Republicans Attempt to Expel Cheney and Kinzinger from GOP

Hudson Institute, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Since January there has been a divide between pro-impeachment Republicans and the rest of the party. However, that divide deepened when Reps. Cheney and Kinzinger accepted Nancy Pelosi’s invitation to serve on her select Jan. 6th panel. The divide has gotten so deep that some Republicans are pushing to expel the two representatives from the party.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs brought up a resolution during a House Republican conference meeting on Tuesday to expel immediately from the conference any person who sits on a committee that they were not appointed to by the Republican leader or the House Republican steering committee.

“The reality is, they’re now basically working with and for the Democrats, and so it’d be awkward for them to be sitting in our committee while we talk about policy, put, you know, strategy and how to stop bad policy from the Democrats and advance good policy from us. It’d be really awkward,” Biggs told the Washington Examiner.

While some fellow Freedom Caucus firebrands such as Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert expressed support for Biggs’s move, it did not get traction.

Another Republican voiced his frustration about Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger saying there is definitely a divide between them and the rest of the party.

“What should be done to Liz now? I don’t know. I think they’re kind of doing it to themselves,” Texas Rep. Chip Roy told the Washington Examiner on Monday, before Biggs brought up his proposal in front of the conference. “They’re on an island over here, and they’re choosing teams at this point, and they’re saying, ‘Oh, so I’m totally fine saddling up with the speaker of the House of the United States House of Representatives, who, by the way, is killing our country at the border, killing our country on spending.’ … They’re isolating themselves.”

Despite Rep. Biggs’ initial push against Reps. Cheney and Kinzinger getting little traction the growing frustration within the party with the two representatives indicate it’s unlikely this will be the last attempt to oust them from the party.

  1. All that were not on board to expel them, need to go as well! That would mean there would only be less than 10 Reps left in the Republican Party. Because they are all rinos, just about!

    1. That’s okay, there would be room for the young blood coming up. Have you observed the ancient members in the top echelon of the Democrat party, including Nancy?

    1. They are against the Constitution, laws, morality, responsibility to their voters, security for the people, and against a Society that promotes Freedom.

  2. I vote yes. Now this time do it! Tired of hearing about these goofy people, mean what you say. Get rid of their power

  3. Well the republican voters saw this, are upset with this. Moreover how corrupted our government is and. Gives reason for voters to force them out. Like get fired, they don’t represent republican voters, they sold out to Pelosi. Pelosi violated her role as sergeant at arms and failed to explain her responsibility for her actions. Now she is the primary witness it was her duty to protect the white. Evidence that she was told by chief of police, and evidence of FBI using informants. Packing the court is an ethics violations, allowed to control the outcome, proves they are guilty without being charged. Actually since they imprisoned supporters but released Antifa, and having three time loser and list Schiff running this. Now would be the time to bring charged to all of them. Treason is a high crime and although few were hurt, they demanded Trump held accountable. So let’s hold them accountable.

  4. they represent a group of people who voted for them
    they should get rid of them,unless, the voters like what they are doing
    sorry folks.but we are a representative republic and that the way it should work

    1. Wyoming is trying to get rid of Cheney but she isn’t budging. The best thing to do at this point is for the Republicans in Congress kick her off. However, knowing the do-nothing Republicans in Congress that won’t happen either. The Rinos are just as bad or worse than the Dims.

  5. That there is the problem with the Republican Party. They are so weak kneed that they won’t even rebuke the traitors within their own party. I agree with Biggs – they are now spies for Nancy Pelosi. Why would you include them on any meetings?!

    1. Exactly! Do not let them sit in on any meetings. Tell them to go sit with Nanzi the Notzee and Pencilneck Schiff in their meetings.

  6. About time the “Leadership” step up and remove those who are clearly not members
    nor supporters of the Republicans Conservative goals and ideals. They have from
    ever opportunity turned to the Democrat Socialist leadership and sucked up to the
    throwing our party goals under the bus or thwarted us at every opportunity even when
    it did not benefit them directly but the Democrat Socialist party as whole. Liz Cheney
    is as worthless as her Father was and should never have been supported or backed
    by the Republican Party. She and Nancy Pelosi are like Siamese twins locked at the
    hip for life neither make a coherent statement nor sense.

  7. Have some guts and expel them. Expel all the detractors. We need a clean and united party to take back America or we’ll be a one party authoritarian socialism soon.

  8. These phony Rinos shouldn’t be representing the Republican Party. Tell them to go join the marxist party. A cleansing needs to happen. Even if you are the minority, you have to stand up for what you believe in, whats right, lawful, and true, and so far this country has allowed evil to penetrate every part of the government and society and destroy the foundations of freedom and liberty.

  9. Poll the states in which these two represent and see if they would like them removed. If they say yes then remove them and let Cheney and Kinzinger fall where they may. That would fixed both of them at once and for all.

  10. If A Representative’s is not doing the job that the Voters of Their Party elected them to do. Then they aren’t valid electorates.
    The Voters can claim you are on a false and contentious position
    This is a form of domestic terrorism.

  11. Good riddance to these turkeys. No love lost. Let Nasty Pelovsky make them both Heroes of the Soviet Union.

  12. They are traitors to the party and to the country. Kinzinger made an absolute fool of himself. What a weak idiot. I can’t wait until both he and Cheney are out by being replaced with a Trump Republican.

  13. Come on Republicans! GROW SOME FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Kick Cheney and Kinzinger off the GOP!! Neither of those FALSE REPUBS even come close to a GOP thinker! They are “TURNCOATS” and have no business anywhere in the GOP!


    There is nothing Conservative about either of those traitors — give them the boot NOW so their Constituents can see EXACTLY WHO THEY REALLY ARE — Democrats in drag GOP costumes!

  14. I am going to say this !! I have no proof but it strikes this way lets say that you were the opposition party and you need to disrupt the other party you would encourage people to run as republicans but vote with the democrats this is what we are seeing… Think about it is perfect sabotage of the opposition party.. and then find the least back bone republican you can find and they cave it seems you would have a uni-party at that point wouldn’t you look at how much crap they pass but can never really take care of the business of really doing there jobs watching over these agencies they seem to love to make that make rule with the weight of law WTF i smell RATS in our country to take us all out are truly paying attention to this crap i know i am food water medicine shelter a means of self defense and a plan know you 10 mile area and who the hell is in it

  15. Two ! I can give you a list that would take hundreds of pounds of flotsom off the shoulders of the Republican party and make it stronger–
    Kinzinger, Chaney, Sass, Romney, Toomy, Collins. , for a start. We don’t have to be as mean as the Democrat party but the Republicans defiantly have to toughen up and fight smarter. .

  16. This is national politics! And it has great similarities to military service.If you can’t maintain order and loyalty, then a count marshal is called for. Politically, this would be separation from the political party that was responsible for their elections. Try unseating them. If that does not work, expel them from the party.

  17. If they want to be Democrats, let them be the ones to change parties. I don’t think they should be expelled from the party, but they should be stripped of any leadership posts they hold and be reassigned to committees of the lowest importance. If they are not representing their constituencies anymore, they will be voted out of office at the next election, where they should be primaried by more conservative candidates.

  18. Don’t stop there , 50% of them if not more are spineless corrupt cowards that need to go , we need real conservatives not Bull shit car salesman

  19. If only our “great” republican group had the guts to do the right thing and throw these two bums out it would be great but just like our Governor and Speaker of the House here in Texas they lack the morals and ethics to do the job we elected them to do.


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