DOJ Threatens Suing States for Reimplementing Pre-Covid Voting Rules, Conducting Election Audits

Chuck Kennedy for The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

President Biden’s Justice Department is threatening to sue states for returning to pre-pandemic voting protocols or conducting election audits. In a memo, the DOJ says it is committed to preserving voting rights and will not hesitate to act if they see any states violating voting rights.

Fox News reports:

“The department’s enforcement policy does not consider a jurisdiction’s re-adoption of prior voting laws or procedures to be presumptively lawful; instead, the department will review a jurisdiction’s changes in voting laws or procedures for compliance with all federal laws regarding elections, as the facts and circumstances warrant,” reads a document released by DOJ.

It proceeds to outline a long list of statutory protections on voting rights, including those surrounding mail-in voting.

In a press release, DOJ said: “The guidance document addresses efforts by some states to permanently adopt their COVID-19 pandemic voting modifications, and by other states to bar continued use of those practices, or to impose additional restrictions on voting by mail or early voting, In addition, this guidance document discusses federal statutes the department enforces related to voting by mail, absentee voting and voting in person.”

The Justice Department also issued a warning to states that conducting an audit into the 2020 election could violate federal law. The warning comes as Arizona conducts an election audit and a number of other states have considered following their example.

Axios reports:

The agency is “concerned that some jurisdictions conducting [audits] may be using, or proposing to use, procedures that risk violating the Civil Rights Act,” which requires election officials to retain federal election records for at least 22 months after an election.

The guidance also warns against attempts to intimidate voters, citing reports of proposals to contact people in-person to verify their eligibility.

“[W]hen such investigative efforts are directed, or are perceived to be directed, at minority voters or minority communities, they can … can deter them from seeking to vote in the future,” the guidance noted.

“Jurisdictions that authorize or conduct audits must ensure that the way those reviews are conducted has neither the purpose nor the effect of dissuading qualified citizens from participating in the electoral process.”

The Justice Department has already filed a lawsuit against Georgia over its new election law. So far Biden’s DOJ hasn’t revealed if it will sue other states that have passed new voting laws.

  1. Democrats appear to be quite afraid of fair, legitimate, elections. It would seem that they feel they can only win if there is massive fraud.

    1. Well, Joe said it plain enough -“We have put together the most effective system of voter fraud there is.”

      1. His exact words are …
        “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”- Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

        1. That is Joe’s admission of violating federal criminal election law. Go straight to PRISON, with Hunter, Obama, Valeri Jewett,

          1. Every single thing they falsely accused President Trump of (and anyone associated with him) THEY DID THEMSLEVES!

      1. Actually they are quite intelligent in an evil way.They stick together and are gaining in their capacity to control the millions of people who voted for freedom. If the election is not overturned I fear for what will happen. The steal should be confiscated and returned to the true victor.

    2. it also shows their racism because blacks apparently can’t vote like others can too. and blacks suport that s..t, really? when the dems bosses, well if the dems bosses, get what they want then you will see the dems true colors again as history has show, the true racist the dems are will kick the blacks to the curb, along with anyone who doesn’t believe as they do and those people that are of no use to these dems. Then all these supporters will be crying. Me-I told you so idiots you made your bed you sleep in it. The problem with that is alot of innocent people will be hurt but then that never bothered these dems as shown by the blm/antifa riot.

      1. Yes-blacks overwhelmingly vote for democrats-what does that tell you about their intelligence? Actually 90+ per cent of blacks put obammy in the White House twice.He is the man behind the curtain, working to complete his “fundamental transformation” of America.Whites gave blacks freedom and the vote, blacks gave whites a trained Marxist.

      1. FRAUD voids all contracts, including contracts for employment as POTUS and VP, by way of elections. 2020Election is rife with fraud resulting in Biden/Harris usurping government job employment for which they are not eligible. Contracts are void for 2020Election FRAUD. President Trump is still POTUS, but his 2nd term is usurped so far by criminals in Office. ARREST Biden/Harris/Obama/ Omar,, immediately; restore Trump Presidency.

        KAMALA: What is important to know and fight against is this fact:  Kamala is usurping OFFICE by election2020 fraud, and she is not eligible for VP or POTUS because she is not a Natural Born Citizen of USA as her parents were alien student visa travelers NOT US Citizens. Like the 2-Term Usurper Muslim Infiltrator Barack Obama who has finally admitted he was born in Kenya not USA, Kamala Harris must be arrested immediately for her federal level felony treasonous crimes, then after prison, both she and Obama should be deported and banished from USA forever!
        Biden/Harris are usurping Offices by way of massive collusion with China’s CCP to corrupt our 2020 Elections, and therefore you must resign immediately , or be arrested for TREASON.

