Newt Gingrich Calls Pelosi ‘Greatest Threat to Constitutional Liberty in Our Lifetime’

Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Storied Congressional veteran and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich held nothing back in his opinion of current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s tyrannical behavior. In a recent op-ed by Gingrich, he notes the danger behind Pelosi’s recent behavior saying she represents the “greatest threat to constitutional liberty in our lifetime.”

Gingrich notes Pelosi’s recent mandate to force House members and their staff wears masks to risk being arrested, removing Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from committee assignments, and her choice to veto McCarthy’s nominees to a bipartisan commission as an obvious power grab.

According to Fox News:

If her power, arrogance, and destructiveness is allowed to continue growing, she will shatter the precedents of the U.S. House, undermine hundreds of years of common legislative precedent going back to the Magna Carta of 1215, and the destroy the established principle that those who write laws are still subordinate to them.

I am enraged at this raw use of power to destroy the precedents and patterns which have made the U.S. House of Representatives a remarkable bulwark of freedom and a symbol for people around the world.

Gingrich also pointed out Republicans who seem to be cozying up to Speaker Pelosi, likely alluding to Reps. Cheney and Kinzinger who are currently serving as the two lone Republicans on her Jan. 6 committee.

The Republicans who are collaborating with Pelosi should be ashamed of themselves. She is using them to sustain her dictatorship, and they are making it harder for House Republicans to effectively oppose her.

A lot of people talk about cognition and President Joe Biden. Every day, Speaker Pelosi gives us reason to believe she is far more dangerous, destructive, and egocentric than President Biden could ever be.

The 20-year Congressman goes on to call for a “concerted national campaign looking for ten courageous Democrats willing to stand up to the Pelosi dictatorship and defend freedom in America.”

Will any of the Democrats listen and remove Pelosi before it’s too late? Tell us in the comments below.

    1. You got that right, Allen. They keep proving that over and over. We are experiencing a a despot in control of the House, and only a resounding vote for Republicans can erase it. No armed riot, no bloodletting, just a peaceful landslide vote against the party of LIES and of defunding the police!

  1. Democrats always circle the wagons and protect the corrupt and evil among them. If that means a lot of dead Indians, so be it.

  2. The entire delegation to the House of Representatives are so hung up on the power that Pelosi holds over them that they are afraid to speak their own minds. That it what is wrong with the House of Reps. If you cannot speak for what you believe in then you should resign and leave DC and go home don’t kiss Pelosi’s behind just to keep your job you don;t deserve to be there is that is the case. SPEAK YOU MIND AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND TO h*** WITH PELOSI AND HER CLAN.

    1. A lot of what is going on with both party’s house members is they all want to be selected for a committee. And To be selected for something like the corrupt Jan. 6TH hearing is really desirable so they all must kiss Pelosi’s Red Azz to get picked. The more you kiss her Red Azz the more you move up to be selected.

  3. It seems all the democrats in the house are afraid of her and to speak their mind to her and until they show some balls she will continue to wreak havoc in the House.

    1. The Democrats are not so much afraid of Nancy as they are of wanting the rewards she will promise to any and all who will stand by her lawless takeover. There is no other opiate as strong as being the winner of the battle, reaping the rewards and lording over the losers.

      1. That’s exactly what I read about her. She learned very well! You know her father would be very proud of his daughter.

  4. Crazy piglosi, is nothing but a narcistic,lying,hypocrite, that is destroying our republic, and needs to be impeached, along with hidenbiden,harris, and the rest of the corrupt,administration.

  5. It’s been made very clear that Nancy Pelosi must be removed from Congress! She is considered the greatest threat to constitutional liberty in our time, and it’s well past time to remove her PERMANENTLY!!
    This, therefore, must be done ASAP and not a moment later!!

  6. It’s 100% true,pelosi is far more dangerous that biden. She still has most of her facilities,where biden slips further into a deeper sense of unawareness daily.
    biden is the joke of the world, but pelosi still pushes anti American values,& policies through congress.
    The mid terms are essential to get rid of that commie hag once and for all!


  8. Newt is correct and Pathetic Pelosi has never accomplished anything worthwhile for our country, just for her rich partners in crime. She cant negotiate with others and always wants her way or no way. She has proven to be the worst Speaker of all time!

  9. She should of been throw out when President Trump was in office. She cared more about getting him impeached, spending all that money & time for nothing, Does she even care about American people of the U.S.

    1. Barbara she does not care about anyone just the power she has as long as she is speaker . All you have do do is take a look at her District in California and that tells the truth behind this wicked witch of the west coast!

  10. Where is McCarthy in all of this? Why isn’t he taking action against these two renegade Republican representatives? The few Republicans that are showing some backbone and standing up against Pelosi’s tyranical behavior are not getting much support from their own party. It is time for McCarthy to grow a backbone and do his job which includes action and not just talk.

