DOJ Rules Trump Tax Returns Must Be Released to Congress

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The Department of Justice just released an opinion stating that former President Trump’s income tax returns must be released by the IRS to Congress.

CNBC reports:

The decision comes more than a year after the U.S. Supreme Court said that Trump’s tax returns and other financial records had to be turned over by his longtime accountants to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., because of a subpoena issued as part of Vance’s criminal probe of the Trump Organization.

Trump broke decades of precedent as both a presidential candidate and occupant of the White House by refusing to voluntarily release his income tax returns.

The opinion Friday by the DOJ’s legal counsel office came in response to a long-standing effort by Congress to obtain Trump’s returns.

The opinion noted that the tax committees of Congress, while having a “broad right to receive tax information” from the Treasury Department, “cannot compel the Executive Branch to disclose such information without satisfying the constitutional requirement that the information could serve a legitimate legislative purpose.”

In the opinion released by the DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel, it says that the House Ways and Means Committee made a request with a legitimate legislative purpose to see Trump’s tax returns prompting the ruling.

  1. Another right lost. They can do Trump today and they’ll get to whoever else they want tomorrow.

    1. Note: Pelosi and her brats in Congress only go after REPUBLICANS. Pelosi is nothing but a trouble-maker and makes it a point to go after and demolish the people she hates or even those who contradict her, and THAT’S the way she spends her time in Congress!

      1. Have to wonder exactly “what legitimate, legislative purpose” they could have produced in order to obtain “private tax information”. I would think there are MORE legitimate, legislative purposes to obtaining commie pelosi’s “hidden” tax information, since we all know she would “never report anything truthful”! We can be assured President Trump never took, or accepted “dark, foreign money”, whereas the same cannot be said of commie pelosi and her “band of thieves”!

      2. According to some Prophets of God I’ve heard lately, she might want to plan spending the rest of her time in prison.

    2. They had Kennedy shot for several reasons that our government well knows – read the book ‘Secret State’ by Jack Thomas – one, he did not want war with Cuba, and two, he wanted to withdraw troups from Vietnam (just for starters) – Johnson, DOJ, CIA, and the millionaire’s who have been greatly ‘enriched’ by the war effort were all in.

  2. So sick of them picking at Trump while Joe Biden breaks the laws and screws America over in every way possible. and tells lies to the American people about Covid-19 vaccines

    1. Someone stated, earlier, – – “They use emergencies to break the law; now, they break the law to create emergencies”! Sort of ties in with their tendency to “never let a crisis go to waste”, doesn’t it?

  3. President Trump needs to register as a Democrat and all will go away. Democrats can lie, cheat, steal, do whatever with no accountability.

  4. Trump:. I will when Joe Biden releases what he’s done by pimping Hunter in schemes while Vice-President and the money Laundering from China and Ukraine and Russia. There’s more than one reason Biden shutdown XL Pipeline and opened Russia Pipeline.

    1. Yeah, what about the five million Joey got from the wife of the mayor of Moscow and the 10% for the big guy from the CCP company when he was VP, did all these kick backs appear in his tax returns.

  5. I think we should be able to see all of the congressional members tax returns. You can’t tell me they are completely truthful on their tax returns

    1. Completely agree. All elected officials should make their tax returns open to public scrutiny. So tired of only going after Trump & any one associated with him or Republicans party.

  6. If it were possible to synchronize every Trump supporter at one given time to fight back, they’d have to listen to us!

  7. If Conservatives don’t Shove it up the Democrap’s back side in 2022;
    🇺🇸becomes 🇷🇺 or 🇨🇳 and you can 😘 your freedoms goodbye forever! Once they get a few more fingers locked into their Cog of destruction America will be lost… Sad state of affairs that these shameful politicians steal from the people to enhance their and their families personal lives.

  8. What are these people doing to help the American people out? All they are doing is fighting between themselves and trying to crucify Trump, let it go already.

  9. They’ll get it back 100 fold. We get what we give. President Trump is a good man, an honest man, and so giving and caring towards others. They will never destroy President Trump he is so beloved by God, and the people. This too will backfire on them, and they should know it by now

  10. DemocRats are immune to the law and they have the power to use the law at will to eradicate whoever they want. US is not a lawful society any more, it is a socialist regime of oppression, corrupt out in every branch where the aggresive woke cadres have seized the institutions.

  11. I like that Trump and all his family worked for USA with no salary. How is it now, also Biden is on 1 $ salary?

  12. Didd anyone expect anything else. They own to government lock stock and barrel. This is not what our ancestors wanted and tried to make sure would not happen.

  13. This is BS, How about we see Pig heads taxes and how she tells her hubby things she learns in congress so he can buy the stocks… Also known as INSIDER TRADING. Trumps taxes were looked at by NY and we know the IRS if there was ANY thing wrong we would of known it a long time ago. This is politics and nothing more.

    Notice they don’t care about Hunter and Biden or Clinton…CRIMINALS with proof all over the place. These crybabies are stuck on Trump.

  14. How many of you think we should band together and create a mega lawsuit on the DOJ and all the people in it? We could have an audit going back to their childhood to see who comes up as a criminal in the DOJ? We need to start doing the same thing to them that they do to many of our good people. Take them down a few pegs and publicize their lives for everyone to see.

