New Poll Shows Majority of Republicans Don’t Want Trump to Run in 2024

President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with supporters at an "An Address to Young Americans" event hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

A poll’s results could spell bad news for Trump if he runs in 2024. A poll conducted by former ambassador John Bolton’s Super PAC revealed that a majority of Republicans would prefer a fresh face represent the party in 2024’s presidential election. The most interesting thing about the poll is the sharp uptick in respondents from the last poll conducted in March.

According to Mediaite:

In a new poll of Republican primary voters by former Amb. John Bolton’s Super PAC, respondents were asked “Since former President Trump’s popularity has dropped with voters since the 2020 election, would you agree or disagree that a new republican candidate – a fresh face – would be a stronger candidate to defeat Joe Biden in 2024?”

Just over a third (36 percent) of GOP primary voters say Trump would be the stronger candidate, while 52 percent say a “fresh face” would be stronger. As the Bolton Super PAC press release notes, that’s a massive swing since their last poll in April:

A new nationwide survey by John Bolton Super PAC of voters reveals that a majority of Republican primary voters now agree “that a new Republican candidate – a fresh face – would be a stronger candidate to defeat Joe Biden in 2024.” That is a major shift since our first national poll taken in April where 50% of primary voters said Trump would be the strongest candidate to defeat Biden while 36% said another candidate would be stronger. That’s a shift of 17 points away from Trump and 16 points to a “fresh face” – a 33-point swing.

In the same press release, Bolton said “The significant amount of data in this poll should be of considerable interest to Republican candidates at all levels: presidential, congressional, and state/local,” and that “The data show the fissures in Trump’s base are expanding, and show that GOP voters still prize good policy above anyone’s personality.”

While many Republicans have voiced their hopes Trump launches a third presidential campaign, he’s only dropped hints at his future plans. Some other Republicans have shifted their support to the wildly popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, however with so much time left until 2024 there’s plenty of time for a new face to take the Republican Party by storm.

  1. This came from Bolton’s Super PAC, did it? That, and the framing of the question, tells me all I need to know.

    1. I know you need to show all the news but could you also make comments on the news articles you publish

    2. We all know Bolton only asked Bubblehead DEMS for their “vote”. We all know Trump won the 2020 election and will win the 2024 election even if we have to use the “write-in” vote.

    3. Totally agree! I’m surprised that TTN doesn’t point out the bias, considering the source…Bolton, who came out against Trump when he was trying to sell his book in which he criticized his former boss! Hmmm.

    1. Just more fake news – Does anyone believe anything that John Bolton says about President Trump after the many lies hes has already “tried” to spread. He’s right in step with the demented-evil-demo-socialists-Marxists!

      1. That’s because he is a member of the Marxist Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), a group that has been pushing one world government for years.

    2. And I’m about to add THIS site (“TTN?”) to the unsubscribe list of know-nothings as well!

  2. Holy CRAP, it’s a RINO poll, a Never Trumper poll. I can’t believe you idiots even published this CRAP. Get a clue. Quit facilitating political HIT JOBS.

    Trump is the man, the candidate, 70% approved last month. WAKE UP.

    I will be unsubscribing from your crap if there is one more stupid article like this. Thanks.

    1. I believe the count for our President Trump is now over 80 million supporters! Who in Heaven’s name is willing to accept anything that Bolton publishes or has anything to do with!!!

      1. I don’t change my mind because of stupid polls. I vote from what I’ve seen and on policies and principles, so they are wasting their time on swaying me!

      1. Agreed, this is a bs poll and begs the question why would Trump Train even put this fake poll out.


    2. It certainly is a Rino Poll. Don’t believe you can trust people who are out to sway opinions with false information. Believe me, there are more rinos than we think who act conservative, but they are not in their political and social views, and then later prove to be false. I don’t believe one iota of what this poll says. Bill O’Reilly and Trump are having a huge Town Hall about History….its going to be a huge event drawing in millions. Just the fact that this website gives a fake poll turns me off.

