Biden Nixes Trump-era DHS Proposal Targeting Terrorists

President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with supporters at an "An Address to Young Americans" event hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

President Biden has rescinded a Trump-era Department of Homeland Security proposal aimed at protecting Americans from the threat of violent terrorist attacks. The DHS rule specifically targeted student VISA holders possibly connected to Islamic terrorists or Chinese spies would have required them to renew this VISA application every two to four years and check they are still in good standing with their university.

The Daily Wire reports:

The most valuable part of the process would have had DHS agents conduct eyeball-to-eyeball interviews with renewal applicants. The agents also would collect biometric information, spot-check progress at academic institutions, and double-check that original claimed purposes remained valid. This periodic regimen would have made sure not only that F-1 visa holders from those countries were keeping their end of the bargain but provide opportunities for suspicious activity referrals to the FBI.

He added, “In its official explanation, the Biden administration pointed out that 99 percent of those who commented on the regulation – a great many of them likely the affected foreigners, school administrators, and exchange visitor programs – just didn’t want to go through all the bothersome rigmarole for their generous host nation’s security interests. The regulation, opponents most frequently complained, ‘would significantly burden’ them with extra cost and time, would discriminate based on nationality, and would deny them access to ‘immigration benefits.’”

The proposal pointed out, “To extend their stay,these aliens enrolled in consecutive educational programs, transferred to new schools, or repeatedly requested DSOs to extend their program end dates.”

The proposal stated: “According to a December 2018 report by a panel of experts commissioned by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to study foreign influence on federally-funded scientific research, ‘Small numbers of scientists have committed serious violations of NIH’s policies and systems by not disclosing foreign support (grants), laboratories, or funded faculty positions in other countries.’ There are multiple examples of these ongoing national security threats.”

  1. So the poor little foreigners didn’t want to go through the RIGMAROLE of applying for the visa. TOOOOOO BAD! Your country has worst laws regarding visa then we do! So fill it out and quit whining! You can thank FREE-PASS JOE for the change!!!

    1. Yeah, so much trouble for their freedom! And they are the very ones who, if allowed to stay, will also think it’s too much trouble to work for what they get when they can live off the Democrat’s welfare programs and get free stuff!!! 🙁

  2. Do we not have to go through protocols when we visit their countries? I don’t see any of these countries making special accommodations for Americans…unless, of course, they want our money! Put Americans FIRST, for heaven’s sake, or we’re sitting ducks for anybody that gets their feelings hurt being asked to comply with OUR protocols! What a joke!

    1. I agree with your message.
      Just a small exercise. Take your last sentence and isolate one key word.

      (‘that gets their feelings hurt) … The word [Feelings] is the central theme of every human rights policy or legislation the Democrats touch. The Donkey party is the party built on emotion.

      In the current Xiden administration, the objective is to return America to it’s “Rightful” place on the bottom as a punishment for being the world bully. Remember … this was the central theme of the Obama administration for eight years.

      Under Trump > America First! Keep America Great !
      Under Xiden > America (less than) Last ! “Let’s teach people to hate America.” We will force CRT (Critical Race Theory), Wokeism, Social Justice Warriorism, Virtue Signaling and Political Correctness .. down their throats with a plunger if they resist.

  3. What the heck are these dems doing? Can it be any plainer that they are destroying our country and our safety? Name me one thing they have done to help this country.

  4. For months now, I thought that surely, there must be at least one person in Congress with guts enough to begin impeachment proceedings against that lame brained idiot, Biden!
    BUT, I should have known better, back when no one had guts enough to impeach that America-hating, Muslim Communist, Obama! Where are the real men in Washington, who should be standing up, and fighting for our country? And how about our military leaders, who ALSO took the pledge to protect and defend our Constitution and America from foreign AND domestic enemies? Personally, I’m ashamed of every Congress man and woman there! Besides that, from what I see, we don’t even have a Supreme Court, a DOJ, or an FBI that cares about America. In my opinion, none of them are worth a crap anymore! If Almighty God doesn’t soon step in, and straighten it all out like the Prophets are promising, then we must be under God’s judgment and doomed, because, until Donald Trump is back in there, God is the only one who can drain the swamp now.

