These Senators Will Decide the Fate of Biden’s Most Radical Nominee

Gage Skidmore Flickr

David Chipman is one of the most radical nominees put forward by any modern president. His confirmation has been subjected to fierce debate but he has somehow still made it closer to being the head of the ATF. 

Currently Chipmans fate lies in the hands of only a few Senators. The Senate is split 50/50 and vice president Kamala Harris serves as the tie breaker, thankfully this vote might not go down along party lines. Some Dems might not be able to push this nominee and some RINOs threaten to push him along.

Here are the Senators who could make or break Chipman:

  1. The above mentioned senators need to hear from their constituents. Matter of fact, pro gun rights individuals should have long since been in contact with their elected members of the U.S. Senate. For those who haven’t made the small effort, are you part of the problem, or are you the entirety of the problem.

  2. C’mon, man! Beijing Joe’s the “unity” President! How do we know? ‘Cuz he told us so. Besides, he took an oath to “protect and uphold” the Second Amendment, so he’d never put an avowed gun control activist at the head of an agency that makes rules concerning…guns. Right?

  3. The Drastic change that we have been seeing is called taking America down, one policy and elimination of civil liberties at a time, until we aren’t America anymore.


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