Governors Refuse to Follow LA County and Reinstate Mask Mandates

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Governors across the country are not planning to follow Los Angeles County’s example and reinstate mask mandates. Last week LA county announced that it was reimposing mask mandates regardless of vaccination status because of the new Delta variant.

The CDC says that vaccinated individuals are protected against the Delta variant.

Fox News reports:

“For over a year and a half, South Carolinians have learned about the virus, they know what to do to protect themselves from it, and the vaccine is available to anyone who wants it,” a spokesperson for South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster told WBTW.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee also said he will not be reimposing masks.

“That is not under active consideration at the moment,” Inslee said about a mask mandate, according to “But I will tell you, the folks that live in these vaccine deserts, they have the right to protect themselves, and the best way is to get their friends and neighbors vaccinated.”

Florida, which has the highest number of cases in the nation, remains opposed to mask mandates given the availability of vaccines. In May, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an executive order prohibiting city and county governments in the state from imposing mask mandates, while allowing private businesses to require masks if they so choose. According to DeSantis’ office, the governor will not be changing this, despite Florida having 45,604 new cases between July 9 and July 15, nearly double that of the previous seven days.

“Governor DeSantis has ruled out COVID lockdowns and mask mandates,” press secretary Christina Pushaw told the Tampa Bay Times, pointing to Florida’s below-average death rate. “The key to Florida’s success has been protecting the most vulnerable, i.e. seniors and residents of long term care facilities.”

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