The New York Times Attempts to Smear Pompeo’s Reputation By Insinuating He Stole Luxury Bottle of Whiskey

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The New York Times is trying to insinuate Mike Pompeo stole a $5,800 bottle of whiskey gifted by the Japanese government. The issue? There’s no evidence to point to such a claim. In a recent article, the New York Times relied on anonymous sources and generalizations to imply that Trump’s former Secretary of State must have stolen the gift despite him not knowing anything about the bottle to begin with.

New York Times writer Michael S. Schmidt who published the article titled, “$5,800 Whiskey Bottle, a Gift From Japan to Pompeo, Is Missing, U.S. Says” tweeted a brief synopsis of his thinly veiled smear campaign. (per The Daily Wire)

NEW: In 2019 Japan gifted Sec State Mike Pompeo a $5,800 bottle of whiskey. Now, State says it has no idea where it went and is investigating its whereabouts. It’s against law to take gift from foreigner over $390. Pompeo says he knows nothing about bottle.

The clear implication in this tweet is that the gift was given to Pompeo (it wasn’t) and that it is now missing, making Pompeo the most likely culprit. Schmidt then accuses Pompeo of a crime before quickly adding the former secretary of state’s response.

The actual article paints a different picture while still trying to implicate Pompeo. In the second paragraph, Schmidt admits: “It was unclear whether Mr. Pompeo ever received the gift, as he was traveling in Saudi Arabia on June 24, 2019, the day that Japanese officials gave it to the State Department, according to a department filing on Wednesday in the Federal Register documenting gifts that senior American officials received in 2019.”

Pompeo’s attorney, William A. Burck, told the Times that the former secretary of state didn’t remember ever receiving any bottle of whiskey and did not know where it could possibly be. He also said Pompeo was unaware there was even an inquiry about such a bottle.

The only thing Pompeo is guilty of is being associated with Donald Trump, which is the real reason behind Schmidt’s hit piece on the former Secretary of State.

It’s time for leftwing news publications to give up their strange predilection with Trump and his former associates but it seems that’s the only way to still attract viewers. Maybe next time The Times will at least use named sources when it attempts to attack conservatives but don’t hold your breath.

  1. Where did they get that info?????
    From unnamed, reliable sources????
    Mr Pompeo has more integrity in his pinky nail, than all the frauds put together at the NYT

  2. I’m so tired of the democrats and their lies but not enough to give up when I die I have 10 kids 19 grandchildren 3great grandchildren and more to come to come no democrats in this family. I love my country.

  3. A homeless drunk was foraging in the dumpster at the State Department when he came upon it. He took it and it has been reported that as a connoisseur of Thunderbird and Night Train Express lines of fortified wine, he found the whisky ” rather effete ” and passed it on to his brethren.

  4. I guess they’re trying to detract from all the fraudulant and illegal activities being perpetuated by the White House “squatter’s” puppeteers, so they focus on a bottle of wine — based on absolutely nothing except a made-up story somebody shared with them “anonymously!” America is fast becoming a socialist/dictatorship with the insidious, control-hungry Democrats in control. And the NYT is calling foul over a bottle of wine? True journalism has met its total demise!! 🙁

  5. Well the dems are digging in to attack Trump, and anyone who knows him, with their partisan Fake hearing,Blaming Trump, he was a mile away and still speaking. They didn’t show the police greet the 2 bus loads of all in black antifa men with black backpacks They didn’t show the police move the barriers, They didn’t show the video of the police explaining inside the Capitol, to the horn hat guy among others on peaceful protest, no they left out a lot.They know, and have seen his crowds are as big as before, and they are scared that he and DeSantis are going join up, and there will be a new Variant before every election. to have mail in voting with no ID.They are working about a bottle of wine Pompeo got? When Biden its getting billions for helping China turn us in China. Bullshi*

  6. The left isn’t just ‘altering’ the truth any longer – they are fabricating outright lies. This is what they do to any Rebuplican or Patriot who stands a chance – btw – we need a new party – Patriots – Pompeo is welcome.

  7. These demo(n)©rat-leftie-a-holes, tried ‘lame-peach-ment’ on Trump three(3) times & failed miserably, like the frickking-losers, that they’re…the irony here, they’ll get Cuomo first-time in a “slam-dunk” impeachment & those losers Newsom & Whitmer 👀like they’re in big-trouble…and this communist clown, their buddy, Trumka, just had to go, take a “dirt-nap”❓🤣

  8. Seems whenever WaPo comes up with a silly story about someone the NY Times comes up with one too. Are they in a competition to find out who prints the most outrageous lies? WaPo and NYTimes need to be investigated. They sound like a bunch of crooks.

  9. Impeach the left and also the republicans with no balls I’m sick of this. They all sound like a bunch of kids are running Congress. Grow up you panty waste for a human being…

  10. It would make it easier to judge what is true or false by remembering the past 4 years. If a Democrat said it, it is most likely to be a lie. They prove it over and over again. And the NYT is definitely a Democrat.

  11. Are they that esprit? Of all the things that dems have done and they do not hold themselves accountable for the fraud and corruption.

  12. SO WHAT!!!!!! If this is all he did, who cares. How come the New York Times can write about this most outlandish evil thing and yet they can’t write about all the Graft, sexual exploits and their affairs of both male and female representatives and senators. How about the picture of BIDEN squeezing the little girls nipple. Where are they on these stories. But the New York Times is just a rag of smallness, lies, and just plain nonsense. There is no talent there. Just like CNN they hire hacks that are more interested in being televised then telling the truth. A byline is all they are interested in as it gives them 5 minutes of fame. I think that we should all write a story about our side of the story and see if they will print it. I DON’ T THINK SO. It just would be fun to over run their computers.

  13. so , this “piece” seems to imply that there may be some people (who are not yet dead) that actually read the new york “slimes”…STUNNING !!

  14. NY Times is no longer a reputable news outlet merely a propaganda promoting paper. Accusations but refusing to report the truth about the Biden families treasonous acts on Americans


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