GOP Candidate Takes Lead in CA Recall Poll

Charlie Nguyen from Berkeley, CA, United States of America [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

As the California recall election gets closer and closer Gavin Newsom continues to get bad news as polls and surveys reveal he may not be in a position to handily win. While Newsom is a comfortable position because California is mainly comprised of Democrats and no major Democrats are running against him, it seems some Republican contenders have been making waves in the Golden State.

Recent polls show that voters aren’t happy with Newsom because the gap between those supporting ousting him from office versus keeping him continues to shrink.

Fox News reports:

Forty-seven percent of likely California voters questioned in a UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies/Los Angeles Times survey released on Tuesday said they supported recalling Newsom, with 50% opposed.

Mark DiCamillo, director of the Berkeley IGS Poll, said he believes Republicans are more likely to turn out to vote in massive numbers in part because there are no major Democrats running against Newsom as because of general interest in the recall election.

DiCamillo added that “there’s greater complacency among Democratic voters. Nearly all of them think Newsom is going to survive this, and I think that’s holding back some of their voters from thinking it’s important to vote. Republicans are much more confident that they think they can turn the governor from office.”

The poll indicates that conservative talk radio host Larry Elder, who won a court battle last week to appear on the ballot, is the current frontrunner among the nearly four dozen candidates running to replace Newsom, should he be recalled.

Elder stood at 18% support in the survey, with businessman and 2018 GOP gubernatorial nominee John Cox and former two-term Republican Mayor Kevin Faulconer of San Diego each at 10% support.

Republican candidate Caitlyn Jenner trails behind the other candidates in fourth place.

    1. Jenner isn’t stable. Already is bowing out..took on a chance to be in some goofy show on TV. Also, brain is literally fried.

  1. Newsom went fron a hero, to a zero, in a very short time, it’s time to recall this incompetent,governor who has turned kalifornia into an unlivable, state with all his idiotic,policies that didn’t work. Now he wants to invite all the homeless, to come to kalifornia, and we will take care of u.He has to go.

    1. Remember, there’s a lot more mod cons and conservatives living in Cali than they would have you think.

  2. California’s Republican, Conservative, Libertarian, and any remaining “Blue-Dog Democrats” had better get off the asses and vote to Recall Gruesome Newsom from the Governor’s office and show up in droves to vote in a strong Conservative leader to turn the State of California around. A candidate such as Larry Elder would be an excellent choice for California’s next Governor. He is a true Conservative, a Californian, fiscally responsible, for law and order and for the rights of all Californians. The first step however is to remove Newsom not only as Governor but from any future forms of public life in the government.

    1. Yes, many of us are supporting Larry Elder, he would have a huge job in front of him, we would love to support him!!!

    1. The transgender thing is not acceptable, in my humble opinion. Not saying he’s a good candidate for the job, and I want to see Larry Elder win. But given Jenner’s strong support for President Trump, that says patriot and conservative, so I give him credit for that! 🙂

      1. I give him credit for that as well. But I have to say that we have been embarrassed enough on the world stage already with the tranny nonsense! It would just be one more thing to laugh at the USA about!

  3. The condition of CA, caused by Democrats and their love of Socialism/communism, should be enough to cause the voters to get rid of Newsom. They have all the evidence they need.

    1. All the libtards, and as I understand it oldscum is the only lib on the special ballot along with, what 40 republicans???? Guess who wins that battle……………………..

  4. California went red in this Election believe it or not. (Im not talking about the fake ballots), only the genuine Watermarked blockchain Official Ballots. All these commies need to be removed, Stallwell, Newsome and the Mayor of Los Angeles too. Including Waters, Pelosi and others

  5. The recall opposition is too fragmented. 18 candidates ?! Give me a break! This is indicative that GOP isn’t really serious or it would weed out these Prima Donna’s who don’t stand a chance and get behind one strong viable candidate.
    The Democrats would do that. At least they are sophisticated political operators. Evil. Satan employs the best of the worst. The Republicans should get tougher internally and crack the whip on unserious candidates. Trump has made major mistakes. Promising to cut illegal immigration but not actually coming forward and doing it alienates the base. It has me. Trumps failure to eliminate the carry forward tax provision that lets Bill Gates et less in taxes than his maids shows he really kowtows to the wall street brigade. His giving money to candidates who sound great ideologically but who are to lazy to get out and canvas and recruit folks is a script for electoral disaster no matter if the GOP actually outspends the Dems. He’s a egomaniac just like Ann Coulter has pointed out so clariently.
    The Republican propensity for circular firing squads will kill our hopes. The country club wing of the party would rather lose to the Dems than actually implement the conservative sounding platform the party leadership is offering us. Their not giving up the cheap labour illegal aliens present nor really be serious about the 2nd Amendment save for gutting it. And abortion forget it-its all sound and fury signifying nothing. They want illegals-the pool boy and the maids. And a abortion if you get the Consuelo preggo.
    The paleo wing is the same. High principled but too stupid to compromise when it will help us. We lose potential allies who don’t agree with us 100 percent but who could be of help during some crises.
    Newsome will stay the same. Governor of the Soviet of Californiastan.


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