These Republicans Won’t Bow Down to the CDC

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Yesterday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its guidelines for vaccinated Americans. The move is a sharp turn from updated guidelines in May that said vaccinated individuals do not need to wear masks indoors. The announcement instantly drew sharp criticism from Republican lawmakers across the country who say the change in guidance isn’t grounded in science. While some Democrat-led states and cities are already heading towards another round of Covid-induced panic these Republicans are standing against the CDC.

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  1. this is all an attempt , just like masks /shutdowns last year to pressure those of us who know better, who don’t want to be lab rats into getting their useless biological agent.
    resist don’t ever give in, if my employer tells me I have to get the jab or lose my job, he’ll have to fire me and he would be advised that I will sue them till the cows come home.

    1. i would ask for proof that masks/vaccine works.. and produce all the people who have died from the vaccine, have gotten deathly ill, long term side effect, and permanent brain damage

      1. The news and politicians aren’t telling the public about the people who died from the second shot, and now they want boosters on top of that. Many have succumbed to blood clots, heart attacks, Guillain Barre Syndrome, Bell’s Palsy, women have miscarried, Myocarditis and pericarditis are inflammation of the heart lining. These are very viable and concerning health problems for millions of Americans, actually taking the vaccine and boosters are more risky than getting the virus itself. The MISINFORMATION as Biden calls it, is coming from the government.

    2. hope this will be heading to SCOTUS….will be interesting to see how the SCOTUS rules on the government forcing people to get the vaccine….

  2. there is more going on w/ the forcing of vaccines.. i find it odd that we didnt do anything for sars, h1n1, bird/swine flu. they have lied about everything.. i would like to know who is benefiting financially from all of this. i am convinced that the hospitals do not want this to end (higher ups, not staff), your tax dollars are paying for all the testing research and vaccines. i would not be a bit surprised if it comes out that the democrats colluded w/ china to bring this to our border just to get rid of President Trump (which is a whole scandal in itself when 96% of DC voted for biden). everything they have stated has been a LIE!!! if masks really worked, every single democrat would get on their soap box, pull the latest fake news reporter from their behind and wave the test results over their head while shouting at the top of their lungs. instead they shout “mis-information”… republicans should be shouting at the top of their lungs, what “mis-information”. the only mis-information is democrat lies… thats it

    1. You got it. Follow the $$$. Every craven catcall of ‘misinformation’ hides a treasure trove of genuine DISinformation. I am so happy to reside in a State like those above, where the Governor has a head on his shoulders and principles in his heart and will not kowtow to the Vaxers. It seems the CDC has fallen to the Deep State who are loyal to Party and this loyalty far surpasses their loyalty to human health.

    2. China and the radical left, globalists, rich elites, and other corporations conspired to bring America down, and are still conspiring in many ways.

  3. Most of us aren’t gullible, and aren’t complying to get a vaccine that has spike proteins that actually affect the body adversely. Notice how people who got the shot are getting Covid again because the vaccine is changing and weakening their immune system, not strengthening it against other diseases. Ya, just keep adding on more vaccine and boosters so the government can track you, and take away your freedoms. STURGIS gets it right….don’t fall for the lies from the left.

  4. Most people are not falling for the lies from the government. Notice how those that got the vaccine are getting it again. The spike proteins in the vaccine are actually causing your immune system to be less effective, and attaching to organs… Vaccinating is a way of tracking you and controlling you and you become more susceptible to diseases NOT less. The STURGIS GROUP GETS IT RIGHT. The Super spreader is at the borders where all the illegals are excused from masks, vaccine, and social distancing and being transported to every state to start up the virus again….


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