Hannity Pushes Viewers to Get Vaccine

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Fox News host Sean Hannity is urging viewers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine saying he “believes in the science of vaccination.”

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On Monday, Hannity said to viewers, “Please take COVID seriously, I can’t say it enough. Enough people have died. We don’t need any more deaths,” Hannity said on his prime-time show. “Research like crazy, talk to your doctor, your doctors, medical professionals you trust based on your unique medical history, your current medical condition, and you and your doctor make a very important decision for your own safety. Take it seriously.”

The Fox News host also touched on the importance of privacy and doctor-patient confidentiality.

Hannity’s message to viewers is distinctly different from perspectives pushed by other popular hosts like Tucker Carlson. The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” anchor has stressed the importance of privacy for Americans and their right to choose which lambasting those who try to guilt healthy Americans into getting a vaccine they don’t want.

Liberal media networks and Democrats have attempted to claim that it’s only Republicans who have expressed vaccine hesitancy however a new poll destroys their virtue signaling narrative.

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    1. Hannity has always been a bit liberal. He sure is a worrier! Well, what do your want, his closest friend is Geraldo. Wants to be a cowboy, but is typical East Coast. He just likes how he looks in cowboy boots.

    2. Everyone must decide for themselves, I had a hard time making the decision for myself but after thinking about all the shots I had in 1974 when I was in boot camp I decided what the hell and got the second shot april 1st. I really had no ill effects from it and I’m still alive today. But like I said it’s all about making your own choice.

      1. These are not regular vaccinations.
        You might not have ill effects now, but you can never turn off spike proteins or reverse these vaccines.
        The ill effects for most will come somewhere around the two year mark.


  1. I have to admit, I was leery about getting the vaccine since it was a new one and hadn’t really been around like the flu vaccine has. I had a terrible reaction from a flu shot in 2007 – it attacked my central nervous system and I still suffer the effects from it today 14 years later. My feet started to vibrate horrendously and my bladder as well. Took awhile to get the bladder under control but still have the feet problem. The doctors say there is no cure for it (neuropathy, etc). There are days I can hardly walk, can’t feel my feet and have fallen many times. So you can see why I was hesitant when the covid vaccines came out. I did get 2 shots, last one in April, and every day I hold my breath that nothing will all of a sudden pop up to make my condition worse. So far so good. Just saying, some people like me do have reasons to shy away from vaccines. The only shot I have ever gotten that never gave me any trouble is the Shingles shot. I’ve gotten several with no problems at all.

    1. I waited and got the one shot J&J. no reaction, no nothing. No big deal.
      I only took it because my grandson was born recently and my son and daughter in law both felt safer if I got it. I did it for my grandkid. Personally, I could care less. I don’t even take the flu shot.
      It’s been 2 plus months and no reaction whatsoever.
      Of course I try to take 3 to 4 shots a day regardless. Tequila that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Far too many specialists are speaking up about the horrendous danger now and in future of this “vaccine.

    2. The flu shot is not a vaccine. It is a treatment like the Covid shots. You have to get another one each year.

      1. You are so wrong and stupid. Of course, they are a vaccine. Some require boosters but they are indeed vaccines. Get educated before making stupid remarks.

        1. No, this “vaccine” is a totally different animal than regular vaccines. Perhaps YOU should get educated.

        2. The covid jab is NOT a vaccine! Vaccines stimulate your body’s immune system to create antibodies and set a blueprint so when it recognizes the virus in the future it can immediately send b, t and nk cells to eradicate the foreign invader.
          This jab does not create antibodies, using mRNA, it modifies cell dna to produce a spike protein with markers like the ccp virus that lock into ace2 cell receptors. This jab DOES NOT prevent you from contracting the illness, DOES NOT prevent you from becoming sick or contagious, it’s touted as “lessening” the symptoms and hopefully keep it from killing you which is a JOKE, it’s already at a 99.8% recovery rate. That is less than the annual flu.

