President. This other person is an imitation P and VP imposter! Once the truth comes out we the people must fight for what is RIGHT!!!

    2. George Soros has lawyers lined up to stop the PA audit. One of them is Hillary Clinton’s lawyer. One snake in the grass if there ever was one.

  10. AMERICANS that love AMERICA should stop watching sports that preach globalist agendas, I stopped watching globalist movies and globalist mlb and globalist nba and globalist nfl .

    1. I turned off all sports a few years ago — right after Kaepernick took to his skinny knee the first time to show his disdain for our country, our National Anthem, and our flag!!

  11. Macy Gray is an old foolish Black woman with nothing to do and is bored! She, like every other Black who is bored, is opening their mouths about things they can’t control nor is it their business in the first place! So STEP BACK OLD MACY AND SHUT THAT PIE HOLE OF YOURS!


    Aren’t you so sick and tired of the Black’s disrespectful attitudes about our Nation? I certainly am! If that race doesn’t like it here, go live in Africa where their ancestors come from! Or move to Dictatorial Cuba, or go South to Guatemala, Brazil, etc — go anywhere but here!

    America is about ALL RACES, and if Blacks feel they are being ignored, they should go back to school and study our American History about how Individuals (no matter what their race) advanced themselves and became successful! Perhaps the Black race just wants to run its mouth and expects everything without working for it? Don’t know, don’t care! Tired of their B.S.!


  12. LISTEN UP…..GOD L ikes the AMERICAN FLAG the WAY it is. HE Calls it a BANNER Like ISRAEL Used in the DAY of MOSES. EVERYTHING on the AMERICAN FLAG Has a SYMBOLIC MEANING. IT is PRECIOUS to MANY AMERICANS and Should Be Treated with RESPECT. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  13. GO BACK…LEAVE America…. to what ever country you came from and change your own damn flag & country, for ALL these haters of America. They never had it so good here.

  14. All these people that’s in the U.S Olympic that’s against our flag, we can send them a one way ticket to North Korea, because we don’t have to put up with their Bull-sh-t.

  15. This is the political tyranny that we all talked about this is fascism at its highest order! To literally alter the American flag so as not to piss off members of the American team if they don’t like the American flag why don’t they just come back home and say we don’t want perform in the Olympics! Stop cowering to these leftist mobs! No matter how bad they try they can’t cancel the Olympics! I know how I’m going to cancel it I’m not going to watch the Olympics!

  16. When are we going to grow a set and stop all this bull crap…..I am disgusted with our country…..they are destroying us more every day…thumbing their noses at our values…………..how did we get here and we NEED TO IMPEACH AND GET THEM IN JAIL WHERE THEY ALL BELONG….THE STOLE AN ELECTION AND THEY ARE DESTROYING AMERICAN LIVES.

    1. Years ago Olympians did their best to win for pride of their country, now many do it only for themselves and the money they can make for being a medal winner. For those few money comes before PRIDE of COUNTRY. Athletes like that can always go to countries they admire more than the USA, become citizens and feel proud to represent that country. T hey need not try to change this country for their beliefs and disgrace AMERICA.
      So sad that this has become a ME world.

      1. Sad part of these low life’s is that they know they could not have such a great life anywhere else in the world and are so stupid as to want to change our great way of life.

  17. I put it this way? They represent United States of America. Which speaks for all Americans not socialist Democrats. It’s not your tight to infringe on my rights. I don’t care if you are offended or not! My family served in military my friends served in military so that we have the freedom you abuse so much. Taking the knee black lives matter BS! I had enough. Those that don’t appreciate what that flag stands for then get out! You don’t have the right to change our lives because you couldn’t think for yourselves. You wanted Democrats telling you we will feed you raise your kids to be stupid and give perverts sex that’s on you. Real Americans fought and died of all color race and religion. You don’t like I will tell what switch with cubans who want to be here you go live over there. Even trade we are all happy but you don’t dictate ever my life on any issues. Vaccines or otherwise. I came in free I go out free. I will not ever support Olympics ever again. You disgrace us with your political nonsense. We saw the drama, we saw sore losers, we saw you humiliated. Smart folks around the world see the dramatic temper tantrums. And you know what you are not worth viewing.

  18. Love it or leave it! There are too many nutjobs out there. Please stop before you go too far! You won’t like the response.

  19. Ojnce upon a t5ime, I used to contribute to olympic committe request for donations. When a couple of “athletes” denigrated America, my contributions grew smaller, BUT I still watched the games. With so many athletessupporting socialism plus the olympic committee caving I no longer contribute anything – not even my time to watch competitions.

  20. The Olympic committee would not exist if it was not for the Stars and stripes!
    Any person that would think of doing such an atrocity, should go live in Cuba, no better yet china and try to change those flags.
    These Kinda of idiot people are deranged jack asses!
    I am an American Veteran and sacrificed my years to defend the freedom for which the Old Glory stands for!
    You punk ass cowards that could never respect your parents let alone the freedom you have to live in this Great American Country should leave my America and go live in your beloved communist country, because we don’t want our need your here.
    You are like a pollutant an empty baseless smog of filth!

  21. If the Olympic Committee redesigns the U.S. Flag that adorns Olympic events, most Americans will abandon the events more fiercely than they’ve abandoned commercial athletics. And for my money, if they alter the flag as described, the U.S. government might file a lawsuit that could run to the billions.

  22. Here’s an idea. If the Olympic committee does decide to change our flag then I suggest they not receive any funding from those of us who still love this country. I’m so sick of this cancel culture happening in our country.

  23. Any athelete that does not like the American flag should stay home. Full stop! I do not believe that Americans want some talented punk dissing America because they get the chance at this venue. Give them lead shoes and nail their undies to the wall.

  24. I used to love the olympics. Now I find them to be a usless, politically motivated group of paid off usless people. The athletes gain thier positions through politics (not exactly the politics you think about but the selections are politically motivated). I find the Olympics committee to be anti American, paid off, and totally liars and would fire everyone of them if I had my way. They in no way support America and are in my opinion traitors and need to be hung for allowing certian athelets to act as they do towards America a country they are supposedly standing for, I say to those athelets you should go play for another country.

  25. Yeah, I’m calling BS on the USOC too all of a sudden reverse course on any redesign on the American Flag. They tossed up a probable and maybe even wanted change until they remembered that The USOC is funded by Americans, and not the Federal government. 

  26. I would suggest the people wanting to change our Flag go out and find some land (perhaps Africa) try to bring in some people and settle in the land. (some fighting may become necessary including giving your life for your family) then plan to protect the place you found. Try designing your own flag and symbols then expand after a few hundred years of hard earned freedom sit back and let a bunch of citizens (but not patriot’s) try to force you to give it to them. You can start now and be sure to take a lot of the like minded with you.


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