These Republican Senators Just Folded to Democrats

Carol M. Highsmith, via Wikimedia Commons

After weeks of back-and-forth, the Senate has officially voted to begin debate over President Biden’s infrastructure bill. After bipartisan talks recently ended with an agreement from Republicans the Senate wasted no time in getting to work. A vote was held Wednesday evening and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was pleased by the outcome, the Senate voted 67-32 to greenlight debate on the bill.

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  1. Wow. What a surprise. The Republicans dropped ’em and bent over for the Democrat/Communists. Again. Gee, that never happens, does it? There is no more GOP. There is just the Left and Right wings of the Democrat/Communist Party.

    Sold out again. Yup, what a surprise.

    1. B**LS**t! I’m so sick of reading all these defeatist post from people that I am supposed to go to (cultural) war with. You are a “free” thinking American and you can give up whenever you want. However, I ask you this question? Name me one RINO that you would NOT vote for against the BEST socialist Democrat? Don’t be fooled. Some of OUR Representatives and Senators are half scum, but ALL socialist Democrats are ALL scum. I outgrew being a political purist during the Carter administration. I fought in a war (Vietnam) that we lost (like every war since then). You knew every time you got a new CO that some were ill-equipped and unqualified. But you worked around them. After about 6 months they knew better and improved. You NEVER get everything you want or need. But you play the hand that’s been dealt you. You do your thing and I’ll do mine. And to me, it’s “live free or die”. Hopefully you will be with me. But if not, enjoy your utopian life under tyranny.

    2. Very well stated. The fact is that a good percentage of both the Democratic and Republican parties have either turned traitors to our Constitution and the traditional Democratic Republic values, beliefs and responsibilities that once defined our Country as the land of the free, home of the brave and the model for true Free & Law Abiding Democracies around the world. Granted, there are a few on each side of the aisle that really do qualify as Patriots but most if not the majority clearly are anti-America, self serving traitors. As a proud veteran and life long tax payer I will continue to support President Trump and those Patriotic elected and appointed officials who continue to live by their promises they swore to keep. The rest we can drop off in Guantanamo Bay where they can continue to feed off of the American taxpayer that includes lifetime confinement, in a value system that they believe in. God Bless America and continue to support our Nation and constitutional freedoms & rights..

    3. This is why America is going to FALL just like the Roman Empire did as We today have to many Republican ASS KISSERS! Why because it is Republicans like Mitch who are SPINLESS and Gutless and this is why AMERICA NEEDS TO BRING BACK AMERICA’S TRUE LEADER “PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP

  2. Republicans (RINOs) are so weak and foolish. They don’t see how this undermines future negotiations. I’m truly disgusted.

  3. RINO Bill Cassidy is a huge embarrassment to the state of Louisiana. Cassidy, if he ran, couldn’t win an election for dog catcher anywhere in Louisiana. He needs to go back to Illinois where he came from and be a Demorat, which he is!

  4. By now almost everyone know’s this, it matters not in this “cess-pool” of a swamp, if you ‘say’ you’re a demo(n)©rat or a Re-pub!€-c#n+….it’s a Swamp❗️

  5. THESE BUMS? I HOPE ALL OF THEM ARE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE BIG TIME! THEY HAVE NO SPINE! “WE” HAD SOME “HOPE” in the Senate. Well, FORGET THAT! SPEND “like crazy”, & let “Mitch” go along with the Dems. This “turkey throat” Republican has “sold “US” down the road. I’m sick of politics & the DEEP STATE. Time for McConnel to go.

  6. These people make me sick. Romney, Cheney,& a bunch of RINO’s should join the Dems.Thery “ARE” despicable & are making our lives MISERABLE ! Let everybody into the USA, regardless of Covid. FORCE “all of us , vaccinated to wear masks, & let everybody “in” “who’s” got, “it” and THEN “tell “US:” , “it’s our fault” that Covid has spread! So much for 2022 “elections”! .


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