        1. They tested the parent to this experimental toxin back during SARS and it killed every animal in the trial. This time they skipped the animals and are using humans for their experiment. Many humans have also died from the shot. The virus has a recovery rate of 99.9%.

        2. AND it was thought the spike proteins (a known toxin) would stay in the muscle into which it was injected. WRONG. It has been found in the brain, liver, heart and in very high concentration in the ovaries and testes. Gee, what could go wrong.

          1. Not to mention the graphene oxide they are finding, some in large quantities. Totally toxic.

    3. I pray you don’t have any ill effects. My husband and I will not take the “shot”. My ex-husband took the second Moderna shot on a Friday and died on the following Sunday. He did have some health issues. But he was home, improving, and even driving again. My son told his dad with his weakened immune system not to take the shot. Instead his dad listened to his oncologist. Very sad!!!!! My son has lost his dad needlessly.

      1. Same with my step mother, scared to death of getting c0v1d and dying so got the Pfizer 2 shots, second shot Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon had trouble breathing and chills, by the time the ambulance got her to the hospital her heart had stopped, revived her and put her on a ventilator, Tuesday evening suggested the family unplug her and let her die. So much for safe and effective, NOT!

      2. I’m so sorry for your loss and your son’s loss. How tragic. Please report to VAERS if you haven’t already.

  2. I was surprised to hear Hannity make that comment, frankly. And disappointed. Perhaps he’s being pressed and giving in to the liberal-leaning FOX “leadership.” This isn’t the first time he has said something that seems out of the ordinary for him. And frankly, I’ve stopped tuning in to his show as often as I use to. Now, Tucker? Watch him every night — as well as Judge Jeanine, Waters, and Steve Hilton when I can. Gutfeld is entertaining and good, too. 🙂

    1. I don’t know about Hannity’s true feelings maybe that’s what he chooses, we can only make our choices for ourselves and that is the great thing about Freedom.

      1. I don’t disagree at all that they could be his true feelings, Richard. But whether they come from him or FOX, I don’t choose to hear them. Hopefully we will be able to retain that freedom we’ve been assured, although the socialist Democrats seem bound and determined to remove them one by one. 🙁

  3. Oh, Hannity are you trying to be one of them. Allow the choices of one’s life to be one’s own and keep your opinions to yourself. Our body our choice isn’t that what prolifers state, unfortunately. Power of Choice!

    1. You are right about your body and your choice and Hannity has his body and his choice doesn’t really matter who recommends it you have to decide what is right for you.

    2. “My body my choice” is the mantra of the pro-aborters, not prolifers. At any rate, it is mostly those of that mindset (pro-abortion) who are trying to force everyone to submit to the Jab. They don’t want to hear “my body my choice” in this case.

  4. Sally Kent, Are you trying to start a controversy where there is none? I watched the entire video. He said “Talk to your doctor” … That he didn’t know your particular health condition. Sounds like good sound non-medical advise to me!

    1. You are absolutely correct. I heard him too. Some of these people think that if they repeat the BIG LIE enough times people will believe them

      1. There’s no big lie.
        The big lie is that there’s a big lie.
        You people prove that propaganda works.
        The only reason that humans accept the propaganda is because they’re weak.

        The real big lie is that there’s two political parties and that votes matter.

        No, they’re set up from the beginning now.

        Also, I don’t know if any of y’all have watched tv in the last decade, but the phrase : “Talk to your doctor” is the same one used in pharmaceutical commercials to push pharmaceuticals.

        If you don’t have a clue what’s going on in the real world, go back and suckle on your CNN teat, and your mainstream garbage.

  5. Are the writers of Trump Train News so controversial and out of touch that even Trump’s closest allies can be turned on so easily for stating an opinion about something that is actually a Trump accomplishment?!?! What happened to being able to have an opinion? I have heard Hannity talk about this and he is not forcing his opinion and makes it clear that it is every individuals right to make their own decision about getting the vaccine.

    1. I could not agree more. My personal physician said it’s a gamble but the odds favor being vaccinated. So I did. My wife did. My middle aged daughters did. We all interact extensively with the public and have suffered no symptoms. My youngest daughter is tested for her job as an office manager every month and more often when new employees come on board.