        CANCEL Obama. The very WORST thing Obama. aka Barry Soetoro did, was usurp the Office of POTUS, two times, to which he was not eligible as a foreign agent ISLAMIC Jihadist infiltrator, and admitted Enemy of our Constitution FOR the USA, and seething with hatred of White AMERICANS.
        Obama Advisor Valerie Jarrett now Demands Vaccine Mandates for Americans!

    3. Because the left cannot win on their ideology or policies. Socialism is not popular anywhere, nor successful for the people, they lie, intimidate, and create fraud wherever they take power.

  2. This DOJ works for the Democrat Party not the citizens of the USA. A voter should be required to identify him/her/it self when voting to prove that they are eligible to vote.

  3. And the Supreme Court should not consider previous Court rulings to be presumptively constitutional. The presumption of reasonableness and lawfulness should work both ways. There is no more reason to reconsider either than the other.

  4. well of course, the Democrap DOJ does not want to lose the election. Cannot have an election audit. Where’s the FBI, oh I forgot, they are democraps too.

  5. Biden DOJ protecting, and preserving voting rights, is Rich as 4 foot up a BULLS ASS! Fair and Honest election terrifies the dumbocraps…

  6. so it is ok to go door to door for intimadating people into taking an unsafe covid vaccine but you can’t verify if someone who voted actually voted. Makes sense to no one. The DOJ should be investigated to see who is paying these criminals to make the decissions they make. Then after conviction these individuals need to be hung for everything from supporting terrorism to being a traitor. Karma will happen and when it does these DOJ personel may wish they hadn’t of taken that money.

    1. No one has to pay these people in the DOJ. They work for Biden the Corrupt, who now owns us since November.

  7. Hey DOJ if Biden truly won the election, the audits would prove that. Why in a hurry for litigation….unless there’s something to hide

  8. Another fearful demonrats interruption of the legal audits for voter fraud discovered in multiple if not ALL states. Audits need to be conducted to discover the massive voter fraud, and also the voter fraud shown on videos of polling places, not permitting Republicans to witness the counting of votes, etc. etc. etc. Lots of crimes by demonrats committed! Jim Crow joe has dementia and is not permitted to ruin with a terminal disease and kamala ho harris vioalted the morals clause having a 30 years sexual affair withe the then married with 3 small children at the time, willie brown past mayor of San Franciso,CA to benefit her financially and quid pro quoa for 30 years. Let that sink in?

    1. The states are the true party that has the proper standing to do audits. The federal government is not in charge of federal elections. This republic established the states as the party with proper standing.

    1. The state legislatures were the only ones with proper authority to change the rules, not the supervisor of elections. The supervisor is supposed to follow the rules given by the state legislature, and it’s a federal violation to change the rules just before an election. They should not allow certification of any votes when the rules were changed.

  9. The DOJ and the Federal Government needs to back off. The Constitution gives states the right to run their elections. You have NO jurisdiction. Back off. Nuff’said.

  10. We’ve all known that the little putz would fit perfectly with the flimflam team. He knows he cannot win such litigation but the goal isn’t to win. It’s to fetter the GOP for several years while it makes its way to the Supreme Court. And by that time, it’s possible that the democrat crime family will have implanted their flimflam Supreme Court Justice.

  11. To threaten invoke civil rights acts on people who had to finance these audits by private fund raising to find out if there was massive cheating. They believe the elections were rigged before their eyes then must listen to the criminals continue to denied cheating. Honestly, if those who knew of the massive fraudulent election, denied 76 million people any federal investigation funding into what they physically believe they saw, why does society shock you? If AG Garland denies this reality, or does he think, he can use his position to cover up crimes of one party political allies. If there is no fraud why stop ongoing investigations, unless your sneaky. To use anti racial laws to stop a fair and legal voters audit in America it is just another act of endless acts of treason by our illegal masters. If there is no fraud why would you do this, unless your hiding the your criminal pals. Honestly, stop,the audits after two audits exposed thousands of bogus ballots and fraudulent ballots fed into machines by poll workers? Honestly, this it is another act of pure treason, by the evilest federal government and congressional majority in history. Justice my Fanny, only a bull shit artist would be this bias act to this to cover up the crimes of his party pals. Why do we pay tax’s to the support department of injustices after Obama filled the agency with a fifth column of sleeping cell Marxist ? What value do they hold if they have no sense of honor, or courage, to do the right thing. Stop the audit, and show the world how dishonest the Dept.of injustice actually has been for over 12 years. A weaponize tool of the democratic global communist party.

