Jake Ellzey Defeats Trump-Backed Candidate in Texas Special Election

Rear Adm. Richard O'Hanlon, Commander Naval Air Force Altantic, greets Cdr. Jake Ellzey, Commanding Officer of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 143, during a homecoming celebration. VFA-143 completed a five-month deployment with the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication 2nd Class (SW) Wilyanna C. Harper/ Released).

Jake Ellzey has officially won the special election for Texas’ Sixth Congressional seat against Trump-backed candidate Susan Wright.

Susan Wright, the widow of late Rep. Ron Wright, was the odds-on favorite to win the run-off election, especially after gaining Trump’s endorsement. Wright passed away from COVID-19 complication last year. The election was a major disappointment for Democrats who have been hoping to flip Texas blue, not a single Democrat candidate advanced to the run-offs.

Fox News reports:

“Special elections are special, and this one was no exception,” she tweeted. “I want to congratulate Congressman-elect Jake Ellzey on his victory. I am praying for his success & wish him well. I will never forget the kindness the people of #TX06 have shown Ron & I for so many years. Thank you.”

Ellzey did not try to distance himself from Trump and instead sought to overcome the lack of Trump’s backing by raising more money and showing off other endorsements, including the support of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the Associated Press reported.

“One of the things that we’ve seen from this campaign is a positive outlook — a Reagan Republican outlook for the future of our country — is what the people of the 6th District really, really want,” Ellzey said, according to the Texas Tribune.

Wright’s defeat is especially interesting as it indicates a drop in support for Trump in Texas. The Lone Star State hasn’t been shy in its continued support of the former president and Trump has taken on a sort of kingmaker role within the party. However, Wright’s loss having had Trump’s support now calls into question how much influence Trump still retains on the party and if other candidates he’s thrown his support behind still have the chance to succeed in next year’s mid-term elections.

  1. Not agreeing with Trump in every way does not indicate a loss of support for Trump. Poor “analytics”, here.

    1. You beat me to it, Bill. This was a local election and one candidate’s massive Texas support would naturally overcome a national figure’s support of the other one.

  2. The Biden follies continue, Southern border wide open no papers, no medical checks, absolute virus ridden invasion yet the Canadian border remains closed, Biden pissed off over pipe line lawsuit, which he knows will be lost in the courts. Stand up comic your not but big joke you are, The following is who big teck is protecting, Let me check my notes, is my butt wiped? no more questions, but the press conference just started, Get me Hunter on the private line, the CDC authorized the virus ridden illegals to come into our country, Mr. President you did, where are my “big teck intermediaries”? need redo on this conference, this whole thing is Trump’s fault, I invented the vaccine or was Dr, Jill? Any way. late for video games at camp David got to go. Told you Arizona it’s not who votes, it’s who does the counting. Oh well, hope Hunters art sales are doing great.

  3. I didn’t follow this race closely but if I lived there, I would have voted for Ellzey for two reasons. First, Wright dropped out of college and has no state or federal government experience. Secondly, Ellzey earned a BS from the U.S. Naval Academy and rose to the rank of commander as a fighter pilot. Following commercial airline pilot work, he was an aide in the Bush 43 White House Office and served as commissioner of the Texas Veterans Commission. I don’t understand why these races were so close.

    1. Agreed. Trump’s support for a lesser qualified opponent was more than likely a sympathy gesture towards her departed husband.

      1. I don’t see where this shows a lack of support for Trump. Ellzey was probably a lot more qualified than Susan Wright was the reason more people voted for Ellzey. I think people are beginning to see what happens when you elect someone who is not as qualified for the job as someone who is running against them. I hope the same thing happens when the 2022 election takes place, and people, Democrats and Republicans will realize that these people they have been voting for are not the most qualified for the job of representing them.

    2. Trump may have a soft heart but he has a hard nose as well: I would point out that Ellzey was using Trump’s donor mailing list to solicit for his campaign.

    3. It is rumored that the Bushes were in on 911 and pushing for the new world order republicans can be rotten also

  4. I don’t think it would have mattered who if Trump backed Wright or not.. If he didnt and backed Ellzey it would have been anti women, but right away he backed the lady whose husband had been an ally. Now they want to spin this as people backing off trump.

  5. Considering it doesn’t mean a loss in support for Trump, that’s pure speculation, it does mean the people of Texas are and always have thought for themselves. Not dependent on media or current or former incumbents opinions or endorsements. This old okie salutes our Texas brethren. Hopefully we can get the rest of the country doing the same. I voted for Trump in 16 and 20. Likely will again in 24. I don’t agree with him on everything, only sheep do that.

  6. I’m sure she had his support because of her opponents close ties to the Bush family. Bush has bad mouthed Trump from the start.

  7. This was a contest between two conservatives so whoever won would be an addition to the conservative movement in Congress. I expect good things out of Jake Ellzey just as would have expected good things out of Susan Wright. I do not believe this was any kind of reaction against President Trump, but merely a reflection of what Texans thought would be the very best selection for the Texas 6th congressional district.

  8. Wright may have been Trump-supported, but it’s not clear she was Wright-supported. Ellzey was all over my e-mail inbox, and sure sounded a lot like Trump, while Wright was conspicuous by her absence. Laziness should not be rewarded.


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