    2. All true. He’s been respectful of differing opinions. I think he’s wrong on this issue. Time will tell. He’s still a good guy.

    3. Exactly, he’s not handcuffing anyone and forcing one to get jabbed. I feel even though I have been vaccinated There is no guarantee that I will never get covid 19 but maybe it will keep me out of the hospital. I know over 40 people who have contacted covid and some had just a loss of taste and smell and I have a good friend 50 years old that thought he was going to die.

  6. Just turned 70…. I’m vaccinated….
    Let’s forget about politics for a moment….
    Trump got us the vaccine in record time….
    Either I get the Vac or roll the 🎲 or risk dying in a hospital bed hooked up to a resperator…. No brainer to me….

    1. How do you know the poiiticians got the same vaccine that is being given to the American people? This whole situation is about the One World Agenda and POLITICS, so is CLIMATE CHANGE, ALL DESIGNED TO MOVE PEOPLE IN A DIRECTION THEY WOULD NOT, ( NORMALLY AGREE TO! ). (VACCINE PASSPORTS.). THATS THE NO BRAINER. The Government is using everything at its disposal to force this vaccine on people, even bribery! THIS IS THE DESPERATION AND PUSH FOR THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

      1. Imagine a “vaccine” so fantastic that people have to be bribed or forced to take it, or are so scared of a disease that has a 99.9% recovery rate that they rush to line up for it. Imagine a “vaccine” that offers no immunity, gives you spike proteins that will haunt you for the short rest of your life, that can “shed” and sicken other people who are just nearby, and that has killed many more than they are admitting to in addition to the hundreds of thousands of vaccine injuries. You are correct, this is all about herding the sheeple in a certain direction. Media keeps the scare going and the sheeple, lacking the ability to think for themselves, are living in fear. They will not do well when Big Brother comes calling.

  7. No I don’t trust Fox news anymore and don’t watch the news accept the ones that President Trump says they are telling the truth and dom’t cencor him.

  8. Hannity is just expressing what the thinks and believes without just sticking to any particular anti-left narrative. Much respect. Need more of this. Say what you believe, not want you think your audience wants to hear.

  9. I have stopped watching Fox, so I no longer care what opinions are being expressed on any of their shows. However, when I did watch Fox, I trusted Hannity as one of the few honest conservatives left on the channel. Now, seeing that he is caving to the vaccine mob, I don’t think I could trust what he says. I’m more of a Tucker Carlson gal. I think that’s why Tucker’s ratings are beating Hannity’s. Do not trust any of these vaccines. They do not protect you from getting COVID (as evidenced by the recent foolish Democrats from Texas who left to avoid voting in the state legislature, and though they all had the vaccine, almost half have now been confirmed to have contracted COVID).

    The vaccines have been shown to cause heart inflammation, blood clots, Guillian-Barre Syndrome, and death. Finally, the mRNA vaccines being pushed by Moderna and Pfizer are not actual vaccines, but are gene therapy that tell your DNA what to do. The DNA is what makes us up on a microscopic level. What are the true intentions for giving this gene therapy to millions of Americans? Many believe that there is some nefarious reason that our corrupt government wants all of us vaccinated, but we won’t know for sure for some time.

    All I can say is beware of this vaccine scam. Protect your immune system by taking vitamin D3, zine, Echinacea, vitamin C, and a B complex, wash your hands frequently, and socially distance and you will be much better off than taking the vaccine.

    1. You are right there is no guarantee but I am 64 so I may be at a higher risk than a 20 year old, if getting vaccinated keeps my symptoms at a low level and I’m not hooked to a respirator then I did the right thing for me.

