Report: Majority AZ Republicans Say Audit Win Show Trump Won

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As the election audit in Maricopa County continues a new poll shows a majority of Arizona Republicans believe that the probe will reveal Trump actually won the state’s 11 electoral votes, not President Biden.

According to The Hill:

Sixty-two percent of Arizona Republicans said in a new OH Predictive Insights poll that Trump will receive more votes in the state after the GOP audit is completed. Another 21 percent of Republicans say Biden’s victory will stand, while another 16 percent are unsure.

Sixty-one percent of Republicans agreed with the statement that “Evidence has been uncovered which shows that the election was stolen from President Trump in a number of states that the media and election officials have called for Joe Biden,” and 55 percent said they have a favorable view of the audit, which was sparked by such claims.

No evidence has emerged that to suggest widespread fraud marred the November presidential election. Biden won the state by over 10,000 votes in 2020, marking the first time a Democratic presidential candidate won Arizona since 1996.

Republicans in the Arizona state Senate launched the audit after Trump railed against his loss in the state, though the process has been dogged by competing complaints from the lawmakers and Democratic outside groups over the other side’s alleged unwillingness to turn over documents.

So far, media outlets have reported that the probe hasn’t uncovered instances of widespread voter fraud that could have any lasting impact on the 2020 election results. In a statement through his Save America PAC, Trump blasted media outlets fr refusing to cover the alleged voter tampering.

“AP and other media outlets are doing major disinformation to try and discredit the massive number of voter irregularities and fraud found in both Arizona and Georgia,” Trump said. “When the real numbers are released people will be shocked, but this is a concerted effort of the Fake News Media to discredit and demean. There has never been anything like it. Numbers will be released shortly, and they are extraordinarily big and highly determinative!”

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