Pelosi Considering Appointing Another Republican to Jan. 6 Committee

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After House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy stunned Speaker Pelosi by yanking all five GOP nominees to serve on the 13-person Jan. 6 committee she’s considering taping another Republican to serve. It seems that Republicans need one prerequisite to be deemed worthy of serving on the panel, they must be anti-Trump.

It makes sense considering she’s already appointed Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney to serve on the panel. Now, Pelosi is reportedly considering selecting Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger as well.

The Hill reports:

Pelosi was asked at a news conference Thursday about the possibility of selecting another Republican to join the panel.

“We’ll see,” she said.

“I mean, there are some members that would like to be on it,” Pelosi added. “But, we’ll see.”

Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson (D) told CNN on Thursday Kinzinger would be a “welcome addition” to the committee if he is approved by Pelosi.

The move would make sense for Pelosi considering Kinzinger was one of the ten House Republicans to vote in favor of Trump’s impeachment following Jan. 6. Kinzinger also sided with Liz Cheney in her continued criticism of the former President and sided with her when she was voted out of her position as House Republican Conference chair.

    1. She is a Democrat and should only be able to select Democrats to this Panel which should be made up of equal number of personnel from both parties. She should not be allowed to disqualify any member the Republican Party names to be on this Panel. Another Court Stacking (Kangaroo Court Style) and Pelosi is afraid of being questioned why she didn’t have the Capitol Building better fortified especially with the information sent out that there was a possible chance of trouble for that day. It was a staged Insurrection that she and the Democratic Party to further insult and accuse President Donald J. Trump of Insurrection that she caused, just to make another Impeachment of our Sitting President just 2 weeks before he leaves Office after the Democrats stole the Presidential Election from Him. If the speaker of the house can’t fortify the Capitol Building when notified about possible trouble there then what I mentioned above proves she didn’t want to protect the Capitol that day for persueing another Impeachment against President Donald J. Trump. Wake up America. Also their will be more Democratic cheating in 2022 Elections.

      1. You would have a hard time convincing me she was elected at all! Her husband is a major stock holder in Dominion… The chinese company!

  1. Pelosi is NOT going to put anyone on that committee that is going to ask WHY she did NOT okay more security with the Sargent of Arms that Reports to HER…… AND she is going to pack it with as many Anti-Trumpers as she can…..

  2. Two quisling RINO’s on Comrade Pelovski’s witch hunt: makes perfect sense. The real Republicans will investigate Jan 6th now and what really happened, likely a contributory false-flag operation to smear our President unjustly. No worries, the truth will OUT. ‘And the truth will set you free.’ May the truth set all the unlawfully detained ‘insurrectionists’ free!

  3. Pelosi exhibits that rare mind set found less in women than men
    She is a Genuine Female Psychopath – like a Whitmore in DC
    Were it not for the severe psychological limitations Pelosi’s Chronic Alcoholism places upon her she would be dangerously clever instead of abysmally stupid.

  4. She is a devious old hateful person who doesn’t deserve to be a leader of any sort. She represents all the values America hates . How sad for all of us that she is in any position of leadership. The sooner she is out, the better for all.

  5. Pelosi needs to be sat on. Kevin McCarthy needs to get some extra testosterone because he’s acting like a girly man. Sit on her McCarthy and don’t stand up until she says”UNCLE”

  6. We all know the situation at the Capitol was planned as a distraction from the stollen election. Frankly, I’m sick of all of it, the left never wants to come clean.

  7. The question is, does McCarthy have the gumption to take this action. If not, he should be replaced also.

  8. What about Ashley Babbit? Roseanne Boyland? What about the buses unloading antifa and blm crowd getting Trump gear as they got off that were on the steps before the Trump crowd even got there, What about the 500 political prisoners that only went in? Its a little known fact that America owns the buildings and real estate so its pretty hard to call them trespassers on their own property! Now the vandalism and theft is a different story! It wasnt a problem when it was in Portland or Seattle to private citizens

  9. Pelosi needs to control the narrative! Her own frigging grandson was there, I bet he isn’t one of the 500 in jail!

  10. One more,… This is about Trump beating Killery! They had no idea they needed to sed the “switch votes” percentages so high on the dominion and smartmatic machines! Its a sexist ploy for a woman to be in charge but they blew it with Killery and Heels up will do her own self in! Are vibrators allowed at gitmo? camel hair was asking

  11. Every time Pelosi does something like this she looks at the Republican she’s talking to shakes a finger gets real stern and makes a point. All the timr she’s thinking “screw you, you’ll never catch me and or prove I did anything wrong.” The problem is the person she’s talking to is looking right back at her and thinking “I’m going to catch you and I will prove you did something wrong.” Her days are running short.

  12. that person will be a RINO who supports Peloser and her agenda of illegals infiltrating our country, her socialism/communism beliefs….


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