    2. Most people are looking for the “easy out”. For instance, they will take a handful of prescription drugs rather than look at causes for their (just for instance) obesity and diabetes, change their diet and lifestyle, and work toward building their immune system. “Just bring on the shot!” they say!. I am in the high risk group–old, carrying extra weight (but I have lost 10 pounds in the last year), diabetic (controlled by diet, no meds, glucose in 80s-90s range), and I recently discovered I need a heart valve replacement. But I have worked hard on getting my immune system to optimum level, eat healthy foods and not to excess, and I have not had a sniffle in more than two years. Recent heart cath showed zero blockage. Cholesterol is balanced. It takes work, and most people aren’t willing to put in the effort. Sad.

  10. I have seen a change in Hannity. He is not as sure of himself and his beliefs as he once was. It is evident in his personal life. He has found himself boxed in by those who pay for his house at the beach and his airplane and car. You must make a stand and it will not be easy.

  11. Hannity’s true colors are showing I think he has become a phony He saved Joy Reid from being fired That is the problem with these soft Republicans No killer instincts you have to fight fire with fire

    1. TT, as a long-time listener to Hannity, like him or not, I can vouch for him, that he always-but-always defends one’s right to speak without fear of being ‘canceled,’ and that includes flaming liberals, Communists and obtuse morons like Joy Reid. Voltaire’s noble conviction: ‘I may not agree with what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it.’

  12. I have no problem with what Hannity put out on his show. Really, it is not the much different that Tucker Carlson’s comments. Tucker is not anti-vaccine. He too advises people to take it. He always has. He does question some of the methods being used by this administration, to coerce Americans to take it, and he questions the flip flopping of Fauxci and the CDC, WHO, and FDA. And they are reasonable questions.  

    1. I certainly don’t take offense to Hannity if I choose not to get vaccinated that’s on me he is entitled to what he believes in, that is the great thing about our country, FREEDOM of choice.

  13. I don’t believe this article. All I heard him say was that it is up to the individual to decide for themselves, because he WASN’T getting it himself. Let’s not be stretching the truth here! That sounds like something little Joe’s Dems and RINOs would say, and NOT Hannity.

  14. Trump also pushes the Vaccine. That’s one thing we don’t agree on. He would not try to mandate it so he still gets my vote.

  15. Watch Dr. David Martin and the origins of SARS COV-2 patents before you take the jab. Hannity’s problem is he goes in lock-step with 100% of Donald Trump, regardless of the issue. Trump and Hannity and many other freedom-loving conservatives fighting for our country and our future have been hood-winked on the SARS COVID issues. You got to pick your issues, dig deep and stick to your guns. No one is going to be 100% correct on every issue.

  16. Nope….ain’t gettin’ it. I have the antibodies. That’s good enough for me. You all can go get the vaccine if you so desire, but as for me….no thank you. People should know that they won’t stop with this one vaccine. You will be “told” to get up-dated vaccines from now on.

  17. We watch OAN now. They really do their homework, especially Kara with Tipping Point, along with the show just prior to hers.

  18. Some of us are alive today due to vaccinations. This one is no different. Some people have reactions to every medication ever invented and that won’t change.

    1. We’re not anti-vax, we are anti-experiment. and being guinea pigs…. and nobody trusts this administration, too many lies and coverups.

      1. This “vaccine” was rushed thru with no through testing. We don’t know what the repercussions are at this point. I give it 1 to 5 years to see what happens to people that have taken it. Does it have an effect on your nervous system? Does it form some type of cancer, rashes, sight problems, things we have never seen or heard of. You can have your vaccine and find out the hard way. Me, loading up on vitamin c & d. And leaving it at that.

    2. Doesn’t it give you the teeniest tiniest pause when you realize that companies that produce these experimental drugs are pre-absolved from any litigation that might come from grieving family members of people who died or got some dread side effect directly tied to their drug?

  19. Apparently the vaccines do not work good, because 5 of those Dems that ran away from texas to avoid the voter reform bill vote tested positive for COVID-19. I did get the 1 shot Jannsen (J&J) shot. About a month later I find out that some people are getting Guillain Barre syndrome from it. I seem fine so far though.

