CNN Accuses Fox News of Implementing it’s Own Vaccine Passport Program

By Ken Lund (Flickr: CNN Center, Atlanta, Georgia) [CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

According to liberal news network CNN, Fox News Corp. has actually implemented its own version of a vaccine passport while it’s very own hosts have told the public to fight against them. According to CNN Business reporter, Oliver Darcy, the human resources department introduced the “FOX Clear Pass” so that employees could voluntarily share their vaccine status.

CNN reports:

Tucker Carlson has called the idea of vaccine passports the medical equivalent of “Jim Crow” laws. And other Fox News personalities have spent months both trafficking in anti-vaccine rhetoric and assailing the concept of showing proof of vaccination status.

But Fox Corporation, the right-wing talk channel’s parent company, has quietly implemented the concept of a vaccine passport as workers slowly return back to the company’s offices.

Fox employees, including those who work at Fox News, received an email, obtained by CNN Business, from the company’s Human Resources department in early June that said Fox had “developed a secure, voluntary way for employees to self-attest their vaccination status.”

The company has encouraged employees to report their status, telling them that “providing this information to FOX will assist the company with space planning and contact tracing.”

So far, Fox News has not confirmed any such “vaccine passport” program within the company.

  1. well now we need more new Jim Crow laws, the idiots have gotten out of control and the cost of cleaning up behind the democrat KKK supported scum bag rioters and the idiot politicians that fools elect in states like new dork and crapafornia are a disgrace to the human race … like maxipad headwaters, nance pe$lutsi, guv cumaho, chuckie schoooooomster and a whole train load of idiot $luts that should be doing something else that is actually productive ….

    1. Besides, we all keep forgetting that everything the media says is probably NOT TRUE especially if it is against if it is to make the right look bad.

  2. Oliver Darcy is an illiterate Clown like all CNN employees The article states Voluntary Darcy is jealous he is also a moron

  3. Whatever they say, do the opposite, and u will be safe. The lies perpetrated, by lame street media,fraudci,cdc are getting people killed. Not reported last week,more people died from the vaccine,than people died from covid, why was that hidden from the public? Why do u think,cover=up like it’s been all along.

  4. Who even watches CNN anymore? They have been spewing B.S. for so many decades it’s ridiculous.

  5. No vax for US! PERIOD!
    Now the vaxxed peeps are getting Covid.
    This vax has alterior motivates, especially bad for the young people that if they get it, they recover.
    If Bill Gates is promoting it, I’m staying away from it. He’s for depopulation! I’m out.

  6. Love your Post, Kent…”Crapifornia” is hilarious…
    Have you seen the April 2021 YouTube video of Elon Musk’s new BRAIN CHIP, to control illnesses…and print out your thoughts??? Is this the Mark of The Beast talked about in Revelation?
    People better get their acts together, NOW, because we might actually live to see the world…as we know it now…end…
    Things such as Backstabbing; lieing; slander; drinking; homosexuality; fornication; adultry; child abuse…etc., etc., are things that will keep a person out of Heaven…

  7. Off topic, are the Biden’s and company bought and paid for by China? sure looks that way most illegal drugs coming across our southern border originate from China, you know the Biden’s friends, Chinese dry wall killed our homes, Chinese face masks proved defective killed our people, Chinese dog food killed our pets, Chinese lead paint on toys killed our babies, Chinese virus again killed our people, why does Biden want to be friends with China? having Hunter accepting large amounts of money for what? Chinese are trying to kill our dollar, China has cyber attacks against us, What am I missing? Sounds to me like China really hates our guts, Why are all these American companies so in love with China like face book? Why are the Biden’s stopping and lifting restrictions on China?

  8. CNN management, reporters, commentator, ‘journalist’ are well documented on their lies they’ve told and this is just another one….


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