NYT Reporter Faces Backlash After Justifying Obama’s Birthday Bash

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While many Americans are being forced to strap back on their face masks and comply with new covid mandates over fears of the delta variant the Democrat elite have a completely different set of rules. Over the weekend former President Obama celebrated his birthday with a mega party at his lavish home in Martha’s Vineyard. The event drew people and celebrities from across the country to the island and if former President Trump ever did the same it would be quickly labeled as a super spreader event by the media in seconds.

However, instead of criticizing the major event a New York Times reporter completely justified Obama’s party saying the guests are vaccinated and “sophisticated” while following all precautions.

Fox News reports:

New York Times White House Correspondent Annie Karni discussed the controversy surrounding Obama’s much-criticized Martha’s Vineyard celebration where he was seen not wearing a mask and used the term “sophisticated” crowd, saying that the guests were “following all the safety precautions.”

The clip sparked outrage on social media including from journalist Glenn Greenwald who wondered aloud why more people weren’t concerned about the spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus at Obama’s party.

“A NYT reporter on CNN justifying Obama’s huge maskless birthday bash because he only invited “a sophisticated, vaccinated crowd” is about as emblematic of liberal discourse as it gets,” Greenwald tweeted. “What happened to all the concerns about vaccinated people passing Delta to the unvaccinated?”

Karni attempted to clarify the clip saying the word “sophisticated” was a direct quote from one of the residents she spoke to and that she was simply conveying the beliefs that some people on the island had.

The message is clear, the media is only going to attack Republicans for the virus while Democrats get a free pass.

    1. Unfortunately, he still is the President. This is Obama’s third term. Why do you think that everything is going to Hell.

    2. He still telling joe what to do same ppl back in place as if obummer was still in office… he is soreasses minnon

  1. It will be interesting to see how this “sophisticated” crowd survives this party. This is like watching a slow motion car crash.

    1. They are so sophisticated and above the rest of the people who work hard to make this country work. They’re arrogance and ignorance goes before the fall.

  2. If this is Obama’s presidential campaign coming out party, he may have just reduced his base of donors.

  3. We are witnessing and unfortunately living the beginning of America’s aristocracy. Starting with Obama the Emperor in Chief. While hundred of thousand of people are living in squalor, the Emperor with no clothes throw a party for the ages. To top it all during a terrible pandemic and the guests not wearing a mask. I call it the perfect storm spreader.

    1. Don’t worry – their jets are private. They won’t be spreading it to those of us who aren’t sophisticated and fly commercial.

    2. Maybe they all will come down with it. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants. I’m not saying I wish it but wow what an ending to the ppl who started all this crap backfired on them

  4. Love how these people are the ‘elites’! I wonder how much cocaine was brought into Martha’s Vineyard to service those ‘sophisticated’ celebrity guests?

  5. I may go buy the NYT newspaper just so I can line a birdcage with it. That’s all it’s good for 😂

  6. ‘Sophisticated’, they must have meant ‘spoiled’ group of partygoers. Who’s birthday was this for? He must show some ID or a real birth certificate to prove it. Bar Hussein Obuma never won a legitimate election, the dems were cheating quite a ways back. This group of followers only know their stuck up ways and are legends in their own minds who look down on all the normal, hard working Anericans. Hey, Obuma smokes heavily and may not make it for his 70th b-day.

  7. Essentially, this fast talking flimflam man hates America and holds it in total disdain. He perfectly represents why accumulating great wealth while serving in a federal capacity should not be allowed. Any unintentional increase in net worth should be donated to the national debt.

    He wrote the book on how to rig elections, e.g., Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). His use of the techniques were thwarted but unnecessary because his opponents were the worst Republicans available, McCain & Romney.

  8. go back under your rock……glad you are gone…………now go back to your original place you came from……….and not martha’s vineyard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Conservatives should keep track of any attendees who come down with COVID, and then we will have medical evidence instead of suppositions.

  10. If the people would stop complying to these lowlifes they wouldn’t be able to force anything on us! That vile POS Obamas time is coming to an end!

  11. Honestly, are you surprised by anything that is happening these days and the crazy world we live in? Change is coming and it isn’t the change that most of the sell outs of America, and radical left globalists are bargaining for.

  12. I agree with Janie and Robert right below her comment. two faced a-hole, never was president, just a dictator, still running the show through puppet Biden!!!! Two sets of rules, special for me, none for thee!!!!

  13. Wait… aren’t the Republicans in favor of more free choice when it comes to mask-wearing? So why are you criticizing Democrats for not wearing masks when you are in favor of Republicans not having to wear masks? But I already know the answer: you are racists, and if it involves Obama, it must be criticized.

  14. Obama showed himself a more than a little disgusting in regard to his birthday! While others are prevented from large groups gathering as a result of covid, Obama manages to have as many people as he chooses for his birthday!
    Granted that I’ve never seen Obama as anything other than an uncaring, selfish and self-interested person, this went a little too far to be anything but nauseating!

  15. So, we have 3 candidates for spreader of the week:

    1.Biden and Harris for inviting the rest of the world for coming to America with all their possessions and their COVId viri of whatever variation?

    2. The Obamas for inviting the “sophisticated” people of the world to their manse to celebrate his 60th birthday?

    3. Some bikers having a good time in South Dakota?.


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