Rep. Greene Sues Nancy Pelosi Over Mask Fines

AFGE / CC BY Wikimedia Commons

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being sued by three House Republicans after being fined for not wearing masks while on the House floor. Republicans Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Thomas Massie, and Ralph Norman are asking the court to bar Pelosi from implementing fines and rule on the constitutionality of the fines.

The Hill reports:

The House Ethics Committee announced on Tuesday that it was upholding fines against several GOP lawmakers —including Greene, Massie and Norman — that were levied in May after the lawmakers protested a requirement to wear masks on the House floor.

House Democrats voted in January to levy $500 fines for the first offense and $2,500 for the second offense.

The lawmakers protested the mask mandate in May because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that fully vaccinated people didn’t need to wear masks in most settings.

The plaintiffs argue that their protest in May did not constitute “disorderly behavior [because] it did not disrupt the House’s operations or good order, nor is it otherwise unlawful conduct.”

On Tuesday, the CDC updated its guidelines again and is now recommending vaccinated individuals wear masks indoors in some areas with high transmissibility rates.

  1. She is not a renegade! She is a brave and an awesome patriot. She has no fear and continues to stand up for the Constitution and our country.

  2. Marjorie Taylor Greene is not a renegade. She is a “common sense” person who is tired of all of Nancy Pelosi’s phony power and insanity. I wish her the best and I thank her for attacking the lunacy. Every other sane politician should be doing the same.

  3. Were all tired of crazy,piglosi,the ripper, in fact, it’s time to arrest the old,hag, for the insurrection of the 6th, for refusing the security that was offered, by president Trump, and refused by piglosi, so she is responsible, and needs to be terminated, for incompetence.

  4. Pitiful, Pathetic Pelosi only does anything for her rich partners and has not done a thing for our country. She cant negotiate with anyone and only wants her own way. She is by far the worst speaker of all time!

  5. Peweeeelousy. What an imbecilic old drunken sot nag. She’s proof of how stupid the majority of califognians are. A waste of space.

  6. Pelosi MUST BE ASKED TO STEP DOWN FROM HER POSITION. Why? Because she is no longer following the rules of the Speakership of the House! That should be enough to remove her from her post BEFORE someone gets very physical with that old bag of bones!
    At Pelosi’s age, she no longer has a good memory and her thoughts become one sided — to benefit herself — and NOT act like a Constitutional Speaker of the House. Her Memory is “TOAST”!

    Pelosi “thinks” she is running the Federal Govt. show and no one else — who do you think is responsible for the DC Break in? Yes, Pelosi! If you follow the trail of $$ and actions, it all leads directly back to Nancy Pelosi!
    Why do you think she is leading this Witch Hunt? So she can steer the investigation AWAY FROM HER PART TO ORCHESTRATE THE BREAK IN SO SHE COULD IMPEACH PRESIDENT TRUMP ONE MORE FRIGGIN TIME!
    Come on now Americans! Pelosi doesn’t want Jordan, etc. on that Committee because they will direct the investigation exactly to its source — Nancy Pelosi! Her reputation and position in the House would be “toast”! Actually, she would be kicked out of the House and probably serve time for “INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER” for creating the scenario that got an innocent exMilitary woman killed at the break in!

    YES, Pelosi is NOT GOING TO SURVIVE THIS ONE! Someone finally needs to nail that old hag to the wall for her ineptitude and lack of intelligence. Both she and biddyboy belong in a Old Folks Home with bars on it!

  7. Maybe we should all sue the crazy ice cream lady for treason at the same time. Sue her for what they have been doing the last year and a half, to kill any chances of getting this crap anymore than we should. They set this pandemic in place and I think they knew all along what it was going to do to the population all along.

  8. You better fight for your freedoms now, or lose them forever. These globalists, big corporations, and politicians are in league with China, Russia, Iran and other countries who want our demise and will do anything to destroy America.

  9. Everyone should follow these Patriots lead. We need a massive act of Civil Disobedience. Throw down the face diapers and make a stand against the Wuhan Virus Tyrants. We would not have a United States of Sam Adams, Dr. Warren Paul Revere and their fellow street brawlers in Boston had hid out in the Green Dragon Tavern and submitted to the Crown. We have tyrants just as bad as the Crown, Gen Thomas Gage and Cornwallis today. Do not submit.

  10. I wish we had a common-sense, gutsy, in-your-face defender of liberty like MTG. As it stands, my county and state, likely due to rampant, unchallenged election fraud, certified by the craven Mike Pence, have turned as purple as Nasty Pelovsky’s grape juice.

  11. pelosi’s mask comes off on the house floor for photo shoot. Standing elbow to elbow with family members who just got elected to office. Lock her up . SEMPER FIDELIS


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