Congressional Black Caucus Rep. Arrested on Capitol Hill

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Thursday afternoon a member of Congress was arrested for protesting on Capitol Hill. Ohio Rep. Joyce Beatty was led away in zip-tie handcuffs after protesting for the Senate to pass Democrat-led voting bills and end the filibuster.

According to reports Beatty was arrested in the Senate Hart building.

According to The Daily Wire:

“The group of around 20 people spent about 20 minutes in the building before Capitol Police delivered several warnings and restrained the protesters with zip ties. The police detained Beatty first, then led her and other protesters outside to waiting Capitol Police vans. The remaining protesters walked out of Hart without being arrested,” Politico reported.

“Today, I stood in solidarity with Black women across the country in defense of our constitutional right to vote,” Beatty said in a statement. “We have come too far and fought too hard to see everything systematically dismantled and restricted by those who wish to silence our voice.”

Politico further noted, “The buildings that make up the Capitol complex are still closed to most visitors, but members and staff can escort guests inside. The group had initially rallied near the Capitol at a church building as part of what participants billed as a ‘Day of Action on Voting Rights’ with Black women leaders, allies and advocates urging the Senate to pass two key pieces of legislation — a sprawling Democratic election reform bill and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.”

As noted by The Hill, “It is believed that the Democrats’ two voting rights bills — the For the People Act and the Johnson Lewis Voting Rights Advancement — would stem the flow of the new voting restrictions, but as it stands, neither have a clear path to President Biden’s desk.”

Democrats have been going to father lengths and often resorting to theatrics to get attention in hopes of pushing their agenda forward. A group of more than 50 Texas Democrats fled the state to avoid providing the needed quorum in the state legislature to vote on a new election overhaul bill. Ultimately the bill passed in the Senate.

    1. looks like the line up for the “over the hill gang”, redskins in days past…..I am sure out there in viewer/reader land there is a medical professional that can enlighten us as to all the morbidity of the gathered commie lineup…..

    2. That is the perfect response. These people are so stupid they won’t understand. If whites did the things these foolish black people do they would be called racist……..and that is exactly what they REALLY ARE. They are constantly trying to divide us into our skin color.

      Their inability to see or understand that they are the ones trying to categorize people by the color of their skin is AMAZING. They are, BY DEFINITION, the racists.

      1. I’m so sick of racist this, and racist that.
        I’m unapologetically WHITE, and proud of it.
        They should all go back to the jungles of their mother country. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE would miss them. I’m sick and disgusted by this trash and BS.
        Thank OBUMMER for all this crap!

    3. Can these black elites get any more stupid???
      Who’s stopping them from voting????
      Now, we WILL STOP THEM and their ilk from voting multiple times. And, the sad part is that plenty of these folks believe these idiotic turds.

  1. Get ten morbidly obsess african american “women” together and you’ve got yourself a movement, brother. A bowel movement, that is.

  2. Exactly what are they protesting? They HAVE the right to vote, just not the right to cheat, so what is it they want?

    1. Liberals believe that just as men who present themselves as women should be treated as women, so should ineligible people be allowed to cast votes for Democrats and no laws should prevent that. Does that answer your question?

  3. Wish the Police would have punched her in the face with cameras turned off and police could lie just like Democrats do and say she was resisting her arrest and trying to bite

  4. Hey idiots you were allowed to vote before weren’t you?????? What the Demo RATS are trying to do is make sure that no ones vote counts and the Demo RAT party becomes the new communist regime in the USA that’s why the filibuster is happening the Republicans are trying to stop them before it is too late!

  5. God forbid we have honest elections without fraud! The democrap party knows they can’t win in an honest election, especially now that Biden and Harris are tipping their socialism hand for all to see!

  6. I guess I’m stupid. How hard is it to go to YOUR district, stand in line as people have done they the years. Get to check in in point. Give your name. They find name on registered voters according to your street. They check off sn hand you a ballot. You vote. Go to hand in ballot. They check your name off the list of registered voters by street. You push ballot into box. HURRAH. This huge task is done. So what if you need to show a ID. People are fighting over shit that is stupid. Make the rules sn laws for ALL states the same. Mail in votes only for those that can’t get to polls Disabled or veterans abroad

    1. Everyone should have to prove who they are with an Picture ID and other identification when they vote so elections are fair and legal!

  7. Couldn’t what she did be defined as taking part in an insurrection?

    Will she be locked up in isolation pending a court hearing?

    Does she own any suspicious Lego’s?

  8. To me that was just a Publicity Stunt, for the Democrats , To keep pushing their race baiting agenda. They are Demons.

  9. Another example of THE BIG LIE! All these protests by the elected Democrats are based on the statement that all these new voting laws make it harder to vote – as in VOTER SUPPRESSION! This is a flat-out LIE! No one has produced anyone who has been prevented from voting, and no honest recitation of any terms of the new laws can be shown any way that they hinder voting. Even President Biden lies to the nation that voting is hindered by any new laws.

    But Democrats feel that they must oppose the new laws by all means available, because THE NEW LAWS MAKE IT HARDER TO CHEAT, and they know that they can’t win elections without CHEATING. They need to move their socialistic programs through Congress before voters realize that they ARE socialistic/communistic. They even have gone so far as to condemn communism in Cuba and Venezuela, in hopes that the voters can’t see that the Democrats are pushing us into socialism/communism by their Congressional actions. Fewer and fewer Democrat voters are being deceived.

  10. Absolutely no one is standing in the way of these black women from voting. Democrats are trying to circumvent the constitution to take power away from the states and give it to themselves in DC. That will make it easier for them to cheat like they did in 2020. They will say and do anything to stay in power. Their BS is simply one lie on top of another lie.

  11. The only vote being targeted is that of illegal voters! What’s the beef in that? This is the one area of our citizenship entitlements where checks and balances should be in place!

  12. Great hypocrisy: THEY have every right to protest at the Capitol;…WE have NO right and will be locked up as insurrectionists.

  13. Hey commies….we want the CHEATING stopped..because You folks did NOT win the 2020 election!!!! You are NO LONGER the democrat party of my Grandparents….

  14. Lets hope that everyone is judged according to their deeds. So will it be Black Lives Matter doing the canvassing of those who haven’t had the vaccine?

  15. Who is suppressing their right to vote? This is flagrant propaganda and hyperbolic nonsense mixed with stupidity. Mam oh man, did you think it wrong to only allow Democrats to vote once? That’s right, not twice, not three times, not with a dozen fake names and dead people and nonexistent people voting. You call that voter suppression? Then you’re a bad excuse for an American and are guilty of treason.

  16. This BS fraudulent so-called admin. pits & divides people & is proud of it.
    All they really care about is themselves.

  17. blacks are promoting racism turning back the hand of time with their own colleges, clubs, caucuses, job preference and even think they are entitled to reparation. So much for unity and equality

  18. Is she not black so how is she protesting the right of black voters to vote???? Blacks are setting us back decades with THEIR segregation of all back colleges, all black clubs, black caucaus, job preferences so now who is being racist


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