  3. I want to see Trump back for his second 4 years he was cheated out of if it can be done sooner rather than laterand then a new face of someone Trump will support as I trust Trump’s judgement as to who is the best candidate.


  4. Sorry I don’t believe the results of this poll! In addition it really too early to be making predictions for the 2024 Presidential Election. Lets see if the elections in 2021, 2022, 2023 can restore our faith that elections can be run fairly again in this country because I believe there is a good amount of consensus especially in the Republican Party that there was too much corruption in the 2020 election! Right now I believe the strongest ticket we could have in the 2024 Presidential Election would be President Trump leading the ticket with Ron DeSantis running as his VP.

    1. I would not like to.see DeSantis leave Florida until 2028. We need him in reserve after President Trump’s second term. We need to be strategically intelligent in our deployment of strong Constitutional candidates and not risk having to deplete our funds fighting another Governor’s race in a solidly Republican state. DeSantis 2028!!!

    2. That would give Conservatives 12 years in the presidency THEN if Don Jr was DeSantis’ VEEP maybe another 8 years. Or maybe Jordan. The Dems are having fits he was selected for the 1/6 committee. He does not back down to anything.

  5. Why would he even consider running with what they did to him for 4 years and they are still after him. Sick people. I would love to see him back but they just won’t quit going after him and wasting the tax payers money. He did more for our country than his predecessor by a long shot.

    1. While I do agree with you on several of your points, I TRULY believe that the 2022 elections will get rid of piglousi and her evil bunch in the house, and cryin’ chuck and his evil in the Senate, there won’t be enough of a demonrat vote to push any further “investigations” and other bullcrap these devils have been allowed to get away with for the last 6 years

  6. Seriously?!?!?!?? Who in their right mind would EVER pay ANY attention to john bolton’s PAC on ANYthing related to President Trump?!!!! Bolton, nor anyone even remotely connected to that a$$hole, has no clout! Us true Conservatives know good and well that their so-called ’poll’ is totally fictitious! Good grief!!!!

  7. ROFLMAO 😂😂😂 OHHHHHH… because John Bolton(TRAITOR!) is SUCH a “reliable source”! More FAKE NEWS. ANYONE with a brain and functioning eyes can look at ONE Trump rally from the last several weeks! 10’s of THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE THERE.. AND EVEN MORE WATCHING THE BROADCAST! Not ONE of my conservative friends would even look at another candidate. Give me a break 😂😂


  8. Just who did the war monger Bolton ask? Talk to people on the street, they want the strong leadership that Biden and to ho do not provide, not anyone in the Dem party. The only guy to have a chance of beating trump is the gov of Florida, and he has not said he wants the job.
    So this pole is straight out of the CNN play book.
    Just disregarded.

  9. Bolton HATES Trump. I’d like to know the breakdown of the participants. What percentage were Dems, Trump haters, RINO’s?

  10. Don’t count the votes before they’re cast, at least. .I wonder which rinos they polled for the results they got . .

  11. Number 1….
    John Bolton conducted poll? Is this some kind of joke?
    Well duh! If his polling profiles are anything like himself, Kasich, Ryan, Cheney, Flake…..
    Shall I continue?
    Now Buzz Off!

  12. I guess it would all depend on who this “fresh face” is. If it’s another recycled democrat or rino, then no. If we could get a house, senate, and president in there who would institute term limits, then I don’t care who it is, as long as they stick to 2 terms in Washington DC, maximum.

  13. UH< did bolton and his minions happen to attend/view/see the results of CPAC??? o knew President Trump is popular, but I do not believe his popularity is waning by any stretch of one’s imagination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. John Bolton is a traitor when it comes to President Trump he will apparently do and say anything to smear the former President. President Trump terminated this war mongering Cabinet Secretary. Disregard this poll as with most polls. Remember the polls said Trump would never win the Presidential election. Wrong as usual.

