Republican Rep. Introduces Impeachment Articles Against DHS Chief

U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs has introduced articles of impeachment against President Biden’s Homeland Security Chief. The Republican Rep. accused DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas of “reckless abandonment” over his handling of the border crisis and violating the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Fox News reports:

“Certainly Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a substantial amount of blame with this, they’re the ones who campaigned on this, but Mayorkas has not pushed back at all,” Biggs told Fox News in an interview. “So he is the guy who is responsible for the border security and national security and it is a disaster down there.”

The resolution introduces two articles of impeachment against Mayorkas. The first accuses him of having “engaged in a pattern of conduct that is incompatible with his duties as an Officer of the United States.”

“Secretary Mayorkas has failed to faithfully uphold his oath and has instead presided over a reckless abandonment of border security and immigration enforcement, at the expense of the Constitution and the security of the United States,” the first article says.

The resolution accuses Mayorkas of having failed to maintain “operational control” of the border as required by law. Specifically, it points to the release of illegal immigrants into the U.S. that came with the rolling back of the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) – which kept migrants in Mexico for their hearings – and policies that release migrants and only require them in some cases to check in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) offices.

Read Rep. Biggs impeachment resolution here.


  1. Alejandro Mayorkas is just one more incompetent person in the most incompetent administration in American history.

    Joe Biden is not capable of running anything. Of course, we all know he is not running the country. This is nothing less than Barack Hussein Obama’s third term as president.

    Biden has now been elected political office for 49 years and he has accomplished absolutely NOTHING.

    I keep hearing people comment on how stupid Biden is. Well, I disagree. Biden is not the stupid one. The people who voted for him are the stupid ones.

    1. Not a single one of his appointees was selected because of their qualifications or abilities to handle the job — obviously far from it! Every single one of them was simply a check-off on their “equity” checklist. America is in a world of hurt right now and I can only hope and pray that at least some liberals are starting to open their eyes to the truth of that!

      1. It’s some kind of mental disorder ( overly emotional, stubborn, irrational, naive, gullible, etc., etc.) with liberals so I wouldn’t get too optimistic.

    1. I’m sure Andy Biggs was waiting to see the real evidence of how the 2020 election was stollen……Even this overwhelming information was hacked into… is it feasible to see how Dominion and other entities deleted votes for Trump and switched them to Biden!

  2. After they impeach mayorkas, the incompetent,secretary of homeland security, that doesn’t have a clue,what he is doing, then it’s time to impeach, hidenbiden and commie harris, the most incompetent, president and vp in US history, what clown show.

  3. There should be major action, for Allowing in more disease, drugs, gangs, the security of having borders, the assault on Ice and Border Patrol is all endangerment of the American people. The Republicans should be having a fit about whats happening to their country, the people, and their families.

    1. Governor Abbott is not doing enough to stop the infection from invading Texas! This country will be beyond repair as millions more pour through the broken borders. Sooner or later you have to ask yourself, how many Republicans are helping to get the New World Order.

  4. Bravo! Let’s hope this impeachment article goes somewhere. Yet I disagree with any assertion that the incipient impeachee is incompetent. These people know very well what they are about and are pursuing it with a vengeance, at catastrophic cost to the American people: creating a permanent underclass of proletarian Democrat voters. In this initiative I hope they will fail. Look at Mr. Trump’s message winning over the Hispanic community, so many of whom had to work hard to become Americans without being coddled or bribed with free citizenship, benefits or free stuff. What if the newcomers actually become Republicans who honor individual achievement, law and order?

  5. These communist czars in Biden’s illegitimate administration are out of control, clueless and are a danger to our country! They want to turn America into another South America with lawless governments and corruption.

  6. I would love to see this happen, but you know as well as I do nothing is going to get done about it. It is typical government to promote the lazy incompentants

  7. This is great news, this clown picked by Biden has done nothing for our country, sticks out his hand for a pay check, when he should be in jail, for lying, after taking an oath to protect our Country, This clown is a National virus spreader and should be subject to criminal counts, up to and including killing of Americans as well as illegals. Marxism, Communism, Socialism, should not be confused with government overreach, these are direct attacks on the Sovereignty of our Country led by Biden and his far left agenda, time for impeachment talks, time for investigations into actual treason, defending our Country from all enemies both domestic and foreign, our southern border is under attack from virus ridden illegals and elected government officials are turning their back, on their oath of office, sure sounds like their sworn duty is being avoided. Congressional oversight must be the beginning to look into this treason and 2022 will be hold them accountable.

  8. This isn’t an accident or even incompetence this is all being done by design. This is exactly what the Biden Communist Regime wants. Open borders and new democrat voters. The senile pedophile illegally sitting in the oval office is well on his way to destroying the country.

  9. Imagine sitting at the Cyber Symposium waiting to see the actual evidence on how the 2020 election was stollen and then being informed the video and information had been hacked. This should be a red flag to all Representatives that we are at war with China and these other Cyber outlets who want to disable this country and cover up the lie. This is blatantly showing you that what Mike Lindell is saying is the absolute truth! (Could have been our own government and the Biden Administration) that hacked the Symposium. Rise up and do something about it.


    Impeached joKe bidet for election fraud all counting machines were indeed connected to the internet and breached oath of office. 
    Election 2020 null and void 




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