    1. As far as covering up crimes Garland doesn’t hold a candle to Holder and his replacement. She did such good job covering up thing you can’t even remember her name.

  12. Let them sue. Per the U.S. Constitution, state legislators make the voting laws for their respective state, not the federal government. If Merrick Garland appears to be this stupid with regard to the U.S. Constitution, thank God he wasn’t appointed to the Supreme Court.

  13. Massive fraudulent actions are due for real bruising
    they do not realize it but karma has a way of coming back and biting
    this time it will bite harder

  14. What Federal law would be violated when states review the 2020 voting ballots? The violations occurred while voter fraud occurred and the DOJ knows this.

    1. There is no violation. The federal government is violating the constitution when it tries to stop a state from conducting an audit. That’s the state legislature’s role as the oversight of the states rules and procedures for a federal election

  15. They want the fraud to continue. They are politicizing the DOJ…not surprising based on Dems history.

  16. They’re running scared now. They know the true results could put all involved in the voter fraud behind bars. But, of course, we know that no one in D.C. ever faces justice for their crimes, unless Almighty God finally keeps His promise through the prophets, and finishes Trump’s job of draining the swamp.

  17. More over reach of the government.They are willing to do anything to stop laws that are being passed to prevent voter fraud.I pray for there souls.They are playing in Satans den.
    The people of this country want these audits. We want to make sure that our votes count. They forget that they work for us not themselves.

    1. Sad to say it ; but our government officials only SHOULD work for us – as our taxes pay their salaries. HOWEVER, the evidence shows that too many have NO HONOR about their rightful obligations to work FOR US. Instead, they are working for their own interests – in VIOLATION of their duty to work for OUR BEST INTERESTS ! So many have no integrity. They swore to uphold our Constitution, but many refuse to acknowledge what it truly says AND MEANS ! They work for THEIR AGENDA. Their loyalty is not to the America for which our founders fought and died to establish ; but rather to an “Amerikka” which would be loved by tyrannical “leaders,” whether in Beijing, Moscow, Pyongyang, or perhaps Tehran !
      The United States Of America NEEDS THESE FORENSIC AUDITS !!! Only when the full, actual truth is proven will desperately needed corrections become enabled ! Can we survive long enough to achieve that ?
      Tom Streets

      1. Not to change the subject but has anyone wonder why they want to defend the POLICE. While all the federal agencies Obama still have guns an ammo and large budgets. Now queen Nancy wants to spread the GESTAPO (CAPITAL POLICE) around the country. They are supposed to be a DC thing to protect Congress period .

  18. Well I would personally like to thank all the Spineless Republicans that didn’t speak up during the election and a special thanks for everything they did to help Trump the last 4 years , you guys are worthless and weak

    1. Yes-why aren’t Republican “leaders” impeaching the dementia patient in the White House? We all know this “man” can not and is not leading the country.Who is leading? Obama. Why is this allowed to continue?

  19. D.O.J.This Country Is Of The people Not You Damn Beroughcrats We Are Your Bosses get Out Of America Photo I.D. Is The Peoples Way . So Get Out Of America Communist And Take Th Whole damn D.C.Left Withe You While You Can.n You Are Not Going To Screw Us This Time It willBe A fair Election with Out Your Criminal Ways Of Communisum.

  20. COMMIECRATS ARE ALL NEW WORLD ORDER STATISTS AND WILL NOT ALLOW A RETURN TO SECURED VOTING RIGHTS IF THEY CAN PREVENT IT. Why? Because in spite of their denial of YOUR VOTING RIGHTS as American Citizens, they CANNOT WIN ANY ELECTION FAIRLY HELD! And, they KNOW it! American citizens follow the Constitution: and adhere to the Rule of Law. Democrats do NOT; and follow and practice the Marxist Dialectic even in our Public Educational System since 1969, when unionization of teachers, fire, police, nurses and worst of all federal employees was allowed thereby giving Marxist labor unions access to YOUR tax dollars to be used AGAINST YOUR best interests and that of your famlies and THIS is the utterly SHAMEFUL RESULT: TODAY!

