Key Senator Makes Decision on Biden’s ATF Nominee

David Chipman via YouTube

A key senator who will help decide the future of Biden’s radical nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has officially announced how he plans to vote. Senator Pat Toomey, who will retire next year, will vote against David Chipman’s nomination.

Townhall reports:

“Meaningful progress on gun safety will only be possible when members of Congress and the executive branch drop the politics and hyperbole and focus on the possible. That likely will not happen if the ATF—the law enforcement agency tasked with enforcing the nation’s firearm laws—cannot be impartial in carrying out its duties,” Toomey released in a statement this week. “While I respect David Chipman’s nearly 25 years of experience as an ATF agent, I fear that his subsequent vocal support for policies that limit the rights of law-abiding gun owners and his past criticisms of those in the firearm industry would compromise his ability to carry out ATF’s mission effectively. As such, I am unable to support his nomination to lead the ATF.”

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is applauding and thanking Toomey for the decision.

“On behalf of the firearm and ammunition industry, the 13,000 hardworking Pennsylvanians whose jobs depend on the firearm industry, millions of lawful Pennsylvania gun owners and Second Amendment supporters, we thank Senator Pat Toomey for his strong and principled stand to protect the rights of law-abiding Americans. This decision protects the men and women of the ATF working hard each day to carry out their critical mission,” NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel Larry Keane released in a statement. “David Chipman’s nomination is clearly a move to politicize the ATF. Confirming a gun control lobbyist as director would not only do irreversible damage to ATF’s mission but it would also harm the cooperative relationship between our industry members and ATF.”

Chipman’s decades long, rabid anti-Second Amendment advocacy and views modern sporting rifles should be confiscated have put his confirmation in limbo. All eyes are on Democrat Senator Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, who represent pro-Second Amendment states.

  1. Depends on whether Manchin and Sinema want to commit political suicide. But we only need to flip one of them and hold all the republicans to derail the nomination of this would- be Hitler.

    1. Manchin probably thinks that when he is up for election in a few years people will forget about his vote. If Schumer can’t get the votes with Manchin voting for the nomination, he could tell Manchin to vote against Chipman. Manchin probably will not jeopardize his committee assignments and his wife’s job.

      1. What sort of job does Senator Manchin’s wife hold that it would be endangered should the senator support Chipmans nomination, which by the way, would be a terrible thing for him to do,

  2. Good for him, how in the hell was this guy nominated to begin with. It shows biden is NOT leading anything, socialist are in charge of every decision.

      1. Not Barack! It’s even worse and we’ve not seen all of it either. While I did not like Barack at all, at least I can say that he had some individuals surrounding him that knew a few things. Biden on the other hand is surrounded by a bunch of clueless individuals with some serious agendas. There is no way that Biden is in charge of anything. This should be clear to everyone!

        1. Puppet Biden signs the bills into law AND those ‘clueless individuals’ know exactly what they are doing. Horrible that 1/2 of America is clueless and think Biden is an okay guy while his administration destroys America and Repub’s wait for a win in 2022 After The Fact that Dem’s got what they wanted.

    1. Sorry to inform you, Dementia Biden is a socialist/communist well trained by his “boss” BHO! I have not read the article but I just saw a title “Biden Talks Down Democracy”! That will be a “enraging article” I am sure!

  3. Something needs to be done to get Biden out of the White House and Trump into it. So sick & tired of all of the b.s. by the left.

  4. The ATF’s only job is to rob citizens of as much of an unalienable right as they can get away with. FY, No.

  5. Good for Senator Toomey. It’s refreshing to see a member of congress standing up for the Constitution and the rights of law abiding citizens.

  6. How was Chipman even nominated for the job to begin with, he is a rabid gun hater, and knowing he had a lot to do with Waco, should kill his nomination, immediately.


  8. Very glad to hear Sen Toomey will vote against this nomination. He would be bad leading the ATF, or AFT as the Senior Citizen of the US likes to call it. Another concern is the ban on Wrist supports that the same Senior Citizen has placed on wrist supports for AR-15 models. Those supports a vitally needed for handicapped people both military, former military and Americans. Still haven’t figured out the WHY of the executive order. Has anyone seen any story in the news of this wrist support being used in a crime anywhere? I do not remember seeing anything about such an incident. Honestly, I never heard of them before, but after seeing the reason they were made addressing issues a handicapped legal gun owner, I would think that this EO, might be able to be addressed under the ADA. Americans with Disabilities Act. To me it shows a distinct violation for the rights of the handicapped. I mean it’s like removing ramps for people in wheelchairs.

  9. I applaud Senator Toomey, for his decision to not support the Biden nominee for head of the ATF, the ATF is already a corrupt agency we certainly do not need a person like this as head of it.

  10. If you would get the kids with guns of the street and the crooks off the street with guns and put them away and keep them away, you wouldn’t be having this problem with guns on the street. It’s not the everyday citizen that is a problem with guns. Open your eyes instead of your mouth and you will see, mostly the gangs which are usually black or killing each other and now you have blacks hating whites and police and they are killing. You can sit and try to hide this, but you are just making things worse by not telling the truth and getting these corrupt gangs and kids off the streets.

  11. Let me see. Toomey is a republican and has to tell us he will vote against Chipman. There should not be any republican within a mile of this dumpster fire of a nominee. Get it?

  12. Chipman did what he thought he needed to do to get the position….
    after all, it most likely worked well for him back when he was an agent!!!!

  13. Hopefully, someone in Congress can help restore this patriot’s confidence in the legislative and executive branches as just and responsible . . . accountable to the PEOPLE ! Sen. Toomey’s remarks have drawn a distinct line in the sand which others need to emulate. So, what’s it going to be Mr. Manchin and Ms. Sinema ?


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