  11. Our wholehearted thanks to Newt Gingrich, who has had the courage to call Nancy Pelosi “The greatest threat to constitutional liberty in our lifetime!”
    We should all be very grateful to him, as he has made clear what many others did not or could not do! He should be rewarded for his courage, his integrity and his steadfast handling of a difficult situation!
    My sincere thanks for the courage Newt Gingrich has shown us all!

  12. “looking for ten courageous Democrats willing to stand up to the Pelosi dictatorship and defend freedom in America.”
    Lots of luck with that. She has them so completely under her control they’re scared to death to even think about thinking for themselves.

  13. Nancy Pelosi has a super power over the democrats in congress, it is her ability to raise money and lots of it. She has no challenger here in Ca that can beat her so she will never lose her seat in congress as long as she wants to hold it. The only hope is a Republican blowout in the midterms and a Republican replacing her as speaker. In the 2020 election Diane Feinstein ran unopposed ! That is how deep blue this state has become in the last 30 to 40 years. So I am afraid it is up to the rest of the country to vote Republican and gain a majority in the house and remove ol’ Nancy as speaker.

  14. Like the old saying, you know that they are lying because you can see their lips moving, they know that if they tell the truth that they will lose every time.

  15. Pelosi is fully aware that she is third in line for the presidency if Biden flames out and Harris can be persuaded that she doesn’t want the job any more. Giddy with the thought and bent on more power Nancy is running rough shod over our democracy. Imagine the future of the Republic with Queen Nancy in charge ! One party, Fascism rule. A cruel queen with revenge on her mind.

    1. You’re right about that. The only thing I’d add is that due to her experience, she’s more like a cruel mafioso queen.

  16. I don’t think there is a Democrat alive that is not afraid of this corrupt woman. She is a danger to this country. It is time for We the people to stand up and have her taken out of her office and arrested for everything that she has done to our constitution and everything she will do to us as long as she has this power. Arrest her ASAP. March this treasonous woman off to prison NOW!

  17. Truer words have never been spoken. Bravo, sir, bravo. Please, please, let there be other brave patriots who will say the same because this woman has GOT. TO. GO. AWAY. FOR. GOOD.

  18. Tick tock. The clock is ticking to an uprising in this country against the ruling government. Who the hell do they think they are? We the People are going to take our Republic back. Nuff’said.



  20. Dems all stick together no matter what. Republicans are like trying to herd cats. They scatter everywhere. Good luck in finding Dems who will stand up to tryanny.

  21. This is the very core of Marxist ideology: it is all about POWER: how to seize it, how to keep it, how to silence and destroy the opposition. But as David Horowitz the former communist advises: one they have power, they have no earthly idea how to wield it, what to do with it. They cannot build, only destroy. And they seek more and more power. When plan after plan fails, they seek scapegoats, label them as enemies of the State, and purge them. They seek the guilty and punish the innocent over and over again until their society is threadbare. Power is a false god. Without Godly goals they cannot succeed. With today’s radicalized Democrats we are already seeing this cascade of events beginning. God forbid.

  22. Pelosi has damaged the respect of the house if it ever had any for good. This is not what are founders had in mind. I don’t remember there ever being a speaker so drunk on power as she is

  23. They just be telling on themselves. They all corrupt. One way or another. No limit to how much power and money. The majority of the politicians are drunkards. Time to remove them all and investigate them one by one. Take all money they scammed back.

  24. As the saying goes, “Money talks, bs walks. Greed and power go hand in hand and those Republicans who sold out American citizens will soon have to face another saying, “Payback is a bitch.”
    I’ve read THE book and the devil loses in the end, those who side with those who sided with the devil, will lose as well.
    And those who were bought out for money and power and greed will face the final saying, “You can’t take it with you when you die and there’s not enough money in the world to pay the piper when you face death.” And we ALL, eventually, face death, it’s just a matter of WHEN.

  25. Pretty sorry when the only politicians that are as corrupt as this witch is won’t even do anything at all except bitch about it. WE don’t pay you 100 times more than your worth to destroy America on a whim. Arrest them all no questions asked. Tell them 70 million people ordered you to arrest them. Thank You Newt Gingrich

  26. And piglousy could very well be the next pres, as has always been her aim. i suspect shortly the libtards will invoke the 25th on bidentime, and piglousy knows the camel cannot assume the presidency by the second 1/2 of the 14th. I suspect she is already working on that idea. YES, it is a damned shame the repukicants didn’t get rid of her when they hada the chance!

  27. Hah, good luck finding 10 communist/fascists to stand up to Pelosi. Heck, find 10 Gutless Old Party (GOP) members to stand for anything.
    Pelosi is angling for the WH, she is 3rd in line. Then we will get a the ghost of Stalin and Mao.
    Or maybe a dictator that will show Mao and Stalin and Amin and Pot just how to be a true dictator.

  28. I think the dems are running scared…they know they are going to lose in 2022… they chose a senile duck and a lame duck, and they know it. Pelosi is doing nothing to help their cause but further damage… if any of you democrats have the guts and smarts to stand up to her, you would be on the right side of what’s right! She needs to go…


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