    1. UNTIL the People take back our nation, nothing will change.

      We MUST start with the DOJ, including Bill Barr, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. Personally, they should all live out their lives in GITMO. The same for FBI’s Wrey, Comey, Strock and Page. Then we must add the IRS’ Jon Koskinen and Lois Lerner to the GITMO community.

      Once we have them in GITMO, they can provide us details on others in the Swamp in exchange for things they will NO LONGER have access to, like a warm meal or some internet time (no e-mails).

      With the info provided, we can arrest the Congress people (current or retired) and their office employees for acts against the People and our Nation!!!!!! And that is HOW we clean out the Swamp.

    2. Jim, the house, and senate are controlled by DemonRATS. Not going to happen. Actually MTG did introduce articles of impeachment. That was the last we heard of it, for the reason I already mentioned.

    3. No, I’m not one of “those” women, but it wouldn’t take a real man, simply a real person. Sometimes women have bigger balls than men. Sadly, they are lacking on the DC ground too.

  5. Maybe Biden, the idiot, masquerading as a president and Harris, the 40IQ and mind of 10 yr. old will be nixed.

  6. Hidenbiden is a real,ignorant,senile,frail,old,fool,puppet, because he hates Trump, he puts all Americans and our country in peril. Hate will get this country, nuked with this incompetent, clown pretending to be president, puppet, getting his strings pulled in different directions. How long can we watch this clown show,with dementia,joe,bumbling,babbling,nonsense that doesn’t make any sense, pathetic idiot..

    1. Most all of Biden’s cabinet picks and approved. thanks to spineless RINOs also that would not even question their backgrounds, all are involved with the Communist Chinese Party!! We need to get this old fool out of office ASAP!! they are all compromised by CCP.

  7. I firmly believe that the demented, seditious Democrats’ first and primary focus for now is to eliminate everything that our good President Trump was responsible for that was truly making America great again! God forbid the liberal freedom-haters should support things that are in the best interest of the people they work for! They want his name to be erased from all except the lies surrounding their attempts to impeach and denigrate him — Trump bad!! 🙁 But we know who the truly bad ones are, don’t we? Starting with the White House “squatter” and his puppeteers and Chuckie and Peelosi and Shifless and the bartender girl and Maxie — well, you get my drift! And all those others who are quickly leading us into that void known as communism — they are the ones who are the BAD through and through! President Trump is the one who loves America and truly cares about Americans. I WANT HIM BACK!!

    1. American ppl will never let communism breach our boarders. Not when it comes down to it. Theirs a lot more of us then them..,

      1. Looks to me like they not only breached our borders but took over the federal government and white house!

  8. Many Americans (who are STILL Americans) are wondering why we allow foreigners into the country AT ALL. Maybe the Democrat Party should be required to list all foreign imports who have benefited the country, and exactly how they made that benefit.

    1. Jamey – I’d prefer an EXCHANGE Program. We should allow foreigners in BUT with the same restrictions we had in place decades ago . . . . NO WELFARE!! Let them come and make a life for themselves.

      In exchange for foreigners who love our nation and our freedom, we send the country of origin one of our American-born lifetime welfare citizens.

  9. I personally don’t think anybody should be coming into this country. The border is letting covid people in an then sending these people all over. Wonder why the covid rate is going up. Thank Biden sn his illegals

    1. Be careful Casey with what you post. Although many do NOT like Biden or his actions, our nation’s agents still take threats seriously – especially in today’s world. Don’t want to see a comment get you in trouble. Have a good day.

  10. He and the whole lot of them are traders doing everything against the American ppl they can. Ppl we are plenty and a hell of a lot more then them. It’s time to stop this corruption

    1. We, our country, has never been in such sorry shape in just 6 months, destruction monsters in place!! We are about getting like the situation on the brink like back in WWII.

    2. Mac – i think you meant “traitors” but I agree with you. Just waiting for the 10 million man march to begin heading east to the DC Bigtop and taking back our nation. Count me in!!

  11. As usual the Democrat Marxist Crime Cartel giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies. They are truly the enemy within.

