Giuliani Breaks Silence Over Ukraine Investigation

Gage Skidmore via ( Wikipedia Commons

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani asserted his innocence and slammed the Justice Department’s investigation into his alleged dealing with Ukraine during a recent interview.

According to The Hill:

“I committed no crime, and if you think I committed a crime, you’re probably really stupid, because you don’t know who I am,” Giuliani said in an interview with NBC New York.

Federal prosecutors raided Giuliani’s New York apartment and law office in April.

They are specifically examining if Giuliani illegally lobbied the Trump administration for Ukrainian oligarchs, who are the same officials that were helping look for dirt on former Trump’s political rivals, including then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Giuliani, however, says he is innocent, saying that he was working for Trump as a lawyer at the time of the alleged contact.

“Is the guy who put the mafia in jail, terrorists in jail, Ed Koch’s commissioners in jail, and the worst people on Wall Street — I’m not going to file [a form]? I mean, that’s just crazy,” Giuliani, a former mayor of New York City and U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, told NBC New York.

Giuliani also noted the drastic differences between investigations and allegations made against Republicans compared to those made against Democrat lawmakers. The former Trump attorney specifically noted drastic biases between allegations made against him compared to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home scandal and Hunter Biden’s laptop.

  1. Mayor Giuliani is one of the best, most honest politicians in the US.
    He made NYC wonderful, when he was mayor, I visited the NYC was there a week and it was wonderful, clean state, nice people and I walked with my friend in the centre of the town at 1 o´clock at night and then in the park and it was quiet no problem, no attacks.
    Now, NYC is destroyed by the ogre deBlasio who destroyed NYC totally.
    I was there last year, only one day and it was terrible.
    Mayor Giuliani was the best mayor of the NYC ever and an excellent lawyer.

  2. The legal system, the eucational system and the media are rotten to the core with socialist bias.
    There are no checks and balances any more, the socialists own every single part of the system. They have through a handful of decades placed their henchmen as teachers, professors, prosecutors, judges, FBI, DOJ, IR and what-not. The press is also usurped by political propagandists who have no desire for journalism. They are political activists for the socialist cause.
    We are in surge of socialist attacks on all fronts and they mean business like they did in the Russian revolution, Chinese revolution and the NationalSocialists takeover. They use the same methods of owning the streets and bullying companies to bend over to their demands.
    The free world of free independant humans is soon over. It will be parenthesis in the history, a history filled with tyranni. And the ever giving source of tyranni is the socialist ideology which will not die no matter how many catastrophys it unleashes on the world.

    1. Your comment is right on, but we will have to fight for our America that is left, which sadly is less everyday. <it is unrecognizable. Bunch of fools who with the knowledge of MARXISM they are taking our nation exactly where they want it, a replica of sovietism.

  3. I will never spend another penny in New York.
    Been there done that! If I want to go to a COMMUNIST state, I’ll fly to China or North Korea. Not to mention, hold on to your life, the way crime is now ramped in the streets of the city. Used to go there yearly for a week. Those days are gone!

    1. Great comment! I agree with you. New York ranks right behind California as the worst states in the union. They are run by dishonest liberal Democrats and they run them right into the ground while they steal as much money they can get away with.

  4. and the scriptures say that Satan will rule the world for a thousand years before Christ comes again. We are in the rule of Satan and it will only get worse.

    1. No Arlene, Satan will run rampant for 7 years (the End Times, coming up fast), then all of his kind will be chained up in pit. Jesus will then reign for 1000 years and then let Satan’s crowd loose for a while. Then He will destroy them and all Creation (probably release the strong nuclear force that binds all matter together), with the Saved residing in the New Jerusalem. Also, see 2 Timothy 3-1 for a description of how the run up to the end times will look – a precise description of today.

  5. Goes to prove bad is good and good is bad. On another thought a virus stays forever you can’t totally get rid of it. And they know it. Masks don’t do anything but control you.

  6. We all know as Guillani has noted that rules are for republicans and conservatives only. And the dim wits like Biden and Hunter and those behind all the witch hunts and the massive fraud of the election of 2020 are never forced to mind the rules or laws.

