Missouri AG to File Lawsuit Against New Mask Mandates


Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt is preparing to file a lawsuit against the state over its new COVID-19 mask mandate orders. Starting Monday St. Louis, Missouri, and St. Louis County are requiring people above the age of five to wear face masks regardless of vaccination status.

According to The Daily Wire:

The new orders — a response to the resurgence of COVID-19 cases and pleas from area hospital officials — will require most people, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, to wear masks in indoor spaces and on public transportation. People in the city and county also will be urged, but not required, to wear masks outdoors, especially in group settings.

“We’ve lost more than 500 St. Louisans to COVID-19, and if our region doesn’t work together to protect one another, we could see spikes that overwhelm our hospital and public health systems,” Dr. Fredrick Echols, acting director of health for the City of St. Louis, said Friday.

Wildwood Mayor Jim Bowlin “also pledged to stop the mandate, saying he would use his own executive action to prevent enforcement of the mandate in the large west St. Louis County suburb. His executive action will also allow business and other gathering places to use parking lots and other adjacent spaces to do business to accommodate people without masks outside, he said on Facebook,” per St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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  2. So many new studies have shown that the only masks that filter out the virus are N95 masks. All the other masks are a waste of money and effort.


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