  15. What?!? From John LOSER Bolton?!? His credibility among mainstream and conservative Republicans is pretty closer to ZERO/NADA/NOTHING!! Like WAY too many headlines on this crap site, this one was no different: “Luring in eyes with lies!!” One more from you idiots, and I (probably like many others) will just unsubscribe and NEVER hear from you effin’ losers again!!)

  16. I’m not too sure I’d trust the results of a poll done by John Bolton’s Super PAC as Bolton has always been a “NeverTrump-er”. Notice, the article doesn’t specify the internal data of the poll, i.e. how many #NeverTrump advocates were polled as opposed to those who support Trump. Until you see the internal data, you don’t know whether the poll was skewed to purposely go against Trump or not; but considering it’s Bolton’s PAC, I would bet it was. Bolton turned out to be such a disappointment.

  17. John Bolton is a never Trumper. I can tell you that he skewed his sample to get the result he wanted. Why you even reported this fake news is beyond the beyond!

  18. Can’t imagine another “face” taking me by storm, Mr. Bolton! President Trump will always be my first choice, and for now, he’s the only one I refer to as “President!” Kind of difficult to believe this poll isn’t a bit slanted given that Bolton is not a Trump fan. It sounds to me like he and others are trying to persuade we patriot Trump supporters, that he doesn’t stand a chance and we need to look somewhere else. Not working on me, Mr. Bolton and Bolton PAC!

  19. John Bolton is an enemy of President Trump, as President Trump fired him. I wouldn’t believe a John Bolton survey or poll any more than I’d believe any of the liberal biased mainstream media’s surveys and polls.

  20. Notorious anti-Trumper and warmonger. If Trump polled well in any of his polls, it would never see the light of day.

  21. I do not believe the poll is accurate.
    The American citizen loves President Trump. Most of the republicans
    are rino republicans they are worried about their own pockets.

  22. The way Bolton stabbed President Trump in the back, no one should believe him. I know I don’t or ever will trust him. He’s a joke that needs to be put away along with many others.


  23. Where were the Republicans the last 5 years ……….? Hiding like freaking cowards and trying to raise money on line !!!!!! because they don’t f…ing care

  24. GET A GRIP…..Again, the media ONLY reports those on the left & those RINO’S who never liked Trump in the first place. The majority of voters STILL LOVE PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  25. To President Donald Trump, my mother always reminded me to consider the source. ROCK ON AND RUN!

  26. You people are beyond stupid, and this poll is about as valid as all of the polls during the election that showed Biden winning, when the fact is that he lost the election by a landslide.

  27. Get a second opinion, MR, T.. This based on one poll…………….there are many who poll, I would be comparing who did the poll and the outcome to others………….

  28. Bolton’s theory about Trump is because he was fired under Trump. Trump was pulling tis country together if only those republicans in the house and senate would have done their jobs.


  30. The Republicans in Congress thought they were rid of Trump until they went asking for campaign funds and found out you only get money with a Trump indorsement.

  31. Just be sure it’s not you. You apparently have some major character flaws and we need democrats to loose.

  32. Please. John Bolton?????? Never Trumper!!wouldn’t believe anything he did or said!!!!👎👎. Come on man 😂

  33. Bolton said this. Sure. Who believes anything that man says. He is one of those who couldn’t become president so they make things happen to keep having their 15 minutes of fame.

  34. What a LIE !!! I come into many contacts in my travels throughout the southern states, as well as Montana, South & North Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah…and I have not talked with One single person that didn’t support Trump !!!


  36. Bolton, who the devil is Bolton?
    I consider this good news as most of us don’t care about these idiotic polls

  37. Fake News! Why would you post a never-Trumper/rino/democrat poll? Rethinking about my subscription.

  38. Well, once again a skewed poll defaming President Trump and the pollsters didn’t query this patriot for his opinion. How convenient! John BULLton rears his ugly countenance again to besmirch our President once again for being taken out with the trash for treasonous behavior. Don’t try to.sell that mierda to this conservative. President Trump has my vote for any office he decides to pursue. MAGA lives in my world!

