Mike Lindell’s Cyber Expert Turns On Him During Cyber Symposium

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

As Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium continues it seems the investigative expert he hired has already stabbed him in the back. Josh Merritt, the cyber expert hired by Lindell to analyze evidence collected by Lindell claiming to prove China-based hackers helped rig voting machines to swing the 2020 election in Joe Biden’s favor has turned on his employer. Speaking to a reporter from The Washington Times, Merritt ripped Lindell’s claims and said that he can’t prove Lindell’s claims.

Mediaite reports:

Lindell claims to have 37 terabytes of network data that will prove a large-scale cyberattack occurred on America’s voting systems. Unfortunately for him, Merritt has told the Times that these “packet captures” are unrecoverable, and Lindell’s data cannot prove any malfeasance from China.

“So our team said, we’re not going to say that this is legitimate if we don’t have confidence in the information,” Merritt said. He also added that Lindell is cancelling the $5 million offer he was apparently going to give to any in-seminar attendee who can disprove his claims.

The Times reports that cyber experts at the symposium were frustrated with Lindell for not providing them with his data, even though Lindell appears to be recycling video from his debunked election fraud documentary and trying to pass it off as his packet captures. Even so, Merritt thinks the data accomplished something, for he claims it held “forensic” proof that voters were manipulated somehow.

“We were handed a turd and I had to take that turd and turn it into a diamond,” he said. “And that’s what I think we did.”

Merritt’s betrayal comes as Lindell just received news that his attempts to dismiss Dominion Voting System’s $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit were unsuccessful.

  1. Ok, if this doesn’t prove that we’re being squeezed at every turn, frankly I don’t know what will????
    This is what we’re up against….does anyone have any solutions or ideas how to combat this?

    1. Lead poisoning for the cheaters and traitors works fine and needs done soon or We will have no country to defend .

          1. Actually, the song goes, ” Tally ban tally ban tally me banana “. Little different lyrics, same sentiment. Chock up another win for pretendsident obuyden’s handlers.

    2. Trump had the perfect opportunity to completely drain the swamp with the Russia Collusion Hoax but he did not take the golden opportunity all members of congress signed the impeachment statement for it to be allowed to be heard in court both times! Had he taken the list to a General in the US Military and told him that he wanted treason charges filed against them under UCMJ Law they would have been executed either by hanging or Firing Squad draining the SWAMP Completely! Joe and Kamala would have not been alive to run for office and we would not be being RAPED Financially!

      1. Ok Bret, I did not know that. However, I honestly don’t think that anyone is going to be killed because of treason? But do you remember what happened to President Trump when he wanted the President of Ukraine to look into joe’s corruption?
        That was part of the impeachment. The media propagated that 24/7.
        I understand your sentiment and thought process, but not feasible. Just my opinion.

      2. Just responded to your reply, they’re holding my comment as usual. Nothing bad in it, just these turds on this site are beginning to suppress speech.

          1. The Rinos want to know everything Conservatives are thinking…they plan their strategies off of it, but they don’t really represent the whole base of the Republican Party, especially Conservatives who are honest, God fearing Christians.

          2. The establishment part of the party controls much of the power and funding, but does not represent the views of the vast majority of the members of the party. It is imperative for Republican voters to back America First type candidates during the upcoming primary cycles to begin to shift power away from the establishment’s swamp creatures.

      3. Trump failed us miserably on law and order. He held onto Sessions for way too long. Then he hired the other ass, Barr. The worst person he hired was Christopher Wray. That bastard held onto Hunter’s lap tops and never said a word. Thankfully, a couple of HONEST AGENTS got it out of there and made copies for President Trump. What the hell was Trump thinking with these morons? He had all types of democratic and RINO liberals in his hand and he allowed them to slip out. Sadly, no swamp was drained. NOTHING. It was all for nothing. He also lost control of the streets from day one. While he was being sworn in, Madonna and Ashley Judd were making threats against them and the White House. If he used his stubborn head, he would of immediately had the secret service grab those two idiots and throw the book at them. All other President’s would of done so. I bitched about that for more than four years and everyone told me that was a “one shot incident” and it would not happen again. HUH… IT NEVER STOPPED. WTF was in his mind. The only other thing that drives me, and a ton of other republicans crazy is that every time he had something against another American that is crooked, or some amoral degenerate overseas…. he gave them warning, after warning, after warning. IT IS NOT THE WAY THINGS WORK. If someone is giving America any shyt, then just do what you have to do and stop acting like a weakling who is afraid to do something. I honestly believe he is still the best President America has ever had. I voted for him twice already and will gladly vote for him again. He just needs to stop with his BS and close his mouth and listen to those who are really on his team. They have publicly TOLD HIM to get out there and fire Wray, Sessions, Barr. He didn’t. Wray worked against him fiercely.