  21. USA Justice? In our democracy we are allowed to seek information and complain to a Judicial officer if information of a non-National Security nation is not made available within 20 days. Time the truth about US elections joined the rest of the democratic world. The position of Attorney -General should be non-political and appointed by the full Supreme Court using the principle of being never associated with a political party for say 10 years and demonstrating the qualities required of a Supreme Court Justice.

  22. The clue to the Great Pandemic is this: the DemonCrats and their Deep State lizards of the Swamp have seized the Pandemic and turned it into a SCAMdemic to find and implement evil stratagems to pervert and corrupt the voting process. Voting rules and procedures have been illegally changed or discarded using the flimsy excuse of the Pandemic in order that massive cheating will turn the election in the favor of the DemonCrats. No American in his/her right mind would want what is going on now in the country: the corruption, rampant criminality, perversion of justice, the denial of the vision of the Founding Fathers and judicial undermining of the Constitution.

    1. They did not “seize” it-they CREATED it. It has allowed mass vaccinations of God knows what into people’s bodies and we haven’t seen the end of their over reach in that dpt. yet, it allowed voter fraud thru mail in ballots, etc. , the Wuhan flu eliminated many of the older voters who would have voted conservative had they been alive, so many things the Wuhan flu accomplished.

  23. Shame, what are they so terrified of being revealed? Military have the exact figures from the QVS Blockchain system anyway. I suggest changing the name of the DOJ? Lets call them department of Injustice for Conservatives and fake justice for liberals with plenty to hide 🙂

  24. This administration does not want you to have freedom or vote for the most qualified person, and for FREEDOM….. (they want ONE PARTY CONTROL). their goals are to keep you locked down, and under their control. They are re-infecting the population of the United States by bringing in illegal migrants with Covid and sending them around the country, (no masks, and no vaccinations).

  25. What the DOJ should do first is help fix the fraud that occurred in the 2020 election. Sue all those involved and let the state’s do what their citizens think is best for their state. This new laws that each state is implementing with how they conduct their election. The Biden administration along with the DOJ get elected by those states citizen. How they go about it is none of their business. The citizen of that state have their voice and they get to decide.

    1. You are correct in that we have to fix the 2020 election before we are able to move on. If this fraudulent administration is allowed to continue we won’t know this country by the time the term is over. There will never be any more fair elections.

  26. So, they can investigate Jan 6 to their hearts’ content, as try to find supposed “justice” but we can’t look into a very fishy looking nationwide vote?! Yeah, Hypocrites, liars and crooks are running rampant in whole mess!! What’s the problem with conducting audits? If they break a law then get them for it, oh wait…they might actually figure out how the Dems cheated and then it would be put to a stop, along with arrests high up!! As well as signing on a different President, that they seem so scared of!

  27. Correct me if I am wrong, but I understood the States were responsible for their states’ elections, voting and anything else that deals with elections. DOJ is only part is to make sure none of the laws are Unconstitutional and to oversee elections to ensure of them being legal; NOT to enforce their ideal of being “mini dictators” to force their ideas on people and further taking the Americans’ freedoms.

  28. The CONSTITUTION gives STATES the right to determine how the election will be run AND reviewed/Audited in their respective states! NOT DOJ! This is just an attempt to work around the fact that the Freedom ending HR1/S1 “For the People(to be enslaved) Act” has not passed. They want to FEDERALIZE everything taking away States Rights! ALL YOU state legislators- especially you runaways- this means they want to replace you and end your authority! Wake up!

    1. “The [deep state] DOJ’s acts,” (actually, agents, since the DOJ is an imaginary thing incapable of either good or ill), described above, are no less than yet another abuse of office by agents (representatives) of We The People. They are what they are – intimidation and veiled threats.

  29. Federal government does not control individual voting rights in the states. If there is an issue it goes to the courts. Biden administration is wrong and evidently not to aware of Constitutional law!

  30. Americans in the several states need to elect agents who understand the laws they are sworn to uphold. That means, among other things, stopping feds from crossing borders to impose laws and policies they have no authority to impose.

    Then there is this. It equates to threats against sovereign powers, the states (ref. the checks and balances noted in the tenth amendment to the first of the FIFTY-ONE constitutions.

  31. I just pray the repubs take back congress in 2022 and the WH in2024. If they do I hope they get an ass kicking AG who will clean house at the DOJ and go after a multitude of dems to include getting their tax records or having the IRS audit them. All dems who took $$ from the CCP must be investigated for selling out this country. Put me in charge and see what happens.


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