  39. That is what happens when a RINO takes a poll of RINIO’s, It is like the tail wagging the Dog.

  40. I don’t like Bolton. Trump won in 2020 and Trump will win in 2024. Best President Ever. Loves America and all Americans. May Our Lord Bless Pres. Trump, his family, the alliance, our military, our Patriots and all Americans. America First. WWG1WGA

  41. Good ol’ John Bolten huh? AS IF this turncoat traitor OR anyone associated with him or his ideology would have ANY sway on conservatives. Proof positive! You can find fake news anywhere. Lick your wounds someplace else Johnboy, and take the handful of knucklehead sycophants with you.

  42. bolton is a loser and jealous of THE REAL PRESIDENT of the US , and wants TRUMP to be a loser with him, bolton is on his last leg of politics, we know and he knows it, good bye bolton, and leave quickly.

  43. Bloody rubbish. DJT is the finest President of my lifetime and I ain’t no spring chicken, Mr. Trump, if your health allows, please run again and to hell with John Bolton.

  44. Would like to have someone else run for president in 2024 other than Trump? Right on John, name someone else who has the balls to take on the corruption of the world? No one comes to mind? I thought so, John. Just go away, John. Nobody gives a shit about anything you say or do.

  45. The country is being attacked by Marxists. We need the real President more now that ever. Everything Biden does and has done since he illegally moved into the White House is illegal and needs to be denied by every member of the House and Senate. That is if they are interested at all in the good of the country. This criminality must stop!
    What a disgrace!

  46. Who else can we trust to carry on the “America First” policies that Trump implemented? Who else has the fortitude to go after the blatant subversion of freedom within our own borders? Who else can stand against the 24/7 onslaught of lies and degradation from the mainstream media without buckling like pasta in boiling water? Who else has the business experience and diplomatic skills to negotiate with our allies and hold our enemies at bay? Who else can we depend upon to expose and defeat the socialist agenda of the left? Republicans had better be very careful to count the cost of our freedom as we make our choices going forward. In case you hadn’t noticed, we are in the fight for our Republic, for our freedom, and for our future generations. If a candidate is chosen other than Trump, they will need a backbone of titanium. Anything less and we’re done.

  47. I wish this were not true. As much as I loath Bolton, I highly doubt any rational Patriot conservative thinks President Trump can beat even a moron like Biden.
    I blame Trump, not the media fully for his loss. I loved that he slammed them at press conferences, but he is so thin-skinned, he blew it by attacking anyone and everyone who had any negative comment about him. Especially insignificant comments. For someone with his money and media exposure one would think he would be tougher and could take jabs. Really, in that regard, he was weak and even wimpy.
    For instance, even though I gladly voted for him because of Hillary, I never forgave him for flailing his arms making fun of the handicapped guy who gave him negative press. I saw it as the ultimate white trash move., and I know that he knew better.
    He needs to move over and give Gov. Desantis the presidency with Gov.. Abbott as his running mate. Otherwise, Trump is going to get his ass handed to him a second time and we Patriots will suffer four more years of this clown we have in office now.

  48. I think the poll is pretty accurate, Trump blew the election because he treated too many Republicans as if they were serfs. His personality and disdain by calling loyal Republicans names and boasting he was smarter than the doctors, smarter than the generals all led to many abandoning him and starting the Lincoln project because they had no more trust in him. I do not believe he can win another election. Claiming he won won`t work . No American bank trusts him so if those who wish to see a Republican win the net election we need to thank Donald for his service and get a fresh face and win back the dissidents . The Democrats are too dangerous to leave in office for another term.

  49. A poll from “John Bolton’s” PAC???? Is this some kind of put on or what? That is about like saying the poll was done in Nancy Pelosi’s district. What a pile of BS click bait..

  50. How about doing another poll from the same company that did the first one showing Trump with a 50% rating. Apples to apples versus apples to sour grapes.