      4. Bret – He would need a General to comply, and his CoS would not have let that happen. They are the swamp!

      5. It doesn’t work that way. Only active duty military people are subject to the UCMJ. What you are actually calling for, whether you know it or not, would be a military coup.

        BTW, treason is defined in the US Constitution under Article III, Section 3: “Treason against the United States shall consist only [my emphasis] in levying War against them, or adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” A 1926 Supreme Court decision determined that “giving aid and comfort to the enemy” is treason only if it occurs during a time of war declared by Congress. Otherwise, however despicable, it’s free speech.

        That’s why that female dog Jane Fonda was not hanged for treason, as she so richly deserved. I distinctly remember seeing her on TV sitting in the seat of an anti-aircraft gun in North Vietnam saying, “I wish one of those murdering bastards would fly over here right now,” and personally in York, PA, “If you understood what Communism really was, you would fall on your knees and pray to become Communists.”

      6. I have to belief he has another well developed strategy leading us to victory. I gotta believe. I got nowhere else to go. God bless everyone who reads this.

      7. Relax! President Trump has more than winning an election on his mind. He and the Military Alliances World Wide are draining the massive swamp. That includes all the 3 letter agencies, Big Parma, Chinese spies, Big Tech, Education, Politicians, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Pedophiles (Included in all the above, MSM, Social Media like Twitter, You Tube, Google, Fakebook, and more. The draining of the swamp works when you catch them in the act. We are going off the Internet and Feds which is a private Bank owned by the Rothchild’s, and removing Luciferans from our planet. Number 1 was rescuing the children from the D.U.M.B.S You are not just dealing with dishonest people, but extremely evil Luciferins He cannot just come back until all Nuclear reactors are neutralized as they know they have lost and may still harm many people as their parting shot. I read President Trump wanted all Americans to receive HCQ plus Regeneron, but big pharma blocked it and put their poison’s into injections to depopulate our World

    3. “does anyone have any solutions or ideas” – yes, make the penalty SO severe – AND APPLY IT! – that no-one will want to risk it! That take guts!

      1. He’s the cause of all this.
        Hope they’re happy with everything going on in our country today????
        Hope they’re feeling the pain!

        1. Along with old prune “moneybags” the escaped NAZI funding everything. He needs a dirt knap and his money burned!!

        2. Now wait a minute…of course it was certain racists of ‘color’ who voted for His Turdship, and also toadying or self-loathing white liberals, However, let us not rule out the kind of election fraud that we saw in the 2020 election. Just perhaps this kind of corruption has been going on longer than anyone realized.

          1. Yes… agree. I watched parts of the symposium. Am not tech savvy… but a lot of the evidence made sense to me. Especially when it is a Federal Law the electronic voting machines not be connected to the internet. Let’s go back to paper ballots and implement voter ID.

          2. This country should be going back to paper ballots and require Voter IDs, proof you are who you say you are, even with other bills that show your name, address, and how long you’ve lived there…….the left changed everything, early voting, voting machines, machines from Dominion connected to the internet, sending in ballots late, and still allowing them to be counted, ballot box drop offs that weren’t monitored, barring actual Republican canvassers and precinct committee men from observing the counting and other investigations. You can see why we have had soooooo. much fraud in our elections.

  2. To my ear, ALL THAT MEANS is the radical left wing communists, who are now illegitimately running our government GOT TO HIM & THREATENED HIM!! Nothing new here, folks!

  3. So the Cyber Expert caved because he feared the Dominion Lawsuit rather than admit the truth. Hard times need brave individuals willing to risk all for Liberty. China owns Dominion.

      1. And funny that it happens on the last day of the symposium and him attacked last night!. I smelll a RAT!

  4. I was told that Lindell did not have the smoking gun he thought he had.a month or so ago.Computer forensics are a BEAR to prove since there is no way to display it to the general public even if it IS true. And the electronic trail is nebulous and fractured at best. I still think that the illegalities and late ballots and box stuffing could have been the difference.

  5. The anti-American democrats like to pass inflated bills, abuse taxes all for future fraudulent means and secret profits! In this case as usual paying the medias for propaganda LIES! When will You idiot Americans have the guts to stop the anti-American democrats and medias from getting rich all while screwing You American over?

    1. The anti-American democrats abuse funds by paying off their lawyers fee and defense in being caught in any sexual misconduct be it gay or with a minor, they use money for pay-off, cover ups whatever and You Americans just bent over and take it , Darn Americans!

  6. This rag is just as bad as aol news. They show a photo of Lindell as if they caught him the moment he found out about it. Aol is famous for doing the same thing and the liberals fall for it every time. Liberals are more dangerous to the USA than any other threat.

