Liberal SCOTUS Justice Infuriates Democrats Over Retirement Decision

Joe Ravi via Wikimedia Commons

To Democrat’s dismay Justice Stephen Breyer has revealed he will not be stepping down from the bench anytime soon. The news comes as the senior justice has faced calls from the left to retire to make way for President Biden to nominate a new justice to the Supreme Court.

According to The Washington Examiner:

The chief reason for that, Breyer said, is that as the most senior liberal justice on the court, he has found a new appreciation for the judicial process, and that leading some discussions “has made a difference to me.”

“It is not a fight,” he said of the justices’ private conversations. “It is not sarcasm. It is deliberation.”

This past term, Breyer wrote the majority opinion in several of the court’s major decisions. He took the lead in the court’s decision against Oracle in a decadelong copyright dispute with Google. Breyer also wrote the majority opinion in a decision upholding the Affordable Care Act. The case marked the third time the court saved Obamacare, which Breyer often maneuvered behind the scenes to preserve.

Until this year, Breyer served in the shadows of other liberal justices. Ginsburg was appointed to the bench in 1993, a year before him. She was the court’s senior liberal from 2010, following the retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens, until her death. Breyer made clear that his role was one he’s not willing to give up so quickly.

Liberal court activists and Democrat lawmakers were infuriated by the news.

    1. Right On Eric. Nothing but all the self centered do nothing crooks that are now in the White House. Biden and his entire family are crooks who should be in jail and Harris is the biggest loser in the world. Doesn’t know the 1st thing about being a responsible VP and a decent individual.

    2. I don’t understand and the article didn’t say why. Why would Lib. Dem’s WANT a senior Liberal judge to retire? I understand if the Rep.’s were pissed, but the Dem.’s??

      1. Democrats want a young socialist/communist to replace Breyer because they believe a younger one will live longer just in case there is an honest election in the future and conservative Presidents get elected.
        Democrats also dislike unborn babies and the elderly and most human beings because they exhale CO2 which against their earth god religion idolatry.

      2. probably so they could appoint some new radical, like those on the “squad”, and have them there for decades to come.

        1. Everybody knows, Emperor Biden (and others) want Obama on the bench to steer the ship right over the leftist commie waterfall.

  1. Justice Breyer is 82 years old. If I recall rightly, Biden will be 82 at the end of his (phony) term and said he will run again. I did not hear opposition from democrats to this plan. If the democrat socialist/communists stole another election for Biden to sign their executive orders in exchange for keeping Hunter out of jail then they may also be assisting him in signing their executive orders. But instead God will expose this phony election and the vote count fraud and Biden/Harris will remove them and I believe Trump/Pence will be reinstated.

  2. He may be a liberal but he’s not stupid. He sees the direction the fascists demonRats are trying to take this country and he knows he has to stay to protect our Constitution and our rights (at least I hope that’s the case)

  3. As an individual, justice Breyer has much to offer over many more years. That bothers the democrats since individual thought is not to their liking. They want collective control, like a queen bee in her hive and his retirement would allow the puppet masters to install another cog in the collective apparatus before the opportunity is gone. Democrats will loose both the white house and senate in the next go around. It would not surprise me if his retirement is not arranged.

  4. We should be grateful to Justice Stephen Breyer for his decision not to step down from hie Seat on Our Supreme Court !!! Our Judicial System is our last line of defense from the Radicalized Far Left Evil Doers !!!!!

  5. This asserts the independence of the judiciary. If he had agreed to retire, it would have been a political decision. Good for him!

  6. I love it anything to go against the evil demonrats….You’re right Eric they can go straight to hell..And stay there…


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