    Sick of reading this crap the dim wits and their minions of mindless morons press on anyone who disagrees with their credo or follows real laws. Everything they accuse others of doing is what they are actually doing. And today the dim wit brownshits as in Antifa and BLM paid by their donors like Soros are harassing and trying to silence anyone who has another view with no consequences. They are the enforcers of silence and attack even peaceful religious gatherings with no consequence. If a group of conservatives even fight back they are vilified by the fake news, etc..

    Do the dim wits and their idiots want a civil war? It seems like they are pressing the patriots for one. Their problem really is that they are truly a lying, nasty small part of the nation and are only in power because of their fraud machine in elections. And 2020 was when they pulled the biggest fraud heist yet in an election and ousted a great president. Like Trump or not but he knew how to run the country. We need to back every audit for 2020 and prove what we all know, TRUMP WON by a landslide and the dim wits committed massive fraud that can be easily proved in those forensic audits.

    And who in their right mind can support Biden and his administration. Straight out communist that are moving from socialism to that end game. Mandatory masks when they want to shut down our personal freedoms? Mandatory vaccines? Mandatory travel bans? Mandatory shut down of public and private schools? All in those mandatory blue run states?

    Small wonder everyone who can leave those states is doing so. And as you migrate drop your support of dim wits or you will create again the very government you are escaping in the new GOP state. DNC DIM WITS LIE! And I live in a Trump state where the 2020 election audit is happening. We of AZ know Trump won and we know the two senators for this state that are dim wit cheated in their elections as well. Fix the laws to minimize the cheating machine and push to get rid of the roulette voting machines from Canada that originated in Venezuela to help criminal win elections. DAH! And I guess that implicates Trudy Boy in Canada to fraud as well. He uses those machines in elections as well!

    Good luck Giullani! Kick their butts in court.

    1. If we are able to get at the truth about the Voter FRAUD that was committed in these States then the Democratic Presidency should be rescinded and President Donald J. Trump should be placed back in Office as President of the United States who in no way should have legally lost the 2020 Presidential Election. All those involved politicians and cohorts should be Criminally Charged for these Crimes. When the truth comes out and I hope soon then the Presidential Transition should take place immediately. If not I think you will see an uprising of Patriots bringing our Country and our Constitution back to where it was during 2016-2020. Where the HELL is the John Durham report on who was responsible for the Russia Collusion Hoax perpetrated against President Trump, which was started by the DNC and Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential Election. All those involved should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the LAW, and not a few Lawyers who will be thrown under the bus so to speak. Obama and Biden played a big part in the Russia Collusion Hoax as they went after General Flynn and wanted the Russia Collusion investigation to continue even after President Trump was DULY ELECTED President of The United States. Make America Great but with President Donald J. Trump and through him we can deter our Adversaries from trying to undermine our Country from within which has already started with Biden and the Democrats in Control of our Federal Government.

  7. Giuliani is a honorable man. It’s heartbreaking to watch evil ruin this country. If Trump doesn’t take back this country in the next few days the damage to Americans and the safety of this planet will be at stake. It’s time, President Trump, for you to find the nearest phone booth and turn into Superman. The world is watching and awaiting your super return.

  8. I hope Mr. Guilliani will run for Senate we need honest politicians not a bunch of wimps in RepRINORats bowing to this perverse corruption USA Citizens killers with their borders crap COVID and GREEN CRAP agenda.

  9. The Biden DOJ is just as crooked as Joe Biden, himself: and is also just as crooked as all the Democrat administrations in modern times – especially the 8 years under Obama, the Chicago/Washington anal extrusion. When are Americans going to wake up the the unfathomable evil represented by the Democrat machine in the United States? Nations around the world, friends and enemies, are laughing at the US and Joe Biden, who just continues to demonstrate how brain damaged and morally evil he truly is.

  10. Giuliani is AWESOME! hes being framed by the same ole drty filthy scum of the donkey party. Theyre after him because of POTUS TRUMP! Just making his life difficult like they did with POTUS! They are one DESPICABLE bunch of people.!

  11. Giuliani supported Trump. Trump is THE BAD ORANGE MAN!!! – worse than Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot put together. Therefore, ANYTHING done to destroy him or any of his supporters is not only justified, but essential to the survival of civilization. Why is this so hard to understand?


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