  7. Oh so this guy let Mike believe they could all the way through the symposium then blabs this to the Times. Sounds like he might have gotten two paychecks (one from Mike and one from the swamp) Arizona showed their was fraud and sure other states could do the same if had backbone to do it. Feel only hope we have is pray that our Good Lord will somehow bring light on all of this and hopefully before they destroy our nation.


  9. Every scheming democrat (especially those in drag Conservative costuming) will lie about anything to get their names/faces in the limelight! Unfortunately, that is the case here and it just proves you cannot TRUST ANYONE, because evil doings are running our Country now!

    I do NOT BELIEVE that Mike Lindell is a liar or a thief! I do believe there are nasty con men surfacing everywhere because they are greedy and are only looking after themselves — I.e. the Devil’s minions!

    If you are not aware, ole horns and pointed tail has been up on earth doing his dirt since 1970’s and his actions are now influencing everything we see and do! It’s NOT just humans we are fighting, but the Prince of Darkness and he has his claws in all his servants doing his bidding!

    If there was ever a time to be strong in your Faith in God and in the GOOD PEOPLE (not democrats — their name already tells you what side they are on — DEMONcrats), it is NOW! It definitely is a WAR BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL and it will get messier before it gets better! But the GOOD HAVE AN ADVANTAGE; GOD IS ON OUR SIDE!

    Be STRONG AND FAITHFUL…it is how WE THE PEOPLE will win this War! And, yes, Lindell is one of the GOOD GUYS!

    1. I agree with every thing said . Democrats are such EVIL people. Lindell is a great person. I have given up so many relationships, friendships over all the lies that the Democrats have put out there . I know someday people will open their eyes and realize what they have done to our Country.may God Bless and keep our President Donald J Trump . He is our President, it’s only a matter of time .

  10. Sounds like someone got a big paycheck under the table and a promise of a cozy position in Biden’s government.

  11. Wendy Rogers just had a news conference with 50 state senators at the Symposium. Make sure you check out who the Fake news really is.

  12. Anyone who watched the information given at the Cyber Symposium understands what happened to our election. One guy defecting doesn’t erase the proof.

    It’s time to make a stand. Take our country back!!

    See a dominion machine – flip it onto the ground.

    FLIP Dominion!

  13. So what happened to the 100% proof of voter fraud his expert kept saying before the symposium? Sounds like he was paid off and threatened by Democrats . He needs to stop any payments to Merrill because he did not support what he initially stated, Just another back stabbing Democrat swamp puppets and Rinos. Most of the symposium experts I heard stated the election was illegal or fraudulent. The AZ audit has confirmed significant voter fraud took place so why are there not other states demanding equivalent audits. Anyone with eyes and a brain knows and saw what happened late November 3-4 and on Fox when Trumps lead was switched to Biden.

    1. They are so afraid of the truth, they totally freak!!! If it wasn’t about such a terrible, most important subject matter we are fighting for…it would be comical to watch how much of a nervous mess they are wrapped up in!

  14. Who paid off Josh Merritt? Was it China? Biden? Did Hillary threaten he would “commit suicide” (like Jeff Epstein) if he didn’t destroy evidence (brings back the memories – 33,000 emails…) No way Lindell, after all this time and all the previous data and videos, releases ANYTHING unless he is 100% sure he had the evidence. Stinks of more Dem feces…

  15. Typical TREASONOUS activities of the D/S.

    I watched all 3 days of Lindells Symposium. He HAS solid proof of tampering with both the paper ballots and, the machines!

  16. Mike has proven china hacked the election period. Wonder what China/Dominion did to get this guy to flip. I invite some investigator to find out. Would be bigger than Watergate if you could find out.

  17. What a pile of crap This is what will always infuriate me about Conservative politics. If you cannot support a particular popular narrative because you follow your conscience or you conclude that the evidence doesn’t support it, you are a traitor. Mike Pence was no traitor and neither is this guy. Demonizing people who follow their conscience or follow the facts is what Leftists do. Why the hell would any legitimate conservative mimic this mindless behavior. If this is what conservativism has become, you can keep it. If anything is wrong here it may be that Mr Lindell needs some consultation on his hiring practices if yes men are what he is after.

  18. I was under the impression that the cyber symposium was intended to show that there was huge fraud in the 2020 elections. Regardless of who participated in the fraud, it seems that he was successful in showing THAT it was done and HOW it was done, and that Dominion people are Democrats (at least they lied about everything). So President Trump was right – AGAIN.

  19. Put it this way! 133 million registered voters were eligible to vote on November 3rd. 159 million votes were counted. In my book Thats 26 million who were not Official registered Votes. That is a sting operation and China were the main players in this. Dominion are frauds and traitors What media and the Dems (Same thing) dont realise is the Military were counting the Official Votes which had the Blockchain watermark not seen by teh naked eye on the actual Official votes. These traitors are digging their onw graves


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