Meet The Lawmakers Pushing to Defund the Police Yet Willing to Pay Thousands for Personal Security

nrkbeta via Wikimedia Commons

It seems that the more radical the Democrat the bigger the hypocrite the turn out to be. While they advocate for extremely radical policies to change the makeup of everyday American’s lives they want a pass for themselves. One of the most egregious instances of this blatant hypocrisy by Democrats is representatives advocating to defund police while they’re in front of a camera but then turning around to shell out thousands of dollars for personal security teams. While the country endures a spike in crime in nearly every major city these same radical representatives try to sweep it under the rug and claim its hysteria being cooked up by right-wing media outlets.

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  1. Problem with this sensile idiot she acts like a spoiled little brat, we all need protection from outlaws and bandits, If don’t have laws and order we have chaos–which is happening now..WE NEED POLICE to keep order. Period

  2. It’s incredible to me how they speak out of either side of their mouths… defund the police, I need security….blah blah blah…what a joke and waste of resources…

    1. I think they are banking on Conservatives being blind to what’s going on. They must think we are stupid. We are very aware of what’s happening.

  3. This lost bimbo is another pollutant of society. She speaks with fork tongue just like her foolish biden who needs to be impeached!

  4. Well, maybe “the squad” doesn’t trust the local police to protect them, given the sterling job they did of “protecting” the US Capitol Building on January 6. Or maybe they just figure that a lot of police officers think like the people who write for this rag.

    1. You’re using the Capitol and Washington as an example and they are directed by the Speaker of the House and DC mayoy. Not a fair comparison. We should have used the National Guard.

  5. To HELL with the Squaw Squad, the C*nt Squad. End of discussion. Given the demonstrated propensity of the Mob to devour its own, one day the disenchanted Mob will come for them. And no police can protect them. They will have been defunded.

  6. All These Goof Balls wanting to “Defund Our Police” also want to take down Our Second Amendment Right To Bear Arms !!!! This is their Mandate so when they unleash their EVIL AGENDA upon America, We The People Will Be Totally Unprotected and unable to Shoot Back!!!
    Wake Up America, We Are In Very, Very Serious and Dire Danger “From Within” and From China !!!!

  7. These women and truly bitches and I find it ugly and distasteful that anyone would choose to behave in such a way! However much these women might dislike Pres. Trump, he has done more for America than most American presidents have and he should be applauded not stamped on!

  8. How bout y’all stop killin each other with guns, drugs and abortions. Guess those Black lives don’t matter, huh??


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