  51. No way do I believe this poll ,we need Trump back in the White House more then ever The Dems will have America wrecked if we dont do something fast lThis is serious ,,,,people love Pres Trump,

  52. Total B.S. ! Lies Lies Lies !!! We WON ! Hate & fraud run rappant …
    They have DESTROYED AMERICA & FREEDOM ALL OVER THE WORLD ! They are sooo pleased with them selves … DISCUSTING .

  53. Yes to most comments I read. This is a click bait article. John Bolton sucks. TTN I thought you were better than that.

  54. Let’s remember that a majority of (self-identified) Republicans didn’t support Trump in 2016 either. That’s actually the great thing about Trump – while the D’s and the R’s try to establish their line-up, Trump is actually “post-political”. He represents a set of values and a set of policies which transcend traditional Party politics. Why do you think they hate him so much? I’ll admit that I was NOT a Trump fan in 2016 but would have voted for Richard Ramirez rather than for Hillary. The pleasant surprise was that I didn’t just get an alternative to Hillary Clinton, I got a good President – a guy with policies that worked. I contribute a fair amount to political campaigns (as well as various organizations and causes which support similar policies) which means that I’m always getting hit up for more money. When, however, it is the Republican Party (as opposed to particular Republican candidates) seeking money, I flat out refuse – and I tell them why. I’m NOT a Republican and the Republicans don’t serve me or my interests. They are a sometime ally, but they ain’t no friend of mine. So, yeah, they don’t support Trump. He should consider it a compliment.

  55. like im going to believe this poll.’
    these people lie as bad as the dems.
    the only person who hasnt lied in the last 5 years is

  56. Well looky there! A poll by a Trump hater that gives an unfavorable outlook! Bolton is another joke!

  57. Considering the origin. Can’t trust this survey in any way. Totally different than what I see in my area. Everyone is ready for Trump to be back in.

  58. Gosh, what happened? Seems like just a few days ago, DJT obliterated his closest competitor, the very likable Ron Di Santis, 77% to 23%, or something like that. Given the Florida governor’s widespread appeal I’d say President Trump’s still the guy. Maybe, since the current poll was conducted by an organization founded by a Never Trumper, the poll wasn’t necessarily conducted in a manner that would allow President Trump to come out on top. Maybe?


  60. Are you watching the Cry for Freedom in Little Havana in Miami? The people there who escaped Cuba, are not going to put up with Communism. The United States is in danger of becoming Cuba, and Venezuela, and we are allowing Marxists to change our country, there is going to be a strong cry of resistance from people who understand Socialism, Marxism, and Communism. Trump and Reagan understood this Passion for Freedom and Liberty!

  61. Mr President, if I was you, I would check other polls along with this one. I do think it wayyyyyyyyyy off. Grin Gasp! could be biased ? Me thinks so, again…….Hang in there, Sir, that poll only WISHES it was this way…………..

  62. will a “fresh face” DO what only Trump has done and knows how to do it again! DJT did more for the country than ANY other president since Reagan ………….We humans don’t know a good thing until we don’t have it anymore and that we have found out…..BUT we were lucky to have a good thing in President Trump…no…a GREAT thing and we are given a second chance and we must not blow it………… Let the “fresh face” assist .

  63. bolton poll yea right he is going to fail again trump will overcome hes a idiot i cant beleive guys like this eat at restaurants in peace some nut will teach these guys ,,

    WE DO!!!!

  65. Bolton is more in line with Iran than he is with America. Suspicions have been aired that, Bolton converted to Islam when he was an Ambassador to Iran.

  66. This shouldn’t be any surprise, much less a shock. Republicans are much more intelligent and world-aware than Democrats.

  67. Come on TTN! You should know better! John Bolton is a washed up deep state hack! Any more of this kind of cr_p and I’ll delete your site!

  68. This poll is fake news because it was conducted by a John Bolton dominated poll. Because Bolton hated Trump so much, how can anyone believe this poll is the true feelings of the majority of Republicans? I say no, it is not the true beliefs of the majority of Republicans. Poll after poll is in disagreement with the Bolton poll. President Trump is still in charge of the Republican Party and they want him to run again without any voter and election fraud by any state.


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