Justice Department Makes Announcement Over Legality Behind Vaccine Mandates

Photo of someone receiving a vaccine. Photo from Pixabay.

On Tuesday, the Department of Justice concluded that federal law doesn’t prohibit public agencies and private businesses from requiring employees receive the COVID-19 vaccination. The vaccines have yet to gain full approval from the FDA but so far multiple major government agencies have announced they would require some or all of their employees to get vaccinated or be tested weekly.

Fox News reports:

“As access to the COVID-19 vaccines has become widespread, numerous educational institutions, employers, and other entities across the United States have announced that they will require individuals to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment, enrollment, participation, or some other benefit, service, relationship, or access,” DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel wrote in an opinion. “For instance, certain schools will require vaccination in order for students to attend class in person, and certain employers will require vaccination as a condition of employment.”

The opinion notes that some have questioned whether such entities can lawfully impose such requirements.

In the opinion, the DOJ Office of Legal Counsel says the law concerning emergency use authorizations (EUAs) “does not prohibit public or private entities from imposing vaccine requirements, even when the only vaccines available are those authorized under EUAs.”

The VA became the first agency in the federal government to announce that it will require patient-facing employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The news comes after reports broke the CDC is expected to walk back its initial guidance telling vaccinated individuals they don’t need masks indoors. The CDC is expected to release new guidelines that recommend some fully vaccinated people wear masks indoors in some settings but so far specific details have yet to be released.

    1. Whether the jabs are dangerous or not isn’t really the point, is it? I think the real point is that these statists think they have the right to force Americans to take an untested vaccine, potentially against their will. This is a direct attack on freedom and the rights of the citizens and a clear violation of the Bill of Rights.

  1. There’s really nothing I can say other than I’m speechless. How dare they order us around as if we’re a bunch of 5 yr. olds???? This is the most disgraceful, illegal BS we have ever had to go through. Unfortunately this is just the beginning. I’ve always been an optimist but I’m running out of “optimism steam”. I hope they all drop **** from covid, That would be beautiful, universal justice!!!!

    1. Then the people need to resist these mongrels and take it to the courts! It is illegal and unconstitutional! They cannot make you take a poisonous vaccine in your body!

  2. I don’t know how the vaccine which hasn’t received final approval will be mandatory. Over 11,000 have died from the vaccine. If you force people to vaccinate before final approval and you die can your family sue? And if so who?

    1. You cannot sue anyone because the government has provided this industry with protections against being sued. Which makes this even worse! What happened to the mantra “my body, my choice!”

      1. It was reported about a month ago, that if a place of employment or business, and schools mandate this vaccine that legal ramifications could proceed through OSHA. So lawsuits could prevail. Since congress wouldn’t allow the vaccine manufacturers liable that would be an alternative I think in this case. But I would say you can shove your vaccine, my personal choice. The CDC has not been transparent on these vaccines just like flip flopping Fauci. You get more reliable stats from European news. And since our government and media are so dysfunctional they won’t tell the truth.

  3. It should be up to our own discression to take the vaccines. The FDA has not approved any of the vaccines, and the american people are supposed to believe a corrupt, and lying government, that they are safe, with all these people dying,maimed,poisoned for life,having heart problems,blood clotts,and many other health risks. Ya right.

    1. You can’t believe that considering they chose not to hear all the election fraud evidence. If they do anything they’ll enact a universal mandate.

      1. You are right, the supreme court will do nothing except rule that you have to follow the CDC guidelines. They are as corrupt as the Biden Administration is. This country is going to hell in a hand basket. Prices for everything is going sky high. Gasoline here is about $3 a gallon. I called the propane gas company and asked about their price for propane, $3.19 cents a gal. This time last year I had my tank filled for $1.29 a gal. What is it going to be this winter if you run out and need your tank refilled. $4? $5? no telling. Right now, it would cost me about $1000 to fill my tank, and if we have a winter this year like last, I will have to fill it again before the winter is over. I don’t see how people living on a fixed income, like me, is going to make it through this next winter. My God, people, can’t you see what is happening now here in this country? And there are people who still believe that Biden is a better president than Trump? Unbelievable.