  12. The truth is that the DemonCrats are willing to soft-pedal any risk to the populace of this nation as long as they can create a new permanent underclass of gimme-gimme-gimme Democrat voters from millions of illegal immigrants. Their unbridled lust for power has consumed their souls. The sole goal of the Marxist is nothing but POWER. Power to them supersedes truth, justice, welfare, benevolence or loyalty to America.

  13. That is just lovely. All of America hasn’t forgotten 911 and what those people were doing here learning to fly jets and damn if they didn’t learn and killed thousands of Americans. Here we have a so called President that just don’t give a Rat’s Ass about the people, then or now. Boy our country is in a world of a mess.

  14. So Joe Biden doesn’t think we Americans shouldn’t be protected from the threat of terrorist by making sure they are who they say they are while in our country getting and education. I guess we shouldn’t worry about terrorist infiltrating our country under the guise of being a student.

  15. I would have taken things a step further than Trump. For those here illegally and committed a felony while in America, I would NOT place them in prison.

    Instead, I’d load them on a C-130 (HUGE military plane) and drop them in Afghanistan with the same documents they used to get into America. This way, you KNOW they aren’t coming back any time soon . . . if ever.

    Furthermore, it warns other ILLEGAL FELONS what will happen when caught. As a result, they will likely self-deport instead of hanging around.

  16. Biden is probably funding their flying lessons too at OUR expense (911)
    Paying for range lessons (las Vegas)
    Paying for their abortions (Biden loves chinese food)
    paying for their explosives and demolition schooling (surfside)
    paying for hacking school and surveillance camera classes (Epstein) pipelines
    paying for their medical classes ( how to make it look like suicide 101) McAfee and Epstein
    More problems come from DC than fixes so what do you say we shove the pentagram we call DC into the Potomac river and start over!
    I bet they even got Gates to help with the hacking and satan himself for the neuro-biological weapons they call a vaccine!
    Dont worry you are paying for all of it not them!

    1. Sorry, lets not forget Knoxville! or the blm and antifa’s at the congressional “insurrection” where only Trump supporters are arrested and not their people getting off buses and handed Trump gear, yeah leave those alone! they are evil to the core, to the bone, to the depths of hell!

  17. Presididn’t (Go to the Border) Joe Biden would love to have terrorists attacking America and Americans so he can play the victim card and hold useless press conferences outlining failed policies to counter the attacks!

  18. Read the Declaration of Independence, It is exactly what is going on today! Pretty powerful! and then follow it up with a refresher of the Constitution! Thos idiots (both sides by the way) have been slowly working outside the law of the land for a long time to bring us to this point! Bushes first $5 trillion should have been a heads up then Obuttheads $18 trillion should have shocked America, and at least Trump gave the money directly to the people and not off shore accounts and buddies helping to elect and deceive the masses!
    This is your fault America! for allowing God to be taken out of the country! The 13 states on fire? JUDGEMENT! expect food shortages and outrageous prices, This is only the beginning unless WE as Americans bring God back! Start on your knees to Him and then move to DC to remove the evil! We will show them who the “insurrectionists” really are!
    If God is with us, then who can be against us!
    In Jesus name!

  19. More ridiculous attempts to remove any and everything President Trump did help safeguard our country. Obiden and administration i slowly giving the Country away.

  20. Mental diaper changes keep coming, There is no Presidential blanket pardon for those who break the law, Blanket executive immunity does not exist, executive orders can not be legal if they break the law. If you were part of or assisted in moving illegals around the Country, virus ridden or not you have violated established laws, Biden’s disregard for the laws of our land will not provide you immunity from prosecution. The forgiving mood of States, Citizens, who have suffered will not be there, if citizens have lost loved ones, money or property abuse, you will be held accountable. Biden administration does not have the authority for blanket forgiveness, for violation of established laws they are considered crimes, you will be charged, best to get out now before the sxxx hits the fan. The law suits are moving forward soon they will completed, then individual assessments will begin.

  21. you feel safer with the drooling fool in the WH? Trump wanted us safe. The idiot wants you dead, and doesn’t care about you in the least. Funnier still, crying Chuck backs this asshole completely.


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