  15. Another weapon against Trump? First it was fraud dossiers and a corrupt FBI and now taxes. When don’t have anything on somebody there is always taxes to get you on. What a crock of excrement.

  16. And what about the returns of Joe Blow? NOOOOOOOOOO! All departments of Government have been politicized now.

  17. For anyone not connecting the dots yet, this is all to keep him from running in 2024.
    Our country is in so much trouble. People need to wake up fast.
    But I want to thank all the idiots who went out and voted for this. Shame on each and everyone of them. joe is NO UNITER you stupid old farts.
    For the young with mush for brains, he won’t be paying your student loans either!

  18. So much for the privacy pact between IRS and taxpayer. Predictably though because most stopped trusting the federal government years ago.

  19. [DOJ Rules Trump Tax Returns Must Be Released to Congress]

    All this means is that the Democrats can violate President Trump’s privacy rights, and if him, then anyone else, and this means our 4th Amendment to the US Constitution is irrelevant in protecting the American people’s rights of privacy.

    The US Congress is the federal government’s Legislative Branch, which is only supposed to make laws, the Executive Branch is supposed to enforce those laws, not the Legislative Branch, and before the Legislative Branch can investigate, they are supposed to have good reason of cause of violated law, not to simply violate ones privacy to look for some, any, violation of law, because you don’t like someone or you oppose that person’s philosophies and principles.

    Any official government investigation must first have a violation of law to investigate anyone, not investigate to find a law that nobody ever knew was violated, as the Democrats are doing here, and the Judicial Branch, that is supposed to prevent this type of privacy rights violations, are not interceding and protecting the people’s privacy rights, as is written and mandated in the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution.

  20. Let’s understand what this is really all about. President Trump started to take action to reduce the power of the corrupt politicians and they hate him for it. He scares them to death.

    These sleaze bags have been getting away with scam after scam to STEAL American taxpayer dollars. They award contracts (American taxpayer dollars) expecting to get kickbacks through their political campaign. They get rich that way.

    Donald Trump was RICH before becoming President. He didn’t need the job. He did it to help Americans out. He was the best President for the people IN AMERICAN HISTORY.
    Unlike 99% of the sleazy elected officials, he couldn’t be bought. And that scared the hell out of the corrupt politicians. President Trump was identifying and eliminating the ways these crooks were stealing taxpayer’s dollars.

    And that is EXACTLY why the politicians hate Donald Trump.

  21. The Federal Government ALREADY HAS complete auditing access to President Trump’s tax returns — it’s called the Internal Revenue Service. They have audited AND APPROVED his tax returns since day “one”. It is patently OBVIOUS that these ‘NEW’ demands are simply harassment attempts. Just consider, for the moment, the amount already spent digging these dust holes. The special council fiasco alone cost the American taxpayer over 30 MILLION dollars. Add into this the Clinton phony dossier and the ongoing New York investigation (run by one of the special council crooks) and you’ve probably DOUBLED the net cost. All this out of animosity for a man whose ‘intent’ has been (and is) to return America to the citizens. Sure sounds fishy to me (with apologies to politics and the deep state-swamp).

  22. So, now none of our privileged information is privileged anymore? Tax returns are nobodies business except the IRS and the individual. DOJ has effectively thrown the Constitution out the window and shown themselves to be a Communist organization with no principles or integrity whatsoever. DoJ doesn’t have the legal authority to make this call. Only through due process of the courts can this be made. The Communist democrats are building their Communist Politburo right before our eyes and in complete defiance of the Constitution.

  23. The only way to stop communism is to do away with those that propose it by any and all means necessary.

  24. Let’s get Joe’s and Hunter’s tax return and see if they declared all the millions they raked in from China and Ukraine.

  25. Trump is absolutely right: this is NOT about Trump – this is about getting to all of us; Trump has simply been in the way. He’s taking all the bullets right now, but if they break through him, NONE of us are safe. Rule #1: GOVERNMENT IS THE ENEMY.


    There is no legal requirement for a Presidential candidate to release tax returns.

    Trump has never been charged with a crime
    Fishing in search of a crime is illegal!

  27. If the IRS hasn’t found anything in all these years, what makes you think the Congressional morons will?

  28. What was their legislative purpose? Right—there was and is none—-these people need to be brought down hard–LOSERS

  29. Excuse me, but isn’t former (I think he be in the WH as President) President Trump now a private citizen???? If they can go after him, then the precident is set and they can go after any private citizen without just cause. Do they have a concrete reason to go after him? Or are they just speculating??? Sorry Democrats, but it scares me, AND IT SHOULD SCARE YOU!!!!

  30. “Legitimate legislative purpose”, yeah right. All this does is further confirm that Merrick Garland and this so called department of “justice “ are no more than lapdogs for Beijing Briben’s handlers and the rest of the dimocraps !

  31. Screw the “DOJ”! We don’t have a Department of Justice! Merrick Garland is a traitor and should be removed by any means necessary! The DCAP (demoncrap/communist/atheist party) also must be neutralized!


    Impeached joKe bidet for election fraud all counting machines were indeed connected to the internet and breached oath of office. 
    Election 2020 null and void 


  33. the gestapo national socialists of germany learn from the kkk dems, making up stuff as previously above mention


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