  4. go watch some of the videos of people who got the vaccine and the opinions of Dr’s on bitchute. Graphene oxide and 5G = robots.

  5. Of course the Biden justice department would mandate this BS! These vaccines are NOT approved yet and DO cause harm or death. These industries are protected against being sued. So the people are at risk. The vaccine is not 100% effective either, as proven by the democrats in Texas who are vaccinated but ran to DC to avoid a quorum in Texas, and 8 of them tested positive for covid. These are NOT emergency times! Slowly the democrats are taking away our freedoms. ANY company that makes it mandatory for an employee to be vaccinated should then be held responsible for any adverse effects of the vaccine to all employees!

  6. So they can force them to put a foreign substance in their bodies without mandatory testing? What kind of dictator country is this.

  7. I can’t believe how many people go along with the government lies.
    We’ve certainly reached “herd stupidity”.

  8. DOJ?, YOU MEAN that new EXTENSION OF THE Democrat party? Mental diaper changes keep coming, There is no Presidential blanket pardon for those who break the law, Blanket executive immunity does not exist, executive orders can not be legal if they break the law. If you were part of or assisted in moving illegals around the Country, virus ridden or not you have violated established laws, Biden’s disregard for the laws of our land will not provide you immunity from prosecution. The forgiving mood of States, Citizens, who have suffered will not be there, if citizens have lost loved ones, money or property abuse, you will be held accountable. Biden administration does not have the authority for blanket forgiveness, for violation of established laws they are considered crimes, you will be charged, best to get out now before the sxxx hits the fan. The law suits are moving forward soon they will completed, then individual assessments will begin.

  9. Two words…..Nuremberg Code. Crimes against humanity get the death penalty, and “I was just following orders,” we not save the guilty. More than just military personnel were hanged after WWll.

  10. Other vax programs were shut down from fewer than 25 vax related deaths out of a million doses. This BS has many thousands of deaths from the vax and is still going. Some other motive at work here.

  11. So they’re claiming the law does not prohibit them from forcing Americans to be guinea pigs for an untested vaccine. Can anyone explain to me how this is not fascism?

  12. As a fully vaxed senior, I believe this must be decided in the Supreme Court under constitutional law. Not a Biden DOJ opinion.

  13. Excuse me, The DOJ has no power granted in the Constitution to declare any mandate or law legal or illegal, All law under the Constitution must be made by the Legislative Branch, With the concurrence of the Executive Branch “President”    The DOJ as a department of the Executive Branch has no power to declare anything Legal or Illegal, Be it a Mandate or Law, The only branch given that power is the Judicial Branch after the Legislative and Executive Branches have crafted, passed and signed said bill into law. 

  14. The Biden follies continue, Southern border wide open no papers, no medical checks, absolute virus ridden invasion yet the Canadian border remains closed, Biden pissed off over pipe line lawsuit, which he knows will be lost in the courts. Stand up comic your not but big joke you are, The following is who big teck is protecting, Let me check my notes, is my butt wiped? no more questions, but the press conference just started, Get me Hunter on the private line, the CDC authorized the virus ridden illegals to come into our country, Mr. President you did, where are my “big teck intermediaries”? need redo on this conference, this whole thing is Trump’s fault, I invented the vaccine or was Dr, Jill? Any way. late for video games at camp David got to go. Told you Arizona it’s not who votes, it’s who does the counting. Oh well, hope Hunters art sales are doing great.

  15. Will they mandate all the illegals coming across the border take the jab? I thought that citizenship had some privileges that illegals didn’t, but it looks like citizenry means more liabilities than privileges. I’ve heard that they give the illegals a choice to take the jab. If that’s true, then I want the same choice. I too can say, “No Englash” when asked if I speak it.


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