  20. I no longer watch Fox News. But Hannity’s position is no different than Trump’s. He isn’t calling for vaccine cards, lockdowns, etc. (yet). It is everyone’s personal choice to get it. Medical care is private. It’s nobody’s business. Vaccine cards are a violation of that privacy, but we stupidly allowed this via public school vaccine/immunization records. Time to take this country back!

  21. Just like Rush, politico’s profit from useful idiots. “Today’s Tom Sawyer, mean, mean pride!” Been popping in now and then since the 90’s. Call me “troll” or whatever. Same is true for Lib’s.

  22. This vaccine is more about data and tracking people. It can turn on or turn off your life. It will allow you to be part of a civil society or marginalized…its catastrophic. The fact is the US government is using EVERYTHING at its disposal to push people to accept a worldwide vaccine passport by coordinating with government agencies, private businesses, and international groups. ITS USING FREEDOM AS THE DANGLING CARROT TO FORCE COMPLIANCE. ( I can’t believe Hannity is this naive, or misinformed.). Bill Gates has always been planning for government surveillance. Gates and others have been planning for years to take advantage of the fear an epidemic would generate to control people……. The amount of illegal aliens entering our country with Covid will keep the levels of infection up, yet the government isn’t vaccinating them. The truth is they plan on raising the levels of Covid and locking the US down again! Wake up people and look at the Truth, IT DOESN’T TAKE A ROCKET SCIENTIST.

  23. He said nothing about taking the CV jab. Listen to his words. Believing in science and vaccines has nothing to do with hey folks please take the CV jab. He did not say that. Come on guys there is enough lies and BS going around don’t add to it.

  24. I supported campaign Trump. Even when Trump made fun of the “core issues” before claiming to be serious. With Trump, you knew he would not walk it like he talked it. Worse than the Pub’s before Trump, speeches, Band-Aids & excuses. Trump aided acceptable hate guide lines.

  25. You can still get covid after the shots and you can still die. Google it.,also the percentage of getting it and living is much higher than getting it and dying. We have a choice. This is America.

  26. I have not voted for a US President since Ronald Reagan’s first run. In 20 years, socialist Islamist’s & socialist Mexican’s will be at least 75% of total US population. The “renaming” has just begun. I most likely will not be alive, enjoy your future. Supported with military. racist oppression & violence will continue to rise. Most wrote me off as a troll or whatever.

  27. Don’t worry about Trump. Trump will never be poor or jailed. Trump is doing exactly what he is suppose to do.

  28. This is entirely taken out of context! Yes, he said (a hundred times) take it seriously; read all you can; talk to your doctor; then make your own decision. This is MSM fake news!

  29. Well looks like Hannity must have been paid off. He turned away from President Trump now pushing the jab. Take it and shove it Hannity.

  30. What the hell is wrong with all you people????It was a created virus and control of the sheeples is the objective. Take another look at this country and Marxism is in full swing. WTF

  31. VERY DISAPPOINTED in Sean!!!!!!
    I thought he was much smarter than this!!!
    The so called covid “vaccine” is an untested and
    Non FDA approved. It was formed in a Chinese lab to harm as many people world wide as possible. All about population control. And about the Democrats taking control!!!! I am totally amazed at how many follow whatever the government recommends. Very frustrating and sad. Not enough Americans standing and fighting. VERY concerned about the future of our country!!!!!

  32. BFS. He gave into the pressure from above. They gave him an ultimatum. Get with the corporate view on vaccinating or get suspended.

  33. Absolute TRAITOR!!! Only Jessie and Tucker left…Always thought Shaun was full of crap but he supported Trump so tolerated…No longer…Trump also needs to back off pushing this poisonous juice!!

  34. I am a Conservative, but I cannot figure out why people won’t take the vaccine. You see that the resurgence is in places where few people were vaccinated. Also, did you ever hear the phrase from the Constitution “the general welfare”? Why are you acting like those idiotic progressives? Do you not believe you can die from this virus?
    Thank you, Sean Hannity, for having the courage to buck this ridiculous anti-vaccer trend. I am with you all the way.


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