These are the Worst Statements on the Cuban Protests

Craig Talbert, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats, Liberals, Leftists, and more groups have all had some pretty crazy things to say about the recent uprising in Cuba. These groups were the quickest to get behind a BLM protest or Antifa riot, but now that communists have fallen into the crosshairs everyone has a different stance. 

These protesters in Cuba are not burning down public spaces, they are not killing people, they are marching through the streets waving American flags. The communist regime is cracking down on these peaceful protests and making people disappear. 

Here are the worst takes on the Cuban protests: 

  1. Time for the democrats to see the wrath of citizens and freedom loving people at the polls. If it has a D in front of the name, don’t vote for it.

  2. Cubans don’t get to choose their government, it’s imposed on them by the communists, for if they did get to choose their government, there would be no protests in the streets of Cuba right now.

    It seems that the Democrats can never be honest, they always seem to have to lie, and even when they are not lying, they are still not telling the truth, but are usually ignoring the situation and/or the truth.

    I’m so tired of all the Democrats’ hypocrisy and lies, that I am starting to want to leave this country, because I don’t want to be here when the Democrats change it to a socialist country with a communist government. Then the American people will learn how it feels to have to live under tyranny, with only the rights and freedoms allowed by the communists, and only at their discretion, as no rights or freedoms will be permanent, just like it was in the old USSR, and is in China, Cuba, Venezuela, and even North Korea.

    This is what the American people will eventually have if they keep voting for the new Socialist Democrats, who even refuse to condemn the communists and their destruction of all the societies that they have ever taken over, and then ruled over all aspects of the people’s lives, with no privacy for anyone, but for those who are in the ruling class.

    1. Beautifully written!!! Truth is what we need to stand by and for. Wake up Americans. We need to fight to keep our freedoms and for those who lost lives for it for us to live free today.

  3. This current administration keeps poking the bear. Eventually, what we’re seeing in Cuba will be nothing compared to the rise of this country when the “you know what” hits the fan.
    I know it’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of time. This is NOT our country.

  4. And ppl moving out of demturd cities etc moving to republican ones better not vote demturd again. We have worked very hard to keep our cities red. And clear of socialism…

    1. Trust me, I have known and debated with a few. They are that stupid that they don’t learn from their mistakes. I have never seen a more effectively brainwashed group of people.

  5. Mayorkas is a pathetic,sick,sociopath, open the borders to the world, and tell people being rounded up,killed,thrown in jail,persecuted by the communist government, that they won’t be allowed to come here for refuge. Just like other minions of hidenbiden, this idiot, is truely unfit for the job, he needs to go just like the clown running the show.

  6. How about this for a solution. Any BLM member who, truly, wants to live in a socialist country will be allowed to. The USA and Cuba will do a one for one exchange. Any stupid ass, socialist BLM fuck, who wants to live in a socialist state – goes to Cuba and in exchange a Cuban, who wants freedom (and will be able to get an ID card – not that hard) will come to the USA. I say we start with Sandy Cortez and her group of psychos.

    1. Right. Round up the Squaw Squad. Revoke their passports and give ’em a first-class one-way ticket to CUBA…or Venezuela.

  7. They call it the Trump era sanctions. What a crock of crap, I remember these embargos being imposed by democrats on Cuba decades ago.

  8. The US is falling into the socialist category. (We as a nation abandoned God,) took him out of our schools, our pledge, our National awareness, and substituted a Godless, fascist, corrupt, immoral society. The last beacon of Freedom and Hope has been captured. When you have rinos siding with global leftists that are fighting for the One World agenda every hour of the day, what do you expect? Look at the statistics, even if most of the nation is God fearing, honest, lawful people, the minority can upset the apple cart by not upholding the laws and never adhering to the truth. The Good suffer for the bad mistakes made by the minority like the Soros Clan that has been pumping money into the demise of the United States. This One World Government will be evil in its foundation, its policies, and its lawlessness.

    1. May I add that Our times are perilous because God is trying to wake up and warn a sinful world. People don’t listen when life is smooth sailing. We have a Roman society characterized by depravity, evil, and violence. God is warning us because He always warns before he judges, and the WHOLE WORLD is facing judgment, but far worse is coming during the Tribulation. This is just a warm up.

      The George Floyd Mural was Blown up by Lighting Strike in Toledo Ohio. Lies and False pretenses, corruption, and the forces that are turning man against his brother, are going to receive more hellfire and brimstone.

  9. The Obama administration, ended the “wet feet, dry feet” policy we have had for years. Not sure if Trump restarted it or not, but apparently, the Biden administration is going to continue the same policy as Obama. Biden does have a lot of former Obama people on his staff.

    NOT socialism OR Communism that they